Best Vacuum For Shag, High Pile, Soft Plush Carpet

Best vacuum for shag, high pile, soft plush carpet

The definitive guide for finding the best vacuum for high pile carpet in 2019

Last update 2nd June 2020

Shag, high plush, Berber, deep pile, and frieze are those bringing our home a luxurious, welcoming feeling but they are difficult to clean.

The long piles attract and keep all of the dust to the carpet foundation, and they tend to twist to each other that a casual vacuum is desperately failed to clean.

We analyze over 50+ models from Dyson, Shark, Oreck, Bissell, Hoover… to present to you the list of best vacuum for shag carpet, or any similar type, in all design and price range so you can save your research time and money power.

Best-rated vacuum for thick carpet list in 2019

Best vacuum for thick carpet recommendationTypeHighlighing benefitsCheck price
Eufy Robovac 11c Pet editionRobotic vacuumAffordable robot for bare floors, medium pile carpets
1200 Pa to give more air power
Alexa compatibility
HEPA filter
Shark Navigator NV356EFull-size uprightAffordable upright vacuum for all floor types
Brushroll height adjustable
Lightweight, large dustbin (2.2 dry quart), HEPA filter

Bissell 9595A cleanviewFull-size uprightMost popular vacuum under 100 dollars
Suitable for all floor types, except for plush carpet
Miele C1 classicCanisterBest canister vacuum on the market
German made
6 suction settings
A lot of tools
Low noise level
7 years warranty
Dyson V8 AbsoluteCordless stickBest cordless stick in 2019
Huge suction, long run time, HEPA filter
Price is more affordable now
Shark Ionflex DuocleanCordless stickAlternative to Dyson V8
Removable battery for possible upgrade
LEDs, swivel head, sealed air system
Proteam Proforce 1500XPFull-size uprightProfessional-grade
Huge cleaning capacity
Suitable for hotels and big areas
Oreck Magnesium SwivelFull-size upright (Lightest weight)Ultra-lightweight
Recommended for seniors, users with weak wrist

Model reviews

Eufy Robovac 11c Pet edition – affordable robot for med pile carpets

Vacuum for shag, high pile, soft plush carpet


Eufy Robovac 11c Pet edition is an affordable robot vacuum cleaner designed to clean both bare floors and medium pile carpets. The unit performs exceptionally well on tile, hardwood floors…like any expensive models from Roomba.

Eufy Robovac 11c Pet edition is capable of cleaning medium pile carpet with the highest climb of 0.59’’, and efficient to clean the carpets with pile height about 1’’.

The wheels of Eufy Robovac 11c Pet edition is also 16% bigger than the usual models (Robovac 11 version), so it can climb on the Berber, frieze without being stuck

The suction of this Eufy Robovac 11c Pet is also improved. While a standard unit often uses a motor of 1000 Pa, this model motor is 1200 Pa which is stronger than rivals.

This motor combines with exclusive boosting power technology (IQBoost) allows the unit to automatically increase suction when dealing with tough cleaning tasks like cleaning shag and deep pile carpets.

Some other great benefits include wifi connection, Alexa voice compatible, big dustbin, HEPA filtration, anti-scratch cover, strip bumper. The unit has 100 minutes run time per charge.

If you have area rugs, shag carpets in bedroom, living room (in average size and medium pile height), Eufy Robovac 11c Pet is a reliable robot cleaning machine.

You should notice that any robotic vacuum cleaner will perform poorly on dark floors and high pile carpets (the maximum pile height that Eufy Robovac 11c Pet can clean is 0.87’’). Check your floor color and carpet pile height carefully if you are about to get a robot vacuum cleaner.

Shark Navigator NV356E – best Shark upright vac for all surfaces

Vacuum for shag, high pile, soft plush carpet


Shark Navigator NV356E is one of the most common choices as an upright vacuum cleaner for not only shag cleaning, but for all surfaces. It is Shark’s most popular upright vacuum cleaner among 100+ Shark models.

This upright unit has a brushroll on/off feature that allow you to use direct suction from the motor to clean shag and high plush carpet without damaging the fibers. To accommodate different surface types and materials, you can adjust the suction power of the unit(3 level settings).

Shark Navigator NV356E is a well constructed upright model in every detail. It has a great motor power (12 amps), super large dustbin (2.2 dry quarts, a casual upright unit dustbin size is about 1.5 dry quarts), lightweight (only 13.7 lbs.), swivel head, ergonomic handle, HEPA filtration and cheap price.

The downside of Shark Navigator NV356E is the hose length which is about 5 ft, a bit shorter than the standard length (6-7 ft.).

If you need an upright vacuum for whole home use, no matter what is your surfaces can be, then Shark Navigator NV356E is a perfect choice in terms of performance, convenience and price value.

Bissell 9595A cleanview – most popular upright vacuum under $100

Vacuum for shag, high pile, soft plush carpet


Bissell 9595A cleanview is another full-size upright machine designed for whole-home cleaning. This model is also as popular as Shark Navigator NV356E, but it is cheaper in price.

Bissell 9595A cleanview does not have brushroll on/off feature like Shark Nv356E, however, you can adjust the roller height so that it can clean both bare floor, hardwood floor (and does not scratch the surface) and high pile carpets.

However, you should also need to pay attention that as you can’t control the suction power (this unit uses a single suction level setting), and the brushroll can’t be switched off, it is only suitable for high pile carpets with high abrasive grade types. It is not the first recommendation for soft plush carpets.

Other benefits of the Bissell 9595A cleanview are very inexpensive (under 100 range), powerful suction, easy-to-empty dustbin, standard weight (15 lbs), a lot of tools, large capacity and 2-year warranty from Bissell.

If you are serious about price, Bissell 9595A cleanview is a nice option for whole-home cleaning. You should check your carpet materials to make sure the vacuum is suitable.

Miele C1 classic – premium canister from German for all floor types

Vacuum for shag, high pile, soft plush carpet


Miele has 3 popular canister series: Miele C1 classic, Miele compact (C1 and C2), Miele C3 complete. Miele C1 and C3 are made in Germany (C1 is cheaper than C3), Miele compact is made in both Germany and China so it might be a bit confusing because the models made from China is cheaper but does not have all of the features like those from Germany.

Miele C1 classic canister vacuums are high-end product lines. They are featured by the massive airflow (up to 158 CFM) to give huge suction power.

With Miele C1 classic canister unit, you can adjust the suction level at 6 different settings. Combining with premium tools such as electrically-driven carpet tools, mini turbo tool, and parquet floor head, Miele C1 classic can cater from bare floors, low pile carpets, high pile carpets, rugs, plush… efficiently.

While having such massive suction, Miele canister vacuum has great construction and many models are equipped with silent technology. Therefore, they are very silent when compare with any vacuum cleaner from any brand.

Other benefits of Miele canister unit are all about the ergonomic value and the durability of the machine. On the convenience side, Miele canister has generous dustbin (size up to 4.5 Liters) with sealed air system, HEPA filtration or Activeclean filter (optional to upgrade to HEPA), comfort handle, practical locking system allowing the hand tool and wand to fit to each other with an acoustic click, automatic shutting off system when dealing with obstacles, a full set of accessories, noise reduction technology….(these benefits will vary model by model).

On the durability side, most of Miele canister vacuum has exceptionally long warranty time up to 7 years.

The downside of Miele canister vacuum is that it is an expensive machine. A Chinese originated Miele canister vacuum will be in the range of 300, and a German manufactured Miele canister unit will be up to 600.

However, if you have expensive shags and soft plush carpets, Miele canister is often recommended by experts to take care these dedicate carpet types.

Dyson V8 Absolute – best cordless stick on the market so far

Best vacuum for shag, high pile, soft plush carpet


Dyson V8 Absolute has all of the ergonomic value of a cordless design. It is lighter in weight than competitors, long run time (40 minutes)stronger suction power (up to 115 AW), 2 suction modes available, easy-dirt released system, full set of accessories for cleaning from ceiling to floors, 5 years warranty from Dyson brand.

Dyson V8 Absolute has 2 floor cleaning tools. The direct drive cleaner head has stiff bristle that will clean deep into the carpet fibers, the soft-roller has both carbon filaments for cleaning fine dust and hard bristle for picking up pet hair.

You can use the direct-drive cleaner head attachment of Dyson V8 to clean thick and deep pile carpets, while the soft-roller is designed for bare floor surfaces.

Dyson V8 Absolute is also recommended for pet owners as it is equipped with a mini motorized tool to pick up pet hairs on upholstery, car, bedding.

Another important benefit of Dyson V8 Absolute is that this is the rare cordless vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration that is certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

You should pay attention that Dyson V8 has 2 suction modes, therefore it can be powerful for cleaning deep pile, shag, Berber but if you need a cordless stick to clean expensive soft plush, you should test if the suction is too much for your carpet fiber or not.

Shark Ionflex Duoclean – affordable cordless stick for plush carpet

Best vacuum for shag, high pile, soft plush carpet

Shark Ionflex Duoclean is Dyson V8 Absolute alternative if you need a cheaper cordless stickunit that can efficiently clean carpets like plush or shag.

Shark Ionflex Duoclean has powerful suction, Duoclean brush head and Smart Response technology, allowing you to pull up dirt from high pile carpets as much as a full-size corded model.

Shark Ionflex Duoclean has a removable battery pack (Dyson V8 battery is not removable), therefore you can take the battery out of the vacuum for charging.

Because the battery is removable, you can upgrade the vacuum runtime by buying a separate battery pack to have a continuous cleaning process.

Duoclean brush of Shark can be regarded as the innovation. The brushroll has a soft roller to pick up fine dust, and a hard bristle to pick up larger debris at the same time.

Therefore, when cleaning carpet, Duoclean brush head will be able to pull up more dirt and debris than any previous brush design.

Some other highlighting benefits of Shark Ionflex Duoclean such as it has anti-allergen sealed air system, LEDs on brushroll, lightweight, 180 degrees bending stick to clean under furniture, long warranty time.

On the downside, this model is a bit weighty, bulky when using as a handheld unit and it tends to tip over when standing free on its own.

The connection tube is also longer and bigger than Dyson models, therefore, you might expect it will be a bit awkward to clean tight places.

Choosing a vacuum for shag carpet – Buying tips

When choosing a vacuum for shags, soft plush carpets, you should check if the machine is designed for cleaning carpets or not.

There are some important factors you should look for such as powerful suction, variable suction control, adjustable brush height, brushroll on/off feature, brush roll designed for picking up embedded dirt and pet hairs.

A machine with these features will allow you to clean the carpets well.

Besides, you also need to think of the flexibility of the machine, as most of the households are covered by not only carpets but by hardwood, laminate, bare floors…too.

Check for the brush roll construction if it is suitable for use on these floor types (check the attachments for floor cleaning of each model).

Some other attributes may be important to some users such as low noise level, HEPA filtration, LEDs light, price, …depending on your needs, you may take a unit with the full set of features to have the best for your home and your health, or you can cut some features to save more money.

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