Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Air Steerable WindTunnel Bagless Lightweight Corded Upright UH72400 reviews


Hoover Corded Upright vacuum cleaner UH72400 appeared on the market since 2013. The best part of Hoover UH72400 is the powerful suction, swivel steering, and HEPA filtration. Besides, the model is bagless, corded, and lightweight with a brush roll on/off control so you can use it on both bare floor and medium-pile carpets.

However, as it is an “outdated” model, there are many recent upright vacuum cleaners with more ergonomic features and have the same price range such as Shark Navigator NV356E, Shark Rotator NV682…

Let’s check the technologies and benefits of Hoover UH72400.

Technologies and benefits of Hoover UH72400

  • WindTunnel 3 technology -this unit uses 8 cyclones to deliver powerful suction on both fine dust and large debris
  • Steerable control – you can twist the handle to make the brush head moving in your preferred direction
  • Brushroll on/off feature – allows you to vacuum bare floors and carpets
  • HEPA filtration – good for users with asthma
  •  2 in 1 Crevice Tool- Crevice Mode Cleans cracks and crevices with precision while the Dusting Mode Cleans vents, furniture surfaces, and another decor
  • Lightweight – it is a full-size upright vacuum with the lightest weight (only about 13 lbs.)
  • The model has a bottom released dirt bin which is quite user-friendly when we need to empty the dirt.
  • Long power cord up to 30 ft
  • 5-year warranty from Hoover


  • dimensions: 12.5 x 14 x 42.5”
  • motor power: 11 amps
  • cord length: 30 ft
  • Filtration: HEPA
  • Number of motors: 2
  • Dust cup size: 1.2 liters
  • handle: removable, metal
  • Cleaning path: 12.5”

Pros and cons of Hoover Corded Upright vacuum cleaner UH72400


This is a full-size vacuum that is designed with a strong motor power (11 amps) and lightweight (13 lbs.). It also has some nice features such as cyclonic air system, steering control, HEPA filtration and its price is on discount frequently.


Users find this model is great only when it is on discount because when its price is normal, there are some other rivals with better performance such as Shark Navigator series or Shark Rotator series.

The current price of Hoover Corded Upright vacuum cleaner UH72400 is on discount.

FAQs & troubleshooting of Hoover Corded Upright vacuum cleaner UH72400

does it have strong vacumn power
Answer: Extremely strong. You will have to clean out canister each time. Do not miss that you have to move the hose to mov from floor mode to wand mode.

Question: Does this vacuum have a telescopic handle with the ability to make handle shorter?
Answer: Yes, however the vacuum does not come with extra attachments and it falls over a lot when using the hose.
I wish I would have never bought this one.

Question: Does it come with the pet hair tool? and extension wand?
Answer: Comes with an extension but not sure what a pet hair tool would be. Does come with a round/oval brush type attachment

Question: Does this vacuum have ajustable height?
Answer: Has multi-floor brushroll so can move from carpet to hardwood. No rising in actual height.

Question: Carton Contents listed attachments that were not in my box.. Does this come with any attachments other than the 2 in 1 combination tool?
Answer: Unfortunately the 2 in 1 tool is the only attachment

Question: Does this vacuum do well on thicker pile carpets? I have another larger Hoover but it is so difficult to push as my newer carpet more plush.
Answer: This vacuum works great on low and high pile carpet and it’s easy to maneuver not hard to push at all. I love it!

Question: What additional hose attachments fit this model?
Answer: It only comes with one hose attachment, it is shaped like a slot. The hose appears to be of a standard size, so if you had other attachments I would not be surprised it they would fit. It would not take a powered attachment though.

Question: Does it have an automatic cord rewind?
Answer: No it does not

can i order a part for the hoover air steerable vac? i lost the rubber gasket for the intake where the canister connects to the hose.
Answer: I am sure you could order one directly from Hoover. Or you might could just pick one up at your local hardware store if you knew the size.

Question: Can you use the vacuum on floors or carpet without removing the hose?
Answer: Hose must be detached if using on floor. You can’t use simultaneously (vacuum floor and use hose) unless you hook or unhook the hose.

Question: Can you adjust the suction level? For example, less suction to vacuum drapes or thin throw rugs.
Answer: No you can’t.

Question: What is the model number
Answer: The model number is UH72400.

Question: why would the brush will only turn for a few seconds and then shut off
Answer: The unit has an automatic brush shut off button. When the unit is reclined the brushes will spin and when you stand the unit in the upright the brushes will turn off automatically. I hope this helps!!

Question: how quite is it ?
Answer: It is pretty noisy, but does a really good job cleaning. Never had a vacuum that wasn’t noisy..

Question: Is this approved to vacuum wet and dry?
Answer: No… only dry surfaces.

Question: How does it do with long human hair? Does it get tangled? Plus we have 5 cats, would it a good vacuum
Answer: Honestly you will need a much more powerful vacuum. Thats a lot of hair! I dont have pets and I have to clean the roller out about every use.

Question: Where can i get motor for this vacuum?
Answer: You absolutely can buy the motor!


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