Shark Navigator NV70 reviews

Shark Navigator NV70 – a great model for massive footage

Last update: 2nd June 2020

Shark Navigator NV70 is designed for professional cleaning services, big apartment cleaning or your home is covered mostly by carpets. This upright vacuum cleaner has an extra-large dust cup which is about 3-fold more than a casual upright vacuum.

Shark Navigator NV70 uses a dust cup of 2.9 dry quarts, equipped with HEPA filtration system and the extended cleaning reach, helping users to clean a massive space with less effort.

Shark NV70 has massive suction and this is another greatest value of this model. Shark NV70 motor power is 1200 W, a little bit higher than others in the field ( about 1150 W).

The lightweight is also another plus point. This vacuum is just about 15 lbs, the same with a standard home vacuum. Therefore, it is highly maneuverable, and it lessens the fatigue if you have to clean big areas for a long time.

Shark Navigator NV70 delivers massive suction power. The suction is strong to make the model even to be self-propelled.

The shortcomings of Shark Navigator NV70 is that it is unable to clean the edge.

Should you buy Shark Navigator NV70 in 2019?

Shark Navigator NV70 is one of the greatest investment for big homes or home with carpeted floors. Besides, you should bear in mind it does not have the lift-away feature therefore it will take time to clean the stairs.

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Shark Navigator NV70 performance

Shark Navigator NV70 performance

Technologies and benefits


Shark Navigator NV70 is a corded upright vacuum cleaner, which is designed for big area cleaning thanks to the use of a super large dust bin and a strong motor of 1200 W. This unit is capable of storing up to 2.9 dry quarts of dirt before emptying. However, its weight is relatively light which is 15.2 lbs.

Despite this model belongs to the Navigator, it does not have Lift-away canister feature. In other words, you can not remove the canister out of the body for stair cleaning or under table cleaning like Shark Navigator NV360, NV365E, NV370…


Shark Navigator NV70 has 2 similar models called NV80 and UV420. The key differences are accessories.

Shark NV70 accessories are:

  • 5.5 in crevice tool
  • Dusting brush

Shark NV80 accessories are:

  • 5.5 in crevice tool
  • Dusting brush
  • Wide upholstery tool
  • 16 in extension tube
  • 25 ft. Power cord
  • HEPA filter

Other highlights

Apart from that, this model does have sufficient benefits of a good vacuum cleaner including:

  • Strong motor (1200 W)
  • Great filtration system: Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + a HEPA filter
  • Swivel steering head
  • Brush on/off features for various floor types.

Great for pet hairs

Shark Navigator NV70 deals with pet hair effectively. It can suck up all of the embedded hair on carpets and rugs. You should notice this model does not have self-hair removal feature, you need to remove wrapped hair, clean the filters frequently to get the optimal performance.


To keep the vacuum cleaner at optimal performance, it is recommended to clean the foam filter, felt filter once a month. The HEPA filter of Shark NV70 should be cleaned after one -two years.

The filter is lifetime, therefore you do not need to replace them as long as you clean them once a month.

Recommended filter: 2 foam filters with 60 PPI density, 2 ultra-thick felt filters with a textured surface, and 1 HEPA filter from Greenvacshop – the most popular choice, highest satisfaction and good price.


  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 12.2 x 45.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 15.2 pounds
  • Motor: 1200 W
  • HEPA: yes
  • Dust cup capacity: 2.9  dry quart
  • Swivel head: yes
  • Brush on/off: yes
  • Cord length: 30 ft.
  • Warranty: 5 years

Compare Shark Navigator NV70 with others

Shark NV70 compared to the NV42

Shark NV70 and Shark NV42 are two low priced upright vacuum cleaners belong to the same series. They both use the same motor, filtration system, and a similar design.

The key difference between Shark NV70 and NV42 is the cleaning capacity. Shark NV70 has a large dust bin while Shark NV42 uses a standard sized dust bin (2.9 dry quarts vs 1 dry quart).

Besides, Shark NV70 does have a swivel head, longer cord (30 ft. vs 25 ft.). These are all of the key differences between 2 models.

FAQs and troubleshooting of Shark Navigator NV70

Q: How noisy is this vacuum? I have small children and would love the option of cleaning during nap time!!

A: Not bad, compared to other vacuum cleaners.

Q: What is its weight? It’s listed differently depending on the site.

A: I think it is very light and mobile, especially compared to my Hoover. Mine weighs 17.4 pounds.

Q: Is the swivel feature optional

A: No, the swivel feature is built in. It is not optional. The swivel is handy and, in my opinion, more comfortable to use when compared to the fixed units.

Q: I have a very shaggy big rug under my daughter’s bed…would this be a good vacuum for this type of rug?

A: I have a shag rug under my dining table and it works fine. I had to release a bit of the suction though. There is a red sliding button on the hose where you can slide to lessen the amount of suction. Now I do not know if I have a low pile shag compared to your shag.

Q: Is there a way to secure the wand hose? What’s the deal with this? It comes out all the time!

A: I didn’t keep this model. I traded for a different one.

Q: Does this vacuum work on Berber carpet?

A: We don’t have berber but we have a few different types of carpet and it works great!

Q: How is it with pet fur? I have two long haired cats & a dog. Is this a good fit?

A: I tried two different models, and neither one worked well with pet hair. The hair just accumulated at the bottom and wasn’t sucked in.

Q: Does it clean carpet stairs?

A: This one does not break down like some of the others. Though this is a fantastic machine (I have two dogs and a cat) I would look at a different machine for stairs.

Q: Where is the location of electrical cord ie top or bottom of vacuum cleaner?

A:  the electrical cord is at the bottom of the vacuum. Then you have a special hose and you can insert special brush in it for different use. I use it very often to clean the seats and the mats of my car.

Q: The images show a power pet brush, the description does not list power pet brush being included?

A: It comes with these three tools: (1) 5.5″ Crevice Tool (2) Dusting Brush (3) Wide Upholstery Tool It does not say “pet brush” I am not sure what makes a pet brush different from the wide upholstery tool. I have 2 dogs and this works great on my furniture.


Q: Is it easy to use on plush carpet?

A: Yes, it works well on carpet.

Q: how is it on thicker carpets?

A: This Vacuum works well on both thin and thick carpet. Just make sure you use the carpet mode. I am very pleased with this vacuum.

Q: how easy is it to push on thick carpet?

A: A little heavy on carpets but good suction

Q: How is this with high pile rugs/carpets?

A: It has an airflow adjustment that you can release all the way for high pile carpets and it works well. I’ve never used it on a shag rug or carpet though.

Q: Does it move easily over thick plush carpeting?

A: My carpet is thick and long, works great!

Q: Does it work on higher shag carpet?

A: Yes, but you may have to lower the powerful pull if you do not want to harm the carpet,

Q: Does this vacuum work on Berber carpet?

A: We don’t have berber but we have a few different types of carpet and it works great!

Q: Does it clean carpet stairs?

A: I use the wand or crevice tool. Love my shark

Q: Is the brushroll adjustable? Will it work on thick, high carpet?

A: Yes it is adjustable. I have used it. This is a great machine. I highly recommend it.

Q: I have a thick pile carpet in my apt. and with the current vacuum, it is so very hard to push for me. Would this be better?

A: I am not sure. My carpeted areas are not real thick pile but I do feel like the Shark pulls me along. it has great suction and I couldn’t believe how much it got out the first time I used it.

Q: How will do the NV70 vacuum ultra-dense plush rugs & medium shag rugs? Our shark that just died did a good job on all carpets but the dense & shags

A: It works on all surfaces. You can adjust the amount of suction and brush to vacuum any type of rug, carpet or bare floor.

Q: Is it hard to push on carpets? I had a shark, cleaned it and now it sucks so hard it takes 2 hands to push on the carpet, afraid it will damage new carpet

A: I have a bad back and don’t have any problem pushing it around.

Q: Is this vacuum self-propelled?

A: Yes when it is on the carpet setting and it also needs to be in the position to move.

Q: My roller brush doesn’t roll. is it supposed to?

A: Yes it should when you have it on either carpet settings.

Q: How does this vacuum perform on extra thick pile rugs?

A: Yes, it has performed well on my deep pile carpet.

Q: I am in a wheelchair, would I be able to use this item while in my chair?

A: It is very lightweight and easy to maneuver. It does have some power to it and can easily be pushed around the carpet.

Q: Is this vacuum (Shark NV70) self-propelled?

A: I find it is okay on the carpet as long as it is in the 2nd position, definitely not as much pull as other vacuums I’ve had


Q: Is this vacuum cleaner beltless

A:  Shark Canister Upright Vacuum does have a belt to spin the brushroll and it will automatically shut off when getting stuck. You just only need to remove the stuck objects and restart the machine. This model is no belt maintenance.

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