Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum (HV382) reviews

Last update 4th July 2020


Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum HV382 is the high-end unit of Shark corded Rocket series (HV300, HV320 and HV380 series).

Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight Upright Vacuum (HV382) reviews


This unit has the Duoclean brush head design, allowing you to pull up much more pet hairs and debris from carpets, rugs…Similar to other Shark Rocket units, this Shark HV382 is featured by 2-in-1 features (handheld/upright vac), LED lights, removable brush roll and a high-quality pet multi-tool for picking pet hairs from higher surfaces.

The downside of Shark HV382 is that it lacks HEPA filter so it is not recommended for allergies sufferers.

Check for the technologies and benefits of this unit below.

Technologies and benefits of Shark HV382

  • The 2-in-1 feature, bagless design
  • Duoclean brush head – picking pet hairs, girl hairs from carpet foundation and large debris with ease
  • Removable brushroll -easy to clean
  • Pet tool for cleaning upholstery, mattress.
  • LEDs light on hand vac and nozzle
  • Tools: Pet Multi-Tool, Duster Crevice Tool, Wall Mount Storage Hook

Specifications of Shark HV382

  • Dimensions: 10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4’’
  • Weight 9.9 lbs (handheld: 4.6 lbs)
  • Dust cup: 0.91 dry quarts
  • Cord: 30 ft

Compare Shark HV 302, HV322 and HV382

NameRocket Ultra-Light Upright (HV302)Rocket DeluxePro Upright (HV322)Rocket Complete Upright with DuoClean (HV382)
DuoClean Technology  yes
Converts to hand vacuumyesyesyes
LED lightsnoyesyes
Removable brushroll with brushroll garagenoyesyes
Washable foam filtersyesyesyes
Product Weight7.6 lbs.8.6 lbs.9.9 lbs.
Cord Length25 ft.30 ft.30 ft.
Dust Cup Capacity.42 dry quarts.91 dry quarts.91 dry quarts
Cleaning Path Width10 in.10 in.8.5 in.
ToolsDusting Brush, 5″ Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Accessory Bag, Hard Floor Hero & Car Detail KitPet Multi-Tool, Duster Crevice Tool, Hard Floor Hero, Multi-Angle Dusting BrushPet Multi-Tool & Duster Crevice Tool

Pros and Cons of Shark HV382


Shark HV382 is the high-end unit of Shark series which has a good suction power, duoclean brush head feature ( the most appreciate), long power cord, bright led lights and ergonomic design (self- propelled brush head, easy to hold grip). The unit has a long warranty time and good price


It lacks HEPA

Recommendation of Shark HV382

  • Recommended for: people who need a full-size, all-in-one vacuum cleaner at high quality and decent price. This Shark HV382 is one of the highest rating vacuum cleaners so far.
  • Against for allergy sufferers.

FAQs & troubleshooting of Shark HV382

Question: Im so confused,are these all the same model or different,and is the purple one the only one that comes with all the acessories? Is it corded?
Answer: The product for this listing is the same model in different color options. They all come with the accessories and attachments, and yes it is a corded vacuum.

Question: There are 3 options of colors ,are they all the same model with the same features and accessories?
Answer: I have no idea about the color differences indicating features. Sorry. I can tell you mine is an ugly burgundy color but i love it because its light weight and picks up dog hair like nothing else I’ve ever used.

Question: why is my duo rocket spitting out back when I vacuum the carpet?
Answer: Just making sure that you have secured it back correctly.

Question: How big is the dust bin?
Answer: it’s a good sized bin and very easy to empty. I have a dog and a cockatoo and all tile floors and It will hold all the mess in one cleaning

Question: Can I use this to go between area rugs and floors automatically? I have original natural hardwood floors (1925) throughout with area rugs in each roo
Answer: Sure.

Question: will with vac work under furniture like a couch on hardwood floor?
Answer: Depends on the clearance of your furniture. It goes under some of mine but not others. Hope this helps.

Question: Does the power cord retract?
Answer: No, it does not.

Question: can this be used with a hardwood floor cleaner?
Answer: No, it’s strictly a dry vac.
I have very plush rugs and the shark i have now doesnt work. does this model work on very plush carpet/rugs?
Answer: I do not know.

Question: When using this on tile floors will it shoot debris all over the place like my shark navigator?
Answer: No. It cleans hardwood floors and tile floors very good

Question: Ok, after all these fabulous reviews, am getting, but, does it come with the 12 inch crevice tool???? (for cleaning up where my ceiling meets the wall
Answer: Nope, no extra tools. Not all the reviews are fabulous btw, Amazon makes you work to see the less complimentary reviews, which I should have done before purchasing. My Shark was packed in the box it came in for the garbage crew – this is not a good pet vac, at least not long term.

Question: How many amps?
Answer: What are amps. All I know is it works great. Only wish there was a bigger tank other than that 99% satisfied.

Question: This vacuum won’t stand up. it’s top heavy. am i missing something? i’ve never had a vacuum that doesn’t stand up.
Answer: you take the top off from the tube and slide it onto the clip in the front at the bottom, its kinda like the clip you attach to the wall..

Question: What is the Pet Multi tool?
Answer: We don’t have pets, and I’m not sure if we have the Pet Multi tool, sorry! I haven’t looked, because of not having pet fur/hair to worry about. The friends who have this vacuum, which his why I got it, do have 2 dogs, so the vacuum cleaner has a “pet odor” which I don’t like, and I bought it because of how light it is.

Question: I’m sure the Dust Bar gets totally matted with hair, is it easy to remove or clean it?
Answer: I haven’t had a problem with it yet, and I have 3 daughters with long hair and two cats.

Question: Is this good on both tile and wood floors? I have a lab that sheds and dear lord I need something.
Answer: Yes it works well you do need to keep it clean for best performance. I have a lab husky mix it picks up get hair

Question: Does it lie down to get under things
Answer: Yes, it can fit under my coach and recliner chair.

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