About Us — Who We Are and What We Do

At The Clean Freaks, we are passionate about everything to do with cleaning. A clean space looks good, smells good and creates a remarkable ambiance. Truth be told – you can’t call a cleaning services company every time there’s a pesky mud stain on your carpet, when your toddler spills their food on the floor or when your beloved furry friends make a mess.

With the right products and skills, your home, car, or workspace can remain a clean haven. At The Clean Freaks, we are all about providing you with the resources to always keep your space sparkling.

Whether it’s house cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning or drain cleaning, we have the right information to make work easier for you. The Clean Freaks has a dedicated team that continually researches on the best cleaning supplies that are fast, reliable and effective. We have detailed reviews and buying guides that will make your cleaning life more manageable.

While our original focus started with vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners, over the course of the upcoming weeks, you are going to see a WHOLE lot more!

What You Will Find On This Site

We are on a mission to provide our readers with accurate and precise information regarding cleaning. Our research includes:

Comprehensive Product Reviews and Buying Guides

Whether you are looking for a vacuum cleaner or a dependable surface cleaner, you will find the right product here. Our reviews are detailed, objective and accurate to provide you with valuable information to aid in your purchasing decision. We sift through thousands of products out there and bring you the best. We review products from top cleaning products brands to ensure you get quality items.

Informational Articles

Having the right cleaning products is one thing; knowing how to use these products is entirely different. At The Clean Freaks, we have a rich database of information touching on everything to do with cleaning. Our articles are relevant and knowledgeable to ensure value for you.

Cleaning Tips and Hacks

Are you wondering how to use bleach to clean your surfaces? Did you know you can use lemons for eco-friendly cleaning? Or that you can use tea to clean and deodorize? Well, we are dedicated to bringing you easy DIY cleaning hacks that will transform your space into a spotless haven. Our tips and cleaning hacks are easy and practical, using readily available materials.

Product Deals

At The Clean Freaks, we are always on the lookout for cleaning product deals that will provide you with value for money. For those on a budget, we have affordable packages for different cleaning products that will save you a penny or two. Our deals are for quality and superior products.

Why Us?

If you are a clean freak (or someone who just wishes you knew how to clean better), then we are a match made in heaven. We have put a personal touch to our brand and are continually striving to enrich your life with modern and easy cleaning solutions. Our information is accurate and well-researched to ensure you get the best products for your home. We have a dependable team of cleaning experts who are committed and knowledgeable about cleaning.

Worry no more about stubborn stains on your carpet or spills made in your car. We’ve got you covered when it comes to cleaning and hygiene around your home. Whether you are looking for a surface cleaner, a steam mop or bleach for instant stain removal, we’ve got you covered.

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