best carpet cleaner for old urine

Best carpet cleaner for old pet urine

Last update 2nd June 2020

Why old pet urine is too difficult to clean with casual formula

All of us are aware that old pet urine and stains are very difficult to clean. The first reason is that once the urine set in the carpet fibers for a duration, it attaches to the fibers and unable to be removed by casual cleaners like detergents or carpet cleaning solution.

The old pet urine (ammonia crystals) needs a special chemical substance to break down the molecular connection from the fibers. There are a few commercial substances available for cleaning old urines thanks to oxidative reactions or enzymatic reactions.

Oxidative (chemical) carpet cleaner

This type of cleaning formula uses a strong oxidative substance like Clo, Javel to break down the urine molecules. Chemical cleaning formula is often very effective, however, it can also discolor your carpet and ruin organic carpet types like Linoleum, Kashmir, Oriental rugs.

Before using the chemical formula for removing old urine and old stains, you have to test on a small area to see if the carpet is safe for cleaning. 

After cleaning, you should wash the carpet entirely to avoid the risk of swallowing (if you have pets around)

Enzymatic carpet cleaner

The organic-based cleaning formula, the enzymatic carpet cleaner is a trending cleaner in recent years, regarding the safety of personal use and environmental ethic.

This type of cleaning formula uses dormant bacteria capable of digesting the urine. When the dormant bacteria meet the urine, it will become active and consume the urine and finally remove the odor.

Both of the above cleaning formulas are very common and affordable. However, the use and the benefits of them are not the same.

Chemical carpet cleaners are often cheaper, more popular, fast and effective. Most of the synthetic carpets are suitable for this type of cleaner. 

The drawback of chemical carpet cleaners is: not environmental-friendly, not suitable for organic materials, hazardous if swallowing.

The enzymatic carpet cleaner is environmental-friendly, safe for users and effective too. However, it will take a long time for the bacteria to work on the urine and stains.

How to choose between chemical cleaner vs enzymatic cleaner

Based on the performance and conveniences, 

You can choose the chemical cleaner when

  • Clean organic stains, urine, pet mess
  • Clean inorganic stains, grease, food stains, motor oil
  • Clean coffee shop, beauty shop, hotel

You can choose the enzyme cleaner when

  • Clean organic stains, urine, human stains
  • Have pets, kids, at home
  • Have time for the formula to sit on the stain

Our 3 recommended urine cleaner list

The number one recommended enzymatic cleaner for old urine is Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator.

best old urine cleaner

This sprayer is designed for treating pet stains and organic messes around the house, not only limited to the carpet. You can basically use the Rocco & Roxie sprayer on any surfaces such as ceramic, laminate, upholstery…

What we like about this cleaner is that it is very gentle and causes no harm to users, pets, kids. The product has no hazardous substances like oxidative cleaners (Clo) and it has no color. Rocco & Roxie sprayer is certified by CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute).

About the performance, Rocco & Roxie sprayer can remove the old stains, old urines, and bad odor amazingly. If you have pets (especially male dogs), this sprayer is a life-saver.

To achieve the best results, you also need to be aware that, you must let the cleaning formula sit on the stains for at least 1 hour. The longer time is needed if the stain is big and heavy. 

Another great thing when choosing this product is that, if your stains are not gone away, the brand will refund the money to you.

With all of the benefits and great performances, Rocco & Roxie sprayer is the number one choice of pet owners, homemakers around the USA.

Another enzyme cleaner you may be interested in is BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner.

best urine eliminator
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Bubbas enzyme cleaner is a great deal because of its performance and large volume. If Rocco & Roxie sprayer is our recommendation for homes with small pets, Bubbas enzyme cleaner is the best option if you have larger animals, laundry shops, big apartments.

Apart from the big volume at the same price compared to other brands, the most important characteristic of Bubbas enzyme cleaner is the capacity to maintain its effectiveness over time. 

As you may know, the enzyme cleaner is basically made up of dormant bacteria and its enzymes. Therefore, after opening the bottle for a while, the dormant bacteria may die gradually.

Bubbas enzyme cleaner ensures this product will be active and effective even after a long time. You can get your stains away, or you can get your money back if the product is not effective.

Similar to other enzyme cleaners, you can use this product for a wide application on organic stains and messes like urine, blood, vomit, sweat, poop and so on.

Last but not least, this cleaning formula is also certified by CRI.

Recommended chemical pet urine cleaner is the Woolite INSTAclean Pet Stain Remover. This product is very cheap (under $5) and very effective. 

best oxidative urine cleaner
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best oxidative urine cleaner

Instead of waiting for hours to get the urine removed, you can use Woolite INSTAclean Pet Stain Remover to get rid of stains, urine smell, dirt within a minute. 

The best benefit of a chemical cleaner is the ability to remove not only organic stains but also very effective on other types of stains like grass, make-up, food grease, vegetable oil, coffee, cola, tea, motor oil. 

Thanks to the effectiveness and time-saving, this product is very popular for hotels, cafe shops, beauty shops where you have to keep everything clean and shiny all the time.

As mentioned, when using the chemical cleaning solution, you have to test a small area first to see if it does not discolor the surface.

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