Shark Ionflex vs. Ionflex 2x (IF201 vs IF251)

Shark Ionflex vs. Ionflex 2x (IF201 vs IF251)

Last update 2nd June 2020

The direct answer to the question What is the difference of Shark Ionflex vs. Ionflex 2x is that both Shark cordless stick are the same in performance, except that the Ionflex 2X (IF251) has one more battery pack. In order words, it can run up to 60 minutes when using 2 battery units. Currently, at the same price range (under 300 dollars), Shark Ionflex IF251 is a more popular choice than the original model IF201.

Shark Ionflex vs. Ionflex 2x (IF201 vs IF251)


Pros and cons of Shark IONflex


  • 2 battery packs. You can run up to 60 minutes and do not need to wait for the charging time.
  • Duoclean brush roller. This brush roller is the best design for picking both larger particles and finer dust. The Duoclean is one of the greatest advantage of Shark over other competitors.
  • Strong suction, comparable to the Dyson V8 model.
  • You can use as a stick vacuum a handheld vacuum for cleaning from top to bottom. The under-appliance wand is useful for reaching under table, bed, sofa.
  • A lot of attachments: Duster crevice tool, Anti-allergen dusting brush, Pet multi-tool, MultiFLEX under appliance wand.
  • Pet hair cleaning capacity
  • 5 years warranty


  • A bit heavy. The whole unit is 8.7 lbs, which is much higher than Dyson (5.85 lb typically). When using as a floor vacuum cleaner, it does not have any issues. However, when transforming into a hand-vac, Shark IONflex is top-heavy and can cause fatigue.
  • No HEPA filters. If you have asthma, we highly recommend you to pick Dyson V8 to ensure the air quality.

Alternative to Shark IONflex

At the price under 300 dollars, there are a few other cordless vacuum you may consider such as

  • Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Iron
  • Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum
  • Shark ION F80

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