Eufy HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Eufy HomeVac Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner reviews


Eufy Homevac Duo 2-in-1 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that can be used as an upright vacuum and a handheld vacuum. This unit is featured by long using time up to 60 minutes (Eco mode)portable and low price.

It is a bagless model with cyclonic air system giving a decent cleaning on bare floors and low pile carpets.

The downside is that users expect this unit to have a much higher suction power to be able to pick up pet hair effectively.

Check for the technologies and benefits of this unit below.

Technologies and benefits

  • 2-in-1 design – you can use as an upright model or a handheld model
  • long run time up to 60 minutes for cleaning an area up to 150 meter square
  • Washable dust collector and filter
  • bagless design
  • 2000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Portable, cordless design
  • 15 month warranty
  • cyclonic air system to prevent clogging
  • Tools: charging base (including mounting accessories), AC power adapter, crevice nozzle, dusting brush


  • Dimensions 45.9 x 10.2 x 6.9 inches
  • Item Weight 6.17 pounds

FAQs & troubleshooting of Eufy HomeVac Duo 2-in-1

can remain on charger
Answer: Yes if you leave yours on it will only charge till it fully charged.

Question: Can vacuum be used on laminate floors
Answer: I don’t see why not

Question: Where can I buy the replacement brushes?
Answer: Idk

Question: can i wash the filter with water
Answer: Hello. Yes you can wash out the filter with warm water. It’s easy to remove and a wonderful product.

Question: What are the decibels of this device? I cannot find it anywhere. I’m specially interested in low noice.
Answer: It is a medium sound but it works very good

Question: What is the battery voltage?
Answer: The manual says 21.6 V DC Power

Question: Where can I learn to assemble the 2 in 1? No instructions. Had a week but just opened.
Answer: my instructions told me how, but all you really have to do is snap it in place. I am loving mine, so easy to use in the kitchen.

Question: has anyone had a problem with the vacuum not turning off without disengaging the hand held unit?
Answer: No, not at all

Question: How well does it do on carpet?
Answer: Good for casual cleaning but not heavy duty.
What is nice is that it is handy.

Question: What’s the vacuum’s weight in lbs? I’m deliberating buying this versus the one without the detachable handheld portion which is around 5 lbs.
Answer: My scale says 5.4 pounds.

Can someone tell me the secret to getting the handheld portion back on vacuum after cleaning filter and collector out? Tried squeezing tabs, no luck.
Answer: Squeeze the release tabs while inserting the bottom in place. Should snap right back in. It will click.

Question: Where is it made
Answer: Made in China conforms to US Standards

Question: Can the roller brush be turned off?
Answer: I do not believe that it can be turned off, but the roller brush can easily be taken out of the housing to clean and therefor, left out if needed.

Question: Where does the charger plug in to either the vacuum or the stand?
Answer: The charging cord from the wall plugs into the stand, which can be mounted on the wall or sits on the floor. The vacuum then slides into the stand to charge.

Question: Is there separate floor and carpet settings?
Answer: no

Question: Is there separate speeds for floors and rugs?
Answer: Yes there are different speeds. I have all hard floors, wood and tile, but one with carpet. Is not a Dyson vacuum but works good for what I need. A light powerful vacuum.

Question: I already own the “eufy homevac upright-style vacuum cleaner, 28.8v 2200 mah li-ion battery”. how does this one compare in terms of power and suction?
Answer: I love this vacuum,we have a dog that shed.Its get all the hair up.Would buy again

Question: Is there an option to turn off the rotating bar?
Answer: No…adjust the speed. You can remove the portable vac.

Question: Does the handheld vacuum come with a crevice tool? or any accessories? Can it get into small corners?
Answer: Yes, it comes with a crevice tool and a brush attachment. They fit in the base under the vacuum head.

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