iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum reviews

iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum reviews

Last update 5th July 2020


Overall rating: 8.5/10

iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum is the most basic robot vacuum and it used to be one of the first consideration when talking about the low-price robot vacuum cleaner.

Although there are quite a lot of competitors in the low price range, iRobot Roomba 614 remains as one of the top choices due to the brand value and the efficient performance for general uses.

iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum reviews
iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum reviews


Should you buy Roomba 614 in 2019?

If you are looking for an inexpensive robot vacuum to clean an apartment without the need of advanced benefits, Roomba 614 can be a nice option to consider.

We also recommend you to have a look at Roomba 690, the upgraded version of Roomba 614 to get more benefits. Both models are at the same price range but Roomba 690 is wifi-connected and it has a dual mode virtual boundary.

Besides Roomba, there are a few great robot vacuum cleaners at a similar price range that you may consider, such as

  • Deebot N79s – the most popular robot at a low price range
  • Robovac 15c – the slimmer, stronger robot at a low price range.

Coupon of Roomba 614

Currently, Roomba 64 has a good discount. Besides, you can also get $50 off instantly via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

Technologies and benefits of Roomba 614


Roomba 614 has a circular shaped design, measured by 17 x 18 x 5 inches. This model uses a 600 Pa motor to generate suction. The dust bin of Roomba 614 is about 300 mL. The filter is AeroVac type and it uses a remote to control and schedule the cleaning process.

Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum top view
Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum top view

To start cleaning, you can manually press the CLEAN button on the top of the robot, or to use the remote to ask the robot to clean. This robot does not have a wifi connection. You cannot give commands via smartphone app like Roomba 690 model.

A moderate motor power

The Roomba 614 uses a motor of 600 Pa. This motor can deliver a relatively weak suction power, especially in recent years, most of the robot vacuum cleaners use a motor of 1000 Pa up to 1500 Pa.

The suction of Roomba 614 is somehow weaker than competitors. However, it is still efficient for picking up dirt, dust, and hairs on the hard floors and low pile carpets.

Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum performance
Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum performance – a lot of dust, hair inside the dust bin

When dealing with long hair, high pile carpets, Roomba 614 becomes inefficient and it can get tangled.

Dirt detect sensor – 1st generation

The acoustic sensors detect the noise and automatically force the Roomba 614 to work harder when dealing with pet foods, litters, large debris or high traffic areas. This sensor technology makes the robot clean efficiently.

Navigation sensors – 1st generation

The Roomba 614 uses infrared sensors to detect the floor surfaces and the surrounding environment. This type of sensors is applied widely by many brands such as Ecovacs and Eufy.

The infrared sensors are just adequate for the robot to clean hard floors and rooms with less furniture. However, when there is a lot of furniture inside the room, the sensors become insufficient because the robot can get lost and never find its way back to the dock.

This is the common issue of entry-level robot vacuum which uses infrared sensors.

Li-ion battery 1800 mAh

The use of Li-Ion battery on Roomba 614 allows the unit to run up to 90 minutes on hard floors. The robot has automatically recharge feature too. The total charging time of Roomba 614 is just 120 minutes which is shorter than most of the competitors.

For instance,

  • Deebot N79s takes up to 3-4 hours for recharging
  • Eufy Robovac 11s takes 5-6 hours for recharging.

The shorter charging time is, the robot can resume working faster.

The Li-ion battery 1800 mAh is used on many models including Roomba 614, 615, 640, 652, 665, 670, 671, 675, 677, 680, 685, 690, 695, 801, 805, 850, 860, 877, 890, 891, and 895.

Dual Multi-Surface Brushes

Roomba 614 uses classic brushes called dual multi-surface brushes. This couple of brush works great on various floor surfaces from hardwood, tile to low pile carpets. Because the hair can be wrapped around the brushes, you should regularly remove hairs with scissors to get the best performance.

photo source – irobot website

Inside the package

  • iRobot Roomba 614
  • Home Base Charging Station
  • Line Cord
  • 1 Extra Filter
  • 1 Flat Cleaning Tool
  • Owners Guide and Documentation Package

Specifications of Roomba 614

Mapping / Path planning no
Automatically Docks and Recharges yes  
Noise Level N/A
LCD Display no
Side Brushes (one or two) 1  pcs
Voice Prompts yes  
Suction Power 600  Pa  
Сleaning Area 
Home Size small
Cleaning Modes auto, spot cleaning
Dustbin Capacity N/A
Wet Mopping no
Barrier-cross Height N/A
HEPA Filter no
Washable Filterno
Сarpet Floor Types low-pile, medium-pile
Bare Floor Types hardwood, marble, vynil, tile, laminate, linoleum
Battery Capacity 1800  mAh
Runtime 90  min  
Charging Time 120  min
Rated Power (Watts)33  W
Scheduling yes  
IR Remote Control no
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App no
Amazon Alexa Support no
Google Assistant Support no
Virtual Wall no
Carpet Boost no
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes  
Dirt Detect no
Full Bin Indicator no
Robot Weight 7.50  lbs  
Robot Width 13.39  in  
Robot Height 3.66  in
In the box charging dock
extra filter
manufacturer's warranty
owner's guide and documentation package
cleaning tool
Warranty 12  months

Pros and cons of Roomba 614


Easy to use – using Roomba 614 is very straight forward. You just only need to press a button.

Cleans effectively – Roomba 614 cleans a variety of surfaces from bare floors to low pile carpets. Although the dust bin is small, this robot can cover up to 2000 sq ft per cleaning cycle.

Cleans under furniture – the low profile (under 3.5 in) allows the unit to navigate under tables and chairs. When cleaning under the sofa or bedding Roomba 614 can get stuck because it cannot find its way back.

Long run time and fast charge time – 90 minutes run time and only 120 minute charge time.


Noisy – Roomba 614 noise level can peak up to 68 dB, which is higher than many competitors. Eufy 11S noise level, for instance, is just around 55 dB.

Misses spots – any robot cleaner uses infrared sensors tends to have this issue.

Small debris bin – 300 mL dust bin capacity is a little bit small. The upgraded version of Roomba 614, Roomba 690 has a 600 mL dust bin.

Clogs easily – the brushes can get tangled.

Roomba 614 maintenance

You should do regular maintenance to keep the Roomba 614 at optimal condition. As guided by iRobot, you can follow this schedule for cleaning, replacing filters, brushes.

Cleaning frequency of Roomba 614

  • bin: one per week
  • filter: 1 -2 times per week
  • brushes: one per week
  • caster wheel: 2 per month
  • cliff sensors, charge contacts, side brush: one per month

Replacement frequency of Roomba 614

  • filter: after 2 months
  • brushes: every year
  • caster wheel: every year
  • battery: after 200-300 cleaning cycles.

Performance of Roomba 614

Watch the video below to see Roomba 614 cleans tile floors. The robot cleans the edge nicely and it does not get stuck when moving under table legs, chair legs.

FAQs and troubleshooting of Roomba 614

Q: how does the 614 differ from the 690

A: The Roomba 614 is similar to the 690 and uses the same accessories and Lithium battery. The major differences are that the 614 cannot be scheduled and is not wifi compatible. On the other hand, the 690 can be scheduled using the iRobot Home App.

Q: Besides the price what is the difference between the 650 vs 614.

A: I have both and the only difference is 650 you can program it to start at a certain time. They both are identical other than that.

Q: Anyone knows what the difference is between the 614 and the 650 models?

A: I believe the difference is the 650 includes a device that creates a barrier. You can place it in a doorway or area you want the room a to skip. I can also program my 650 to start at a set time.

Q: What is the difference between Roomba 614 and 650?

A: Battery type and the 650 can be scheduled to clean at a certain time which is a feature the 614 does not have.

Q: Can you use one unit to clean both floors of a two-story home? Or would I need to purchase 2 different units?

A: One can do two, just as two sweepers can do two floors. I would be better using two different “Roombas”

Q: I see it working at random, does it clean all the floor? Can you transfer it to different rooms (place it upstairs to clean, basement to clean)?

A: He will make its map across the house, he will get every part of it, if you are going to put on different floors you must recharge it first

Q: Why does each retailer have different model numbers?

A: Price range and improvement. I like 600 series because you control when they run. I Love my Roomba.

Q: What is the difference between this and 650? I do not need scheduling but just a Roomba that does not stuck on medium pile carpet. Are others smarter?

A: I am not sure of the differences. I do know the 614 works very well on hard floor surfaces. I have hardwood and ceramic tile floors. It does a great job. I have a dog and a cat, it gets all the hair and the dust and dirt.

Q: what is the biggest difference between the models Roomba 614, 690, 890, 960 and 980?

A: The 890 is so much better than the 690

Q: I live in a three-story townhome. I know I will have to pick up and move to different floors, but does anyone have a similar layout that has used this?

A: No

Q: can this be moved to another level in the house and so be used on 2 levels without having to buy 2?

A: I just move it & its dock to a different level since it finds the dock when it runs out of battery power

Q: does the dock come with the purchase of the vacuum

A: Yes. Complete set. All iRobots come with dock and charging cable and depending on the model with different virtual walls/lighthouses etc.

Q: Does it return to the dock when on low power?

A: Yes it will, but mine sometimes has trouble finding its way back. If your house has a lot of different hallways, turns or rooms, it might get lost.

Q: Does the robot “learn” the house layout? I am asking because I would like to carry it upstairs to clean every once in a while.

A: Hard for me to tell. It seems to lay out a random path every time, sometimes takes off in a different direction arbitrarily. Seems to do best in smaller rooms with 4 walls. Open floor plan, not so much

Q: After it docks and recharges, will it return to the spot it left off cleaning or start over recleaning the same areas?

A: It will not start at the same spot but it supposed to keep learning your room layout. Also, you might want to move it to different rooms with the docking station if you need different areas for sure and you can purchase virtual walls to block off areas and keep the robot inside one area.

Q: Cleaning a large open area – if the battery dies, once recharged, does it return to the spot where it left off? Does it eventually clean the entire area?

A: I have never had it stop because the battery ran out it returns to its dock and recharges, I do not think it would go back to the exact spot and continue, but I find mine concentrates on different areas each time and gets all even if it takes several trips

Q: Should I spend more money and buy the 650 or will the 614 do the job?

A: I do not know anything about the 650 but the 614 does our 1800 sg. ft. the house just fine. We have carpet, tile, and wood flooring, it works on all three surfaces. I think the only difference is being able to program the 650 vacuum for certain times. The 614 has to be started manually.

Q: I do not have wood floors. Does it work on the rough carpet (Burgundy color)? I think its called loop carpet

A: It will. The suction will get the job done on the carpet. I have both but I have noticed the difference when it cleans on hardwood vs carpet but overall I still give it 5 stars because it does an awesome job and keeps things clean and picked up on the regular. It does occasionally get stuck places, but that is rare, and I prefer to run it while at home so I can move it back into the room I want and empty it as it goes.

It does not re-dock very well by itself, but that does not matter to me, because usually, I run it until it does so I have to pick it up and put it back on the home base to charge.

Do you have to buy batteries for it or does it come with everything needed?

Answer: Everything included

Question: Does it run into cords

Answer: Mine does not get caught on them. It just goes over them

Question: Does it need to be left on to remember programming?

Answer: The Roomba should be left on its home base when not being used and it will notforget its cleaning pattern when it heads out for a mission.

Question: Accessory kit goes from 600 to 620. will these fit the 614?

Answer: Yes, All Roomba in the 600 series range use the same Filter.

Question: does this come with a charging station?

Answer: Yes it does. It is plugged into an AC outlet. When Roomba finishes its work, it takes itself home to its charger.

Question: Does anyone know how well it works on marble floors?

Answer: it should not be a problem I have wood and carpet and it works just fine

Question: How tall is Roomba

Answer: 2.75”

Question: Since the 614 model does not allow scheduling, how often and what time of day does it run? Do you turn it off and on to when you are ready to clean?

Answer: Thus model has to be turned ana off manually.

Question: Does it have a remote?

Answer: No. I have never even thought about one. It does not need a remote. It will run till it is done and go to home base or it will run out of power and tell you. Love my Romba. Buy one. The 600 series is the best.

Question: Hello, My country runs on 220V. Does this come with a power stabilizer or I need to buy a separate transformer?

Answer: If the voltage requirement meets the minimum 120V requirements and the outlet for the line cord is the same as what is used in North America, there will be no problems with using the charger that comes with the robot.

Question: Does it have to be plugged in all the time, what happens when we go on vacation?

Answer: It will probably get stuck and the batteries will die. It is supposed to dock and charge after cleanup but rarely does.

Question: My whole apartment is carpet how does it work?

Answer: Our apartment is nearly all carpet. It works very well on the carpet as well as the small kitchen area which has vinyl planking

Question: where can I find the battery for robot Roomba 650

Answer: I usually order mine from the Roomba website.

Question: How badly does dog hair clog this little guy?

Answer: No inside pets in my household

Question: How wide is Roomba?

Answer: about 12.5 inches round

Question: I had several of the older iRobots including scuba. Has the battery performance increased? For the investment, it would likely have to be tripped.

Answer: This is the only one I have ever had, so do not know about battery power. The one I have runs for about an hour and does my whole house.

What is the maximum suction power of this unit? And how large is the dust bin?

Answer: 600 Pa motor and 300 mL dust bin

Question: Does it work with Alexa

Answer: No . Roomba 614 is not compatible with Alexa.

Question: Does it transition well from hard surface to area rug?

Answer: This model transitions between bare floor and rug without any trouble.

Question: how well does it do on low shag carpet?

Answer: Most of our living area floor is low shag. This model does particularly well on that surface.

Question: Can you replace the battery?

Answer: of course

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