SHARK ION ROBOT 750 reviews

Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum RV750 reviews

Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum RV750 reviews


Shark Ion Robot 750 is the updated version of the RV720 version by adding wifi feature, now you can control this unit with your phone app via Alexa voice.

The unit keeps all of the best features from Shark Ion Robot RV720 such as smart navigation sensors, self cleaning brush technologies, low profile and affordable price.

Shark Ion Robot RV750 is one of the best robot vacuum at a decent price when compared with other brands at the same price range. The only minor downside is that it has a short run time of 1 hour.

Technologies and benefits of Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum RV750 

This unit is very similar to the Shark ION ROBOT 720, you can check for the technology used in Shark Ion Robot here.

The adding feature on Shark Ion Robot 750 is wifi connection so that you can schedule this unit via Alexa Voice.

Compare Shark ION RV750 vs other robot vacs

Q: What is the difference between this model and the 850?

A: Shark ION Robot Vacuum, RV850, is the newest version. Both vacuums have WiFi capabilities. The RV850 has a larger dust cup and wheels than the RV750. The RV850 also has 3 times the suction power, in Max Mode, than the RV750.

Q: What is the difference between rv750 and rv750_N?

A:  the RV750_N is the newer model. It has larger wheels and dust cup. On the bottom of the RV750_N, side brushes were added to help guide debris to the brushroll.

Q: Is the only difference between this model and the 720 the wifi capability?

A: Yes

Q: will this have trouble with oriental rugs (the fringe on the sides), also will it go into different rooms on one floor even if the flooring is different?

A: It will go easily between the different rooms.

Q: How well can this handle transition strips between rooms?

A: We have several between our living room laminate and out tile floors in the kitchen. It takes them with no issue at all

Q: Can this go over the wood threshold between rooms?

A: yes! it goes over mind and my thicker area rugs with no problem

Q: Can I use this to clean two different floors/levels?

A: you will need to carry the robot up and down the stairs, as it cannot go up or down them on its own.

Q: what do the different #’s mean – 614 – 960 I robot Roomba and 750 for the Shark?

A: These are different models, the higher the number the newer the product is, and the newer the product the more features it has. The Shark 750 is equivalent to Roomba 690. Roomba 960 is the latest model with more features and of course the highest price.

Q: can you move it to different floors in the house with no issues?

A: Yes, use boundary strips to keep the bot away from your stairs.

Q: Can it be operated with two different android phones?

A: We have been able to operate the vacuum with 2 phones at the same time using the same login information for both.

Q: How does it handle different floor heights?

A: I have had no issues with transition from carpet to hardwood floors. It works just fine.

Q: How big is dirt bin compare to robot or Neato? I have Neato and its bin is a very good size.

A: 380 ml

Q: How noisy is it when running?

A: Quite compare to others

Q: how does this one compare to other brands? need super reliable/durable/great suction one asap due to upcoming major surgeries on myself & husband

A: It is really reliable, easy to use. I would give the suction. I had purchased three different models before I settled on this one. Because of its reliability.

Q: How big are the tires? I have a Roomba that is crazy loud, but it makes it over my floor transitions with no problem. I had a deebot that got stuck a lot. are the tires comparable to Roomba or deebot?

A: Similar size

Q: what is the noise level of this vac

A: There is a little noise that comes from it but nothing compared to a large vacuum, and after a few minutes you don’t really notice it.

Q: Does it scratch hardwood floors?

A: We have seen zero scratches on our wood floors. It has performed very well compared to our Roomba as it is much quieter and lighter in weight.

Q: Does it bump into everything?

A: No. It rarely runs into anything. I watched it the first couple of times it ran. Compared to my iRobot that ran into everything; I’ve been quite pleased. It’s also super quiet.

Q: Is the shark ion quiet.

A: It depends on your definition of quiet. In my opinion, compared to a normal vacuum it is quiet. It is not silent tho, you will hear it if you’re in the same room. But I usually don’t hear it too much when it’s in another part of the house/room.

 Shark ION robot performance with Hair

Q: Does hair get stuck?

A: I have waist length hair. I clean the hair off the brushes and roller after each use. I have no trouble with hair getting stuck. In fact, I love that it picks up so much hair!

Q: How is it for pet hair?

A: Does great picking up hair from my boxer. It has changed my world. No more sweeping hair 3-4x a week

Q: How is it with pet hair?

A: Picks up just like any other hair or dirt on the carpet.

Q: How is this machine with dog hair? I have three dogs and a cat, two long hairs and short hair and they are always shedding!

A: I have 2 dogs and it takes care of the hair for me. As long as you run it often enough you should not have any issues I usually turn it on once a day for a quick cleanup,

Q: Does the shark ion robot 750 pick up cat hair well?

A: Yes, I have 3 cats…1 long haired and 2 short, and it has no problem picking up their hair. In fact, we’re going into spring now which is shedding season and there is extra hair everywhere, and still no problem!

Q: Does this work well with long hair on the floor, and auto-detangling it as advertised?

A: Works well with long hair, but I’m not sure about the auto-detangling. Several times I’ve had to pull the hair off from the roller.

Q: how does it do picking up long human hair?

A: Picks it up fine. But you will need to keep the little hair removal tool handy to clean the brush roller. wraps it up.

Q: I and my daughter have long hair that seems to end up everywhere will it pick it up? If so will it damage it eventually?

A: Mine picks up anything in its path, long hair, yarn, cat hair, cat litter, money, etc. you should clean the roller after using it, or at least check to make sure

Q: Are the rubber or fabric of the roller? Are they easy to clean? I need it mostly for dog hair.

A: The rollers are rubber. I have two dogs and 4 cats, hence lots of pet hair. The Shark is amazing. Much easier to maintain than any other vacuum I’ve owned.

Q: How is this with dog hair? I have 2 large dogs that shed a lot all year

A: I have a dog that sheds constantly, this is awesome I don’t have dog hair everywhere now. I would sweep and still see dog hair. I also like that I can be at work and turn it on from my phone and floor be done when I get home.

Q: I have a Golden Retriever, two cats and allergies to dust mites. How hard is it to clean the brushroll, and now much hair gets caught in it?

A: I got 3 kids, 2 big dogs, and 3 cats. It does a great job keeping the hair down on hardwood. And it’s easy to clean but you have to do it daily considering the volume of hair

Q: I have two cats one a short hair orange tabby & the other is a long hair main coon.The shed a lot of different times. Will the vac stops when bin full.

A: Both our cat and Aussie Shepherd dog leave hair everywhere. This Shark has made an incredible difference. I ran several times a day, to begin with, and now at most twice a day. It runs for an hour. It didn’t leave anything on the floor even though the bin seemed full.

Shark ION robot performance with Stair

Q: Do you have to use the magnetic strips at the top of the stairs to prevent it from falling or will it recognize the stairs and stop without?

A: I don’t have stairs, I believe you should put strips down at top of stairs since it senses directions by touching. If the strip wasn’t there, it would continue down the stairs.

Q: Does it stop for stairs going downward?

A: No stairs

Q: Will this vacuum fall down the stairs?

A: Mine hasn’t. There is a strip that comes with the vacuum that you can place in front of your stairs and that will stop the robot.

Q: Does it have stair Sensor on shark 750?

A: yes it does, but you can just put the tape in front of stairs

Q: If you have an open staircase, will it stop at the stairs? Or would I have to put the magnetic tape near the drop-off area?

A: it senses stairs.

Q: does it know to avoid the stairs?

A: In theory yes. Most of the time, mine will approach the stairs and then turn around before going over the edge. A few times, I’ve come home to find it stopped hanging a couple of inches over the edge of the step. I guess it goes a tad too far and then can’t get turned around so it shuts down.

Q: Does it stop at stairs

A: It comes with a magnetic strip you have to put down in front of the steps to make it stop and turn around

Q: Does the unit stop at the stairs?

A: Yes, built-in sensors prevent the robot from going down.

Q: I have stairs going down from our living room how do I keep it from going off the stairs?

A: It comes with a barrier strip, that you would place along the top of stairs and it will not pass the barrier

Performance with Room size

Q: Will this cover 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, and kitchen?

A: Yes, but it may take 2 charges depending upon the size and room layouts.

Q: How do you make it go room to room? Mine just does the room it starts in.

A: Mine travels from room to room on its own unless something gets in its way. You may have it on spot clean.

Q: What size space will this work for? Multiple rooms? If so how many?

A: mine will run about 2 hours on a full charge and does 5 rooms very well

Q: Does it clean multiple rooms

Q: does the shark map out the room?

A: I have the model 750. It does not map the room. I do not see that as a shortcoming. It works very well.

Q: Does this clean multiple rooms if doors are open?

A: Yes it does! And that can be either a good thing or a bad thing. This really depends on how you want to use the robot and what is acceptable for you and what you consider clean.

Q: will this have trouble with oriental rugs (the fringe on the sides), also will it go into different rooms on one floor even if the flooring is different?

A: It will go from room to room even if the flooring is different. I can’t say about the fringe on the oriental rug as I don’t have any rugs with fringe.

Q: Will it go seamlessly from room to room? What about if there is a slight difference in floor levels, as about a one-inch drop into the laundry room?

Q: How many rooms is the shark ion capable of mapping out and cleaning? I have 4 rooms I’d like for it to clean. total of 750 sq. ft.

A: Ion doesn’t map the rooms it cleans, however it does a great job of covering any average sized room. Best bet is to break it down half and half or do one room at a time. Use the magnetic tape to block openings or simply close doors.

Q: Can it do separate rooms at different times of the day? Ex: the kitchen overnight and then the living room at 3 pm? Would I need another dock?

A: not sure but it will do all rooms unless you close the doors

Q: How well can this handle transition strips between rooms?

A: Very well. I have a room that has a threshold that I thought would keep Shark from going in, but it had no problem.

Q: How does this thing know where to go?! Things in the corner of the room?!

Q: is a HEPA filter available?

A: It has a HEPA filter.

But not as relevant as this unit works best when you are gone.

Q: Does this have a HEPA filter

A: The 750 does have a HEPA filter

Q: Does the sweeper not come with a battery

A: It comes with battery.

Q: If the battery ever stops working is there a replacement battery? Or if a part of if malfunctions are there replaceable parts, etc?

A: battery light turns red when it needs to be replaced.

Q: Does this recharge and go back to finish the room if the battery gets low?

A: Yes it does. It cleans and then automatically “docks” itself and charges its battery.

A: $50 from Shark, less elsewhere on Amazon

Q: How much are the replacement batteries?

Q: How long does it take to charge after it runs out of battery?

A: The battery charged up pretty fast, about 1.5 hours. The first run it worked for about 2 hours, recharged it again and it took about 2 hours to reach a full charge.

I’ve had the shark for less than 2 months and it’s already telling me i need to replace the li-ion battery. has anyone else had issues like this?
Answer: I’ve 0nly had mine a month and no problems, i would get in touch with Shark, they should replace it.

Question: Work with 220v?, where I can found the charger specifications?
Answer: It comes with a charger base that is 110v. I you want it to be 220 you will have to get a transformer converter, Amazon sells it as well. The recharger base specifically states it is 110-120 volts.

Question: I have 2 German shedders and a cat. How well does it work on animal hair?
Answer: We have 2 shedding dogs, a cat and hardwood floors. I am very happy with how this Shark helps keep up with the hair

Question: Does this run only from Wi-Fi?
Answer: You can activate it with a button on the vacuum itself.

Question: Has anyone else opened the box to find hair in the canister?
Answer: I did not find hair in the canister. My ion robot was new and not used

Question: How well can this handle transition strips between rooms?
Answer: Our floor has thick pile carpet, hard wood, and tile floors, and the vacuum has had no trouble transitioning. One section has a wide marble piece as a transition strip that is about a quarter inch rise over the carpet side, it hasn’t had any issue. Hope that helped.

Question: How well can this handle transition strips between rooms?
Answer: Not a problem.

Question: I have a lot of wires and cords around my computer and tv area. Will this damage them?
Answer: If they are laying on the floor
and are loose enough to be pulled into the shark, maybe, but it’ll probably just stop the shark from running.

Question: Does the shark ion robot 750 have remote?
Answer: No, you can use your phone to turn it on and dock it remotely.

Does the shark ion robot 750 vacuum have a hepa filter (high efficiency particulate air)?
Answer: Yes, it does. In the care manual it specifically says it is a HEPA filter.

Question: How long should the battery last? i’ve run my shark ion robot for about 30 hours and the red light (low battery) is already on.
Answer: Ours returns to the dock where it gets recharged after each run.

Question: Does 750 work with Echo 1st generation
Answer: Great question. I don’t have an echo one generation. And the first several times I used it I wanted to be home and put it where I wanted it to be. I’m telling you right now it’s way worth the money. I would never buy the most expensive brand, the Roomba…

Question: why doesnt my shark ion robot start on schedule?
Answer: Sorry can’t help you as I sent mine back before I tried the scheduling

Question: is this works with 220v ?
Answer: No. It plugs into a 120v 15amp general circuit outlet.

Question: will the battery deplete if it stays charging on the docking station all the time?
Answer: Not sure- Have only had it for a few days- Will update

Question: What is the operational range of this robot? For houses from how much square meters are.?,
Answer: i have approx 1300 sq feet that it does daily. it works around 2 to 3 hours before it docks.

Question: How does this handle multiple floors? For example, with Neato, one can place the robot on another level of the home and have it clean there.
Answer: It works great. I am amazed how well it goes from floor to floor with different levels!!

Question: Will it go seamlessly from room to room? What about if there is a slight difference in floor levels, like about a one inch drop into the laundry room?
Answer: I have 2 rooms where the floor is about an inch difference. One actually is “beveled”, so the Ion gets in and out with no problem. The other is more like just a “drop off”. The Ion can get onto the lower floor with no problem, but does have a tendency to get “hung up” on the higher floor when trying to return.

Question: Has anyone has any problems with this saying the included charger is the wrong power adapter? When mine goes to charge it says wrong adapter
Answer: No I haven’t. I love my robot. It’s fast and cleans really well. I like it better than the Roomba I used to have. I would contact the company if you’re getting an error like that.

If it’s the wrong adapter it could damage it, I’m sure.

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