Hoover spotless vs Bissell Spotclean Proheat

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Hoover spotless is Hoover’s portable carpet cleaner which is best known as an affordable spot carpet cleaner. The introduction of Hoover spotless has made it a phenomenal model.

Hoover spotless portable carpet cleaner has many attributes which are quite similar to Bissell Spotclean Proheat model 5207.

Let’s compare Hoover spotless vs Bissell Spotclean proheat (5207) to see their pros and cons.

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Similarity between Hoover spotless vs Bissell Spotclean

The Bissell Spotclean has been introduced to the market long time ago while Hoover spotless is a new product of Hoover.

However, both models share a lot of similarities such as portable design, slim body so users can maneuver it easily (especially when doing auto- interior cleaning tasks), moderate motor power ( Hoover spotless: 3.5 amps; Bissell 5207: 3.0 amps).

These models are under 100 range and very popular among other portable models.

Difference between Hoover spotless vs Bissell Spotclean

The difference between these two models are that, Hoover spotless is inspired by the rival and adds some more features to ensure the machine quality.

Hoover spotless is the only model which has auto hose flushing feature. This is an important feature because the hose  of a portable unit is the place where mildew and bacteria often stay and grow, causing bad odor.

This new feature helps you to clean the hose throughout, reduce the bad odor of the machine, ensure the hose has a longer life span

Hoover spotless brush head is made of anti-bacterial materials. The bacteria tend to stick to the brush head and cause bad odor (like what they do in the hose).

The use of new materials reduce the growth of them, therefore it is better for users and the machine.

Hoover spotless has a bigger water tank capacity. It is about 48 oz, while Bissell Spotclean water tank is 37 oz.

Bissell Spotclean 5207 has “heatwave technology” meaning that the machine is able to keep warm water for the whole cleaning cycle (it does not heat up water, but keep hot water to stay warm). Hoover spotless does not have this feature, but you can use hot water for cleaning too.


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