Rug Doctor Vs. Bissell Portable Spot Carpet Cleaners

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Both Rug Doctor and Bissell portable carpet cleaners are very powerful. As of this writing, Rug Doctor brand only has a few spot carpet cleaner models, whereas Bissell brand has a wide array of different spot carpet cleaners to choose from.

Therefore, to decide what is the best spot cleaner between Rug Doctor and Bissell is not an easy comparison. Here we will discuss the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner 93300 and compare its advantages and disadvantages against the Bissell Spotclean Professional 3624 to see which option is better for your home.

UPDATE: After this article went to “print”, Rug Doctor has released a new product — the Rug Doctor Pet Portable Spot Cleaner. It is an advanced model compared to the one in this review. You can tell the difference just by looking at them. The original Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is mostly red, and the newer Rug Doctor Pet (model 93390) is red and white.

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Comparison chart of Rug Doctor Spot cleaner vs Bissell Spotclean Professional 3624

Comparison chart Rug Doctor PortableBissell 3624 Professional
Power1100 watts750 W
Dimension (HxWxD)40cm x 41cm x 28cm-
Weight7.45kg5.8 kg
Cord length4.6m6.5 m
Hose length1.7m1.5 m
Clean tank capacity1.9 Litres2.9 L
Retractable handles & wheelsYesno
Cleaning path11.5 cm15 cm
Motorised handle brushYesno
Quick release mains cable wrapYesno
Accessoryn/a8 cm Tough Stain Brush & 15cm Stair Too
Guarantee2 Years 2 Years
Included Spot Cleaner bottleTrial 236ml size236 ml Wash&Protect Professional

Side-by-side comparison of Rug Doctor Vs. Bissell Portable

Rug Doctor Portable benefits

Rug Doctor Portable spot cleaner has the strongest suction power compared across all of the spot carpet cleaner on the market. The unit uses an 11 amps rating motor, combined with a motorized brush so that it could clean deep down to the carpet foundation. Only Rug Doctor spot cleaner has such a feature on the market.

Because it can suction up to 75% of sprayed water, your carpet can dry faster than using other spot cleaners.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Setting up and Cleaning

Besides, this model has large, carpet-friendly wheels for moving around. It also has a carry handle to reduce fatigue. The whole unit is made of solid ABS plastic which is very durable.

The downside of Rug Doctor Portable spot cleaner is the weight. It is up to 16.5 lbs, which is quite heavy if you have to carry upstairs/ downstairs frequently.

Bissell Spotclean Professional 3624 benefits

Bissell Spotclean Professional 3624 is Bissell strongest spot cleaner, featuring a strong motor (5.7 amps rating), a generous water tank (0.75 gallons), a long hose with wider cleaning path (15 in) and a lighter weight compared to Rug Doctor portable carpet cleaner.

This unit can help you to tackle stains, urine, pet messes, human messes, food spillages in no time. There are a lot of tools and cleaning formula included in the package for you to customize. Currently, this model is the best-rated spot cleaner from the Bissell brand.

On the contrary, Bissell Spotclean 3624 does not have motorized brush as Rug Doctor unit, therefore when dealing with heavy stains, old stains or high traffic area, you have to pre-treat the stains before cleaning with the machine.

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