Shark Navigator NV42 reviews

Shark Navigator NV42 – A low price vacuum with massive suction

Last update: 2nd June 2020

Shark Navigator NV42 is a low-price upright vacuum cleaner belongs to Shark most famous series: Shark Navigator.

The best thing about Shark Navigator NV42 is its affordable price compared to other models in this series. Also, this model is one of the most popular choice over years.

Besides the price attraction, it features a super strong motor power 1200 W, a brush roll on/off feature for cleaning bare floors and carpets and an easy-to-empty dust bin.

Shark Navigator NV42 reviews

On the other hands, Shark Navigator NV42 does not have the Lift-away canister feature and it also does not have HEPA filter. The dust cup capacity of Shark Navigator NV42 is a little bit small (just 1. 0 dry quarts).

If you are looking for a full-size upright unit at a low price, Shark Navigator NV42 can perhaps be in your consideration list. Otherwise, you may consider another model named Shark Navigator NV356E, which has all of the advanced benefits for better performances.

Coupon of Shark Navigator NV42

Currently, this Shark Navigator NV42 has a big discount. Besides, you can also get $50 off instantly upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card

Technologies and benefits of Shark Navigator NV42


Shark Navigator NV42 is the basic design of the Navigator series. This upright vacuum is designed for multiple floor cleanings. You can turn on/off the brush to clean from bare floors to carpets. This unit is measured by
11.4 x 11.8 x 45.5 in.

Low price value

If you are searching for a cheap vacuum cleaner that works, Shark Navigator NV42 will never fail your expectation. This model uses a motor of 1200 W to give plenty of suction. The dust bin size is standard (1 dry quarts) for most of American apartments.

Low maintenance

Basically, this model will save you a lot of money in long time because you will not need to buy bags, filters or so. The filters are washable and very durable. It has lifetime value.


You should notice, Shark Navigator NV42 does not use HEPA filter. This unit is suitable for normal person. If you have asthma, you should check for model with HEPA filtration.


  • Dimensions: 11.4 x 11.8 x 45.5 inches
  • Weight:15 pounds
  • Motor power: 1200 Watts
  • HEPA: no
  • Dust cup capacity: 1 dry quart
  • Swivel head: no
  • Brush on/off: yes
  • Cord length: 25 ft.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Tools: dusting brush and crevice tool.

Performance of Shark Navigator NV42

Performance of Shark Navigator NV42 on carpet
Performance of Shark Navigator NV42 on bare floors

Compare Shark Navigator NV42 with others

Q: Can you comment on the longevity of the regular navigator (straight canister, in purple photo) vs the XL version (expanded canister (gold photo))?

A: It has lasted for many years. We purchased a second one for the upstairs, so we don’t have to pack it up & downstairs.

Q: Thinking of getting this one vs the NV70 (which is the same vac only with swivel steering and bigger dust cup) Is swivel steering that important?

A: I don’t think it’s a big deal. I think it’s one of those ‘nice to have’ rather than ‘must haves’.

Q: None of the Shark’s have a height adjustment … the head’s the same height for a low pile as it is a high pile. Doesn’t that ruin high piles?

A: shark has an adjustment on the on and off switch as well as the center head of the nozzle if you wish to adjust suction. Stairs vs hardwood floors or heavy carpeting. A great powerful system and easy to put together and clean.

Q: What’s the difference in the deluxe compared to the regular one?

A: The key difference between Shark Navigator NV42 and Shark Navigator NV22S is all about the included tools. Both models have a dusting brush and a crevice, but the NV22S have a premium pet-powered tool and an accessories bag. Shark Navigator NV22S seems a little bit bulkier than the NV40 version

Q: how long of a cord?

A: about 25 ft.

Q: Is this vacuum very loud?

A: not compared to most vacs

Q: How much does this vacuum cleaner weigh?

A: Probably 2lbs light compared to other vacuums

Q: Is the cleaning path (head) 9.25 or 15 inches? And does the head swivel? Which model is best: the NV42 or NV70?

A: I gave this to my mother as a gift. I believe the cleaning path is more than 9 inches. I know the head does not swivel.

Q: Is it light and easily maneuverable?? Relatively quiet??

A: Yes, it is very light compared to other vacuums and extremely maneuverable. It is relatively quiet although it still scares the heck out of our dog. My wife and I love it and would recommend it to anyone!

Q: Torn between this 1 and the shark lift away pro. I like the price point on this model, but lift away has more bells/whistles. which is the better value?

A: I like almost everything about this vacuum. The only thing I would have added is a lamp on the front – to see dark or small objects on the carpet. As far as bells and whistles go, I don’t need anymore. Take a look and compare the two vacuums.

Q: Has anyone had either a good or bad experience with Shark and their 5-year warranty? I have heard horror stories about their warranty.

A: I got a Shark Navigator and the motor burned out. They refused to replace it, saying they’d give me a Shark Lift-Away instead, (read the fine print on their warranty), which I didn’t want: the cord is much shorter, the suction less and the dust cup holds much less.


A: My understanding is that the NV22 has a longer cord and smaller dust cup than the NV42. It also uses a different size/style of sponge filter.

Q: What the difference between this model and the NV46?

A: I believe the NV46 swivels. NV42 does not.

Q: What are the differences between silver, gold, and purple. very confusing info.

A: The difference is probably in the attachments, or how the vacuum comes apart to make vacuuming stairs easier.

Q: Which model of the navigator is the best? Any big differences?

A: I have the NV42 and the carpet sweeper. They are different styles but they both work great.

Q: does this machine work on different height carpets?

A: I use it on bare floors and two different carpet styles and it works great.

Q: So what is the difference between this shark navigator or the professional lift-away. do any of the vacs come with any tools?

A: The difference is the Shark Navigator is the deluxe powerful upright vacuum cleaner while the Shark Pro. as it stated”Lift-away” that means the user can remove the vacuum’s belly parts such as the dust holder along the machine’s suction motor includes its long hose simply for portable use purpose.

Q: does it have different heights for your carpet

A: No. it does not have different height adjustments, but the way this vacuum works that is not needed. it does have two different modes, one for bare floors and one for carpets. the carpet mode has been able to handle everything for me from a small thin mat type rug to thick and substantial carpeting.

Q: How is this vacuum on hardwoods? We live in a very old house with little gaps in between some of the planks and little “tilts” that add… character…

A: It will suck up all of the dirt between those little cracks. It is the best vacuum I’ve ever owned in the last 50 years!

Q: How are the different colored models different beyond matching the color of the inside of my closet?

A: This is a light gold regular color.

Q: How does this differ from the nv360 or other shark navigator deluxe model numbers?

A: One thing is it does not rotate.

Q: Hi, the nv42 is different from the nv22 on the top of the canister, there is nothing there except a metal mesh thing, is this normal? thanks,

A: I am sorry that I cannot help you. I purchased it for my son who lives up north and had it shipped directly to him.

Q: Torn between this 1 and the shark lift away pro. I like the price point on this model, but lift away has more bells/whistles. which is the better value?

A: I haven’t even looked at the other vacuum you mentioned, but I’ve owned this one for over three months and love it!

Q: I have read vacuums can cause “sprouts” on area rugs opposed to the wall to wall carpets due to manufacturing differences. Is the suction enough to cause?

A: should have answered with a “do not know” but I cannot imagine it causing this problem. It hasn’t with ours but they aren’t “good” or rare rugs!

Q: Can someone measure the length of the cord, and not guess…I see 3 different answers 30′ 25′ 20′ what’s the deal ??

A: I don’t have that information…unit belongs to my daughter

Q: Does this vacuum have a separate floor attachment for the hose?

A: No, you just flick the switch to a different setting.


Q: How laborious is upkeep/cleaning/maintenance of this machine? Finding mixed answers on how many filters. Getting sick of vacs with so many filters…

A: This one seems to be most as far as filters go. It has three, all of which a washable. The main one needs washed every 3 months.

Q: how do you change the belt?

A: I don’t think there is a belt. There is zero maintenance on this vacuum as advertised on the box.

Q: How strong is it

A: Yes, it is impressive for its size. I use several types and find it beats the performance compared to the canister. That said, you will want to order extra foam filter kit so you can switch as you will wash them routinely. However, they have a long life. Remember, maintenance for performance.

Question: How many amps are the motor

Answer: 1200 W

Question: how is this with pet hair

Answer: incredible!!! I have cats galore and the fur that got pulled up after I thought I had vacuumed with my old vacuum was eye-opening great suction maneuverable and light so I don’t have to struggle with it. You will love it easy to store and NO bags to order

Question: Can you get a battery for the Shark Navigator?

Answer: I do not see any type of battery plugin so I’m pretty sure this model doesn’t support that system type. I am pretty sure you have to buy a shark that is compatible with your specific need.

Question: Does the shark navigator comes with a warranty and tools

Answer: Yes it comes with tools and a warranty.

Question: Thinking of getting this one vs the NV70 (which is the same vac only with swivel steering and bigger dust cup) Is swivel steering that important?

Answer: I don’t think it’s a big deal. I think it’s one of those ‘nice to have’ rather than ‘must haves’.

Question: Does this one have the infuriating swivel head that the newer Navigator has?

Answer: No it does not, I was hoping it did when I bought mine.

Question: does it have a detachable handle?

Answer: Yes it does. I’m really happy with this vacuum.

I empty the vacuum and now the suction is not working! Is there a filter that I might have forgotten to remove when I emptied it?

Answer: Make sure hose is connected at the bottom of the vacuum. It occasionally disconnects when it’s moved around

Question: My dog hates to eat alone, he brings his food into the living room and drops chunks of dog food onto the carpet will this be able to pick up

Answer: It probably will. It has a  strong suction but it is heavy if you have stairs. I also have the cordless shark that I love but it isn’t as powerful.

Question: Is it self propelled?

Answer: Very easy to push, never paid attention but it must be. It doesn’t work well on pet hair is the only reason that I am unhappy with it.

Question: Return policy is return shipping free

Answer: Yes

Question: The manual says I should have 2 filters but there is only one in the box….am I missing something?

Answer: The manual says there are two which remove for washing and drying, they come installed in the machine not loose in the shipping box.

Question: Is this vac self-propelled?

Answer: While it’s technically not self-propelled, when it’s in carpet mode it pulls itself along quite well.

Question: We are looking for a good Vacuum cleaner for our Church, how long is the cord on this unit?

Answer: Probably 25’, I think it tells you if you scroll down & read specs. Works extremely well!

How well does it pick up pet fur? I have two cats?

Answer: Very well … I have a cat and dog .. it picks up the hair completely.. also nice on my hardwood floors to run it after I sweep to get most of the dust before I sniffer mop

Question: Should there be obvious suctioning of the carpet or so where it lifts rugs?

Answer: It doesn’t live our rugs so to speak but it has a lot of suction. If it isn’t picking up make sure the beater bar is going around. There is a small belt inside there that sometimes comes off and you can vacuum with nothing happening.

Question: Does the cord retract?

Answer: NO

Question: Have you used this on carpeted steps? How did it do? thanks

Answer: I have not, but the attachment may be handy for steps. I’ve used it for hard to reach areas & still loving my vacuum.

Question: What’s the width of the cleaning head?

Answer: The head width is Eleven and a half inches. it’s a good little vac.

Question: will it lower to vacuum under the bed?

Answer: That depends on how high or low your bed is. Sorry, but that’s about all I can tell you.

Question: does this vacuum have a carpet height adjustment

Answer: It has the 2 options which one is for carpet and the other for solid surfaces and it works very well. I thought my last vacuum picked up everything but I never had this much to empty from the former canister as I do with this one.

Question: how long of a cord? comparing NV70 to NV42


Q: Does it work well on stairs?

A: To me, this is an upright vacuum and unsuitable for stairs.

Q: Is this hard or too heavy for vacuuming stairs??

A: no I just use the vacuum itself to do the stairs

Q: Is this vacuum difficult to push on carpet or rugs?

A: Yes somewhat difficult if the carpet is thick.

Q: How does it work on shag carpet?

A: This unit works great of shag/thick carpet.

Q: How does this work on high pile shag carpet?

A: I find that it’s great on all carpets and surfaces

Q: does it have different heights for your carpet

A: No but I use it on everything. Rugs, carpets, and bare floors. Awesome vacuum.

Q: is the vacuum difficult to push when cleaning the carpet?

A: For me, not at all. The rotating brush makes it very easy to use on carpet.

Q: Is this vacuum self-propelled, even on thick carpeting?

A: It feels self-propelled on the carpet – not overly propelled, but somewhat self-propelled.

Q: Should there be obvious suctioning of the carpet or so where it lifts rugs?

A: I don’t know that the suctioning of the carpets is a negative thing on the Shark Vacuum… more so, it sounds like there’s slack in your carpet. Your carpet has some slack in it and the Shark is a powerful vacuum, so the two combine to create obvious suctioning of the carpet. Hope that helps : )

Q: is this vacuum hard to push when cleaning the carpet?

A: This is a lightweight vacuum making carpet cleaning easier. You can feel a “tug” when you go from vacuuming hardwood floors to the carpet, but nothing too strenuous. What’s great about this vacuum is there is a feature that controls the amount of suction. If you do feel that is difficult to push on your carpet

Q: Does this work for carpets only, or can you use on a hardwood floor?

A: Both. I vacuum carpets and hardwood floors. There is a switch for those choices.

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