Bissell Proheat Essential Carpet Cleaner 1887 Reviews — Upright Carpet Shampooer

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The Bissell ProHeat® Essential Upright Carpet Cleaner is a low price carpet cleaner designed for whole-home cleaning. This unit has a bunch of tools (crevice tool, stain tool and stair tool) and a long hose ( 7 ft.) for you to clean all the places.

The water tank of this unit is 1 Gallon (bigger than Bissell Powerbrush 1622 and Bissell Powersteamer 1623), meaning you do not need to change the water frequently.

Bissell Proheat Essential 1887 has a high-rating from consumers and it is backed by Bissell for 2 years. You can put this unit into your consideration list if you are looking for a full-feature machine with affordable price.

The downside of Bissell Proheat Essential 1887 is the weight (around 20 lbs.) and it does not have new features (2-mode cleaning).

Should you buy Bissell Proheat 1887?

This model is suitable for users who are looking for a low price upright carpet cleaner with efficient cleaning without the need of new features. Apart from this model, you can also consider Hoover Powerscrub model, another popular choice with similar features.

How to use the Bissell Proheat Essential 1887 — Overview of Features

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Technologies and benefits of Bissell Proheat Essential 1887 model

The best part of this model is that it performs well on carpeted surfaces and it has a long warranty time (3 years) compared to rivals (normally 1-2 years).

It features a decent motor power (6 amps rating), an intense brushroll of 6 rows for maximal scrubbing activities with 2 edge sweepers, a dual water tank (1 Gallon) that store dirty water and clean water in the same tank and separate them with a bladder.

It comes as a nearly complete unit with minimal assembly therefore if you are looking for a carpet cleaner for seniors at the low-to-mid price range, it might be one of the best matches.

Construction: a full-size upright carpet cleaners with strong brushing activities and durable, suitable for medium size apartments, home with seniors.

Decent cleaning capacity

This unit uses a 6 amps rating motor which is quite similar to other Bissell upright units such as Bissell Proheat series, Bissell Powerbrush series.

The combination of this motor power with an intensive brush head activities (6 brush rows) and 2 edge sweepers allows you to scrub, lift and remove the dirt out of carpet effortlessly.

Designed to deal with tough stains

This model has a spraying crevice tool plus on board tough stain tool which is very handy for you to deal with set-on stains while cleaning the floor carpets and upholstery.

Medium size water tank

The model has 1 Gallon water tank which is quite similar to many others, but this water tank type is a dual water tank which stores both dirty and clean water in the same tank with a bladder to separate them.

This water tank is a classic design (it is a bit messy if you do not know how to clean it at the first time. If you need a model with 2 water tanks design, let’s check for Bissell Proheat 2X models such as 1948, 1986)

Heatwave technology

This model is capable of using hot water and it will keep the water warm for cleaning better

Tool: tough stain tool, crevice tool, spraying tool and stair tool.

How to Put Together the Deep Clean Essential 1887

Assembly Deep Clean Essential 1887


Model nameProHeat Essential Upright Carpet Cleaner 1887
General specifications 
Dimension11.5 x 12 x 43 inches
Weight 20 lbs
Cleaning surfaceCarpet, Upholstery, Stairs, Low Pile Carpet
Cleaning performance 
Motor power6.0 amps
Brush type6 Row Dual DirtLifter PowerBrush
Cleaning path width11’’
Heatwave technologyno
Edge cleaningno
Hose length7’
Cord length22’
Water tank size1.0 Gal
Ease of use 
Brush on/offno
2 Cleaning modeno
Carry handleyes
Special tools Spraying Crevice Tool, 3″ Tough Stain Tool, 6″ Stair Tool
ColorBlack and Red
Similar models18872, 1887L, 1887T
Warranty2 year limited
Image Credit: Bissell

Pros and cons


  • Reliable, affordable price and full feature.
  • Easy to use, easy to assemble and give a good cleaning result.
  • Quieter than many upright units.


  • The brush keep spinning when you use the hose for upholstery, therefore it can wear the carpet unintentionally.You may have to put the unit on a small tray to prevent this.

Performance of the unit

Replacement parts of Bissell 1887

  • Upper Handle Assembly – Black for Essential Series 1601518
  • Hose and Upper Cord Wrap Deep Clean Essential 1601519
  • Hose & Cord Wrap – Upper for Essential Cleaners 1601520
  • Brush Roll Assembly w/ Pivot Arms for Essential Cleaners | 1601537


Recommendation for residential use. This model is suitable for medium footage home with low pile carpet, seniors who do not care about machine maintenance and advanced features. It is suitable for users who are looking for a durable machine at the good price.

Against for home with stairs, corners and a lot of pets because it is quite heavy to maneuver around and the high profile will limit your cleaning under furniture.

If you are still undecided, you may want to compare this with Bissell’s other highly rated upright deep cleaning options.

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FAQs and troubleshooting of Bissell 1887

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