HOOVER smartwash reviews 2019

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000 reviews

Last update 2nd June 2020


Overall rating: 9.4/10

Important notice: Hover Smartwash FH52000 has a good discount on 2nd June 2020. Check the price of this model below as the discount may expire soon

Hoover Smartwash FH52000 is our first recommendation if you are looking for an amazing carpet cleaner in 2019. This model is the first and only model that has automatic cleaning features. You just only need to move forward to clean and pull backward to dry the carpet.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000 reviews

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Exclusive – Dry only feature

The best benefit of Hoover Smartwash FH52000 is the dry only feature that just this model has. This feature will apply forced heated air only to the carpets and let it dry faster. It is very useful when you use excessive water.

Besides, Hoover Smartwash FH52000 makes it very easy to clean after use. You can virtually clean all parts of the machine. This is a great advantage compared to other upright vacuum cleaners on the market.

Last but not least, this carpet washer has a great construction with a strong motor, 1 Gal. water tank, lightweight (under 19 lbs.), 2 spinning brush rollers for deep cleaning and a long hose for upholstery and stair cleaning. The brush low profile allows you to clean under furniture easier (similar to Bissell Proheat 2X design).

Should you buy Hoover Smartwash FH52000 in 2019?

Hoover Smartwash FH52000 is a big step forward in carpet cleaning. It reduces the amount of cleaning time and carpet drying time thanks to the new automatic technologies.

Despite it does not have 2 cleaning modes like Hoover Powerscrub Elite, the auto dry mode allows you to apply more heated air to the carpet and make it dry faster.

If you are looking for a full-size upright model, Hoover Smartwash FH52000 is a worthy choice to deal with dirt, pet hair, grime, spillages on carpets and upholstery surfaces daily.

Coupon of Hoover Smartwash FH52000

Currently, Hoover Smartwash FH52000 has a good discount and you can get $50 off via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

Technologies and benefits of Hoover Smartwash FH52000


Hoover Smartwash FH52000 is a full-size upright model with standard construction. This unit uses a motor of 10 amps to generate suction power, a standard water tank size of 1 Gallon and a 8 ft hose for cleaning the sofa, stair and more.

Hoover smartwash features and specifications

This machine is designed for whole-home cleaning purposes and it is backed by Hoover up to 5 years (limited conditions).

Automatic features

The major change and technology of Hoover Smartwash FH52000 is all about automatic sensing technology. With this model, you just only need to move forward for washing and backward for drying the carpet. The machine will eliminate the guesswork, the detergent mixing step to let you clean the carpet easier.

Besides, this unit has a unique benefit called Auto Dry mode. This mode will deliver more extraction power and apply heated forced air to let your carpet dry in no time.

Better cleaner head

The cleaner head of Hoover Smartwash FH52000 uses double rollers with hard bristles (FlexForce Powerbrushes) to remove the dirt and hair. Both of the rollers are visible from the top of the removable nozzle.

cleaner head of Hoover Smartwash FH52000

When the rollers get dirty, you can lift the nozzle up and clean the rollers easily.

 Hoover Smartwash FH52000 removable nozzle
Hoover Smartwash FH52000 removable nozzle

Besides, 2 rollers lie flat on the floor. This low profile design helps you to clean under the sofa, furniture


  • Tank Size: 1 Gal
  • Type of Cleaning: Automatic
  • Cleaning Path: 12″
  • Weight: 18.9 lbs
  • Above Floor Cleaning: yes
  • Quick Clean Mode: no
  • Automatic Cleaning: yes
  • Auto Dry Mode: yes
  • Auto detergent mix: yes
  • Detergent capacity: 20 oz.
  • Tank design: separate
  • Brush: FlexForce & PowerBrushes
  • Heated cleaning: yes
  • good for pets: yes
  • Accessories:2-in-1 Antimicrobial Pet Tool, Sample Bottle of Cleaning Solution, 8 ft. Hose, Accessory Storage Bag
  • Warranty: 5 years

Pros and cons


  • Wash/dry/extra dry feature,
  • Removable suction top
  • Separate solution/water tanks,
  • 3 head scrub brushes.
  • Easy to use, feels like it’s self-propelled
  • Less water on the carpet and use less cleaning solution
  • You can completely disassemble it to remove the hair, dirt on single parts
  • Moderate noise level


  • Heavy
  • Short cord

Performance of Hoover Smartwash

Performance of Hoover Smartwash
Performance of Hoover Smartwash

Compare Hoover Smartwash with other models

Hoover Smartwash plus vs Bissell Proheat 2x

Hoover Smartwash and Bissell Proheat 2X (1986) is very similar in the machine design. Both of them has strong suction, the same water tank size and low brush head profile. Both models are among the best upright carpet washers these days.

The main difference of Hoover Smartwash vs Bissell Proheat 2X is about automatic cleaning features. Bissell does not have this technology in proheat models. Besides, Hoover Smartwash has other ergonomic value such as:

  • No premixing of the shampoo is necessary.
  • The brushes and their cover snap off for easy cleaning.
  • There are 2 brushes rather than just one like the Bissell. That makes a huge difference in raising the nap of the carpet.

Bissell Proheat 2X, on the other hands, is lighter (17.5 lbs vs 19 lbs.). It also has more tools and the spraying trigger to add more detergent to the stains. Hoover Smartwash does not have this feature.

Further reading: Bissell Proheat 2X 1986 reviews

Hoover smartwash vs rug doctor

Rug doctors can take a beating and less maintenance than most home carpet cleaners.

The nice thing about Hoover Smartwash is that the maintenance is much easier and faster than most.

Hoover Smartwash vs Hoover power scrub Elite

Hoover SmartWash and Hoover Powerscrub Elite are two best upright models of the brands. Each of them has difference value.

Hoover Smartwash has automatic features and it is suitable for users who want an easy-to-use machine with great performance.

Hoover Powerscrub Elite has 2 mode cleaning features and spraying nozzle, it is suitable for daily cleaning and deep cleaning too.

FAQs and troubleshooting of Hoover SmartWash

Q: Can anyone help me decide whether the Bissell pro heat carpet cleaner versus the hoover smartwash which one is better?

A: We had a Bissell ProHeat that worked very well but it only lasted about 3 years compared to the Hoover we had before that for 15 years. I am going back to Hoover this time.

Q: Do the stains come back eventually?

A: I can not speak to stains but I can attest to the performance of this machine as compared to their previous model. I am impressed with the cleaning power. I was apprehensive giving up the trigger to manually dispense the cleaner, however, Hoover has outdone themselves with this machine.

Q: Does the amount of water dispensed depend on how fast you move forward?

A: Yes it does. When I want to soak the spot, I will move very slowly over it. A good amount of water sprays out compared to other machines I have had, which I like. And then you always have the dry only option so if too much water is a concern, that takes care of that.

Q: Does this model have that annoying ball that sucks up all the time when pulling in the dirty water?

A: No, I have not seen any ball at all. It does do a great job of cleaning carpets! I have an older cat who is having accidents and this cleaner has paid for itself already compared to having the carpets cleaned professionally!

Q: Can I use a different brand of cleaning solution?

A: I did buy a different brand of cleaning solution.

Q: what is the difference between a carpet cleaner and a carpet washer?

A: Carpet cleaning and washing are the same. The Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner removes deep down embedded dirt with FlexForce PowerBrushes, taking carpet washing to the next level.  

Q: Exactly what is the 2 in 1 pet tool? How does this differ from an upholstery brush and hose?

A: The 2-in-1 antimicrobial tool helps prevent bacteria growth and odors. There are two inserts to choose between. There is a rubber nub insert for unpleasant stain removal and hygienic cleanups and a bristle insert for tough scrubbing power.

Q: Can anyone tell the difference between the hoover smart wash fh52000and the hover power scrub elite pet carpet cleaner fh50251?

A: There is no trigger to use on the smart wash. Dispenses less soap. It has trouble on high pile carpet

Q: What is the difference between this and the fh52002? it seems like the 02 is branded towards pets which I don not have. not sure why I was sent this.

A: I believe it has to do with what accessories come with it. And yes, I think that 1 is for pets. hope this helps.

Q: is this the same as model fh52001?

A: Many vacuums and household appliances have different model numbers (and even colors/accessories) depending on the retailer you purchase it from. They are all the same product, but there can be different bundled accessories depending on the retailer.

Q: Can I purchase any carpet shampoo to use within hoover, for example, an oxy shampoo for carpet and vehicle seating and floor?

A: Yes, I use different carpet shampoo. Some I like better than others. I sometimes add some oxy in the shampoo I use. I just like the smell and how it cleans.

Q: I watched an infomercial on this machine. It looks great and has a lot of good reviews. My question is, can it also be used to clean the tile floor?

A: Yes it did a good job for our carpet, we really can see the difference. However, we have not tried it on the tile floor. I think it will clean it with its bristles, but you might use a rug to dry it. Might have a lot of water on the tile while you are using it.

Q: How often do you clean your carpets with this? Only used once, but it seemed like a lot of fluff in the rollers…

A: I got the same thing when My Carpet was new, but that goes away as you use it and that loose material is removed from the carpet. I clean my carpet and furniture when I notice it looking dirty usually where there`s Heavy traffic on the carpet or a stain on the furniture


Q: Does this machine get out dog urine smell?

A: Yes, the Hoover Smart Wash does get out dog urine smell. I used the Hoover Expert Pet cleaner (which came with the Smart Wash cleaner ) and OxiClean Carpet cleaner together and my carpet smells and looks good. No more urine smell or stains.

Q: I am a dog breeder will this clean up blood and urine and bile?

A: Did not have blood and bile in my carpet. It did however completely clean 2 old urine stains.

Q: Does it remove pet urine stains and smells

A: I just bought a home where the previous owners had a dog. There were no urine stains, but a very strong pet body odor all over the carpet. This machine removes fur very well. I cleaned the carpet a few times. I first used Edo ban carpet cleaner. Then I used the hoover pet carpet cleaner. Then plain water.

Q: How well will it work on dog diarrhea stains on the light tan carpet?

A: Worked great on old stains. But can not remove years old cat urine smell.

Q: Recently purchased and like it. but used pet solution from hoover and it seems to have made the pee smell even worse. anything to help or make better?

A: Heat tends to “set in” those types of odors.

As mentioned, I would recommend using a heavy enzyme-based urine remover such as Nature Miracle to pretreat before using the cleaner. I would also use the strongest pet-formulated solution Hoover offers and let it “set” for several minutes before vacuuming it up with the carpet cleaner.

Q: Recently purchased and like it. but used pet solution from hoover and it seems to have made the pee smell even worse. anything to help or make better?

A: It eliminated the pet smell

Q: Can the pet tool be used as an upholstery tool?

A: Yes, the Hoover SmartWash comes with a 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool that can be used on upholstery.

Q: Does the pet tool also have the drying feature?

A: Yes and it is heated and powerful

Q: What exactly is a pet tool and how is it used?

A: The Hoover SmartWash 2-in-1 antimicrobial tool helps prevent bacteria growth and odors. There are two inserts to choose between. There is a rubber nub insert for unpleasant stain removal and hygienic cleanups and a bristle insert for tough scrubbing power.

Q: How easy is it to clean the tank? There are areas of my old shampooer that are a pain to clean if pet hair gets stuck in them.

A: The tanks are very easy to clean, just dump them out and rinse them. The tougher thing to clean is the brush cover on the front of the machine. Pet hair can get stuck in there and can be tricky to get out, but you can get the hair out by running some water into the openings and using a toothbrush or toothpick

Q: The video does not show her even putting in water. so is this a vacuum and a carpet cleaner? I need it for my pets.

A: It is just a carpet cleaner but it does dry your carpet also but you should use a vacuum cleaner before using this

Q: Can anyone compare this model hoover to the Bissell proheat 2x pet carpet cleaner?

A: I own both. I would recommend the Hoover over the Bissell hands down. The hover is heavier and harder to clean. I have only used the Hoover once since I recently purchased. I think the Hoover is easier with Detergent as well. Carpet dries faster as well. I am very pleased with the Hoover

Q: Which type of cleaner comes with it? So I can order a regular size bottle as well.

A: Hoover Expert Pet solution

Q: can you dilute the cleaning solution so you will not get too much soap on the carpet?

A: You can, I used the Hoover Pet solution and did not need to dilute.

Q: What are the part numbers for the crevice, upholstery, and stair tools for the Hoover Smartwash? I would buy them but can not find them.

A: The Hoover SmartWash includes a 2-in-1 pet tool that cleans upholstery and stairs.

Q: How well will it work on dog diarrhea stains on the light tan carpet?

A: we recently purchased the SmartWash to clean some diarrhea stains on our light tan carpet. We pre-treated the stains with Hoover Deep Clean Max Pet Pet Stains and shampooed using Hoover Deep Clean Max Pet Pet Messes. The SmartWash was easy to use and removed all traces of the stains.

Q: Is the hoover clean plus concentrated solution formula carpet cleaner and deodorizer available in stores like home depot?

A: It is concentrated. I add the oxy powder in mine with hot water and that takes all my pet stains/ smells away.

Q: does this product include upholstery cleaning accessories? The description only said it included the accessory storage bag.

A: Includes: 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool, sample bottle of cleaning solution, 8 ft. Hose, accessory storage bag


Q: Will this clean older stained carpets??

A: Yes, we recommend pretreating the stains with one of Hoover Spot Treatment sprays before carpet cleaning.

Q: Does it remove pet urine stains and smells

A: yes it does. I have a dog and it removed all stains and odors.

Q: Does it come with a vacuum cleaner for stairs?

A: yes, it has a small hose that can do stairs/fabric. Have not tried the attachment yet but the washer itself is pretty awesome!!

Q: How well does the Hoover FH52000 work on stair carpeting?

A: Depends on the width. Stairs I advise using the hand attachment.

Q: Can this do stairs?

A: Yes, the Hoover SmartWash has a 2-in-1 antimicrobial tool that allows you to clean further and tackle messes anywhere.

Q: Does it come with any attachments to clean stairs?

A: Yes, the machine works great! I love it!

Q: Recently purchased and like it. but used pet solution from hoover and it seems to have made the pee smell even worse. anything to help or make better?

A: For pet stains, we recommend pretreating the area before cleaning the carpet. Try DEEP CLEAN MAX PET – PET STAINS PRETREAT-AH30800 or DEEP CLEAN MAX OXY – TOUGH MESSES PRETREAT Model # AH3080

Q: Does this model have a stair cleaning tool?

A: The Hoover SmartWash includes an upholstery/stair tool.

Q: In the manual- they show a stair tool, a crevice tool and upholstery tool that does not come with the cleaner, but you can purchase. How can I do that?

A: I do not know, but mine came with those tools.

Q: I am a dog breeder will this clean up blood and urine and bile?

A: Did not have blood and bile in my carpet. It did however completely clean 2 old urine stains.

Q: How well does the attachment work to clean couches?

A: It does a great job. For grease or other hard to clean stains, I would spot treat first.

Q: Can you clean rugs on top of hardwood floors?

A: I clean rugs on top of the tile. I do not think I would clean on hardwood floors. It might raise the grain on the floor or damage the stain.

Q: How long does it take for the carpet to dry?

A: Depends on your carpet. I have a low pile polyester and it is usually dry in less than an hour – stain treated spots will take longer.

Can this be used on cheap carpet? It has a thin pile & padding. Will it lift carpet seams? Worried…

Answer: I rent a house that has builder grade carpeting. I have had no issues and quite impressed with how nice it leaves the carpet

Question: Does anyone know what hoover means by “faster drying with the power of heat force”. what is heat force??

Answer: it is only the heat generated by the motor running. The heat from the motor is directed down towards the carpet. I usually wash my carpet, then rinse, and then run the machine over the carpet several times to extract as much water as I can from the carpet. I then use a fan to quickly dry the carpet.

Question: Can you switch to manual mode, so it will spray or vacuum only when you want?

Answer: The “Dry” button when pressed will only permit vacuum to pull out more fluid from the carpet. This will allow a faster drying time. There is no manual button for the just spray. My carpets are cleaner with this carpet cleaner than the ones I have used before other than professional devices.

Question: How do you connect and use the hand tool? Mine is not spouting water and not doing anything.

Answer: Just below the tank where dirty water goes there is a flap that you lift. It is on a sprung hinge that you must hold open and insert the hose. Line up the holes and push in til it clicks. If there is no sucking action, remove the bottom tank and reinsert. If it is not set perfectly, the vacuum cannot be stuck.

Question: How does the “Heat Force” work, from what part of the machine is the heat dispensed, and is the heat forced warm air?

Answer: There is no heating element in this cleaner. I use very warm water in the water container

Question: Has anyone used this Carpet cleaner on Persian carpets? Is it safe to use it on wool carpets?

Answer: I do not know since I do not have these types of carpets.

Question: Is this Chinese made?

Answer: Nope….made in the USA!!

Question: Can you use boiling water?

Answer: No. Boiling water will not only be very bad for the machine but also the carpet you are steam cleaning, the pad underneath the carpet, etc.

What are the brushes made of?

Answer: They appear to be flexible plastic.

Question: Is it safe to put hydrogen peroxide in the soap tank?

Answer: I do not know, the manual does not say.

Question: What size is the included sample clean plus carpet cleaning solution?

Answer: It will fill up the container that holds the solution once. I recommend buying a larger bottle of solution. Which is what I did and have used it many times

Question: Tried first time today and notice brushes are not turning. Is this normal? If so, what is the reason brushes are on it and geared to turn?

Answer: From my experience, I believe the brushes are sensored…turning only when the scrubbing is needed. For example…my dog pooped on the carpet and after cleaning up the pile I used this and the brushes turned…but when just shampooing because I have not for a while and there was= not a big mess, they did not.

Question: Can you use it on linoleum?

Answer: Dont know why not

Question: can hoover smartwash automatic carpet cleaner be used to clean tile and grout?

Answer: It is not supposed to but there is a squeegee attachment that from previous models that fits the bottom of this carpet cleaner. I am not quite sure how intentional that design was…

Question: Does it turn off by itself when the bottom tank gets full? Mine keeps turning off after I have been using it for a while.

Answer: Based on the use of mine there is a float that closes once the dirty water tank gets full. I have not had issues with the machine turning off.

Question: How does it work on Berber carpet

Answer: I do not know if I have Berber carpet, but it works excellent on my carpet, loves that thing

Question: Does this also clean linoleum well?

Answer: No it is best on carpets

Question: Can I use it to clean the carpet like a regular vacuum??

Answer: I dont think so low suction does not pick up all the water

Question: Does it work in UK 240v?

Answer: Im sure you would need the extension.

Question: Would this vacuum work with older carpets? And could it work on floors??

Answer: My carpet is 10 years old and it worked great. I have not tried it on Harwood or tile floors.

Question: Is it the newest model 2019?

Answer: yes fh52001

Question: Brushes not spinning. Why it is brand new first time using.

Answer: Make sure you have the bearings in place. The side with the tab will have bearings that will pop out sometime. I typically let them dry out between sessions just to make sure they dont rust

Has anyone had issues with cleaner not coming out?

Answer: No, I have not had any issues at all.

Question: I just received mine and set it up to use and the cleaner is not dispersing any cleaner, am I doing something wrong?

Answer: There is a setting on it where it does not dispense cleaner

Question: Can it be used to extract water from carpets before cleaning?

Answer: Yes, you can turn the machine to “Dry Only”.

Question: How easy is this to clean? Does it all come apart to clean where the water and dirt are sucked up?

Answer: Hi thnx for your question. It is remarkably easy to clean it up after getting your carpet/ rugs done you will not miss any part and what I love is the transparent plastic. I highly recommend it.

Question: Can I just suck up?

Answer: Yes, it even works on non-carpeted areas such as kitchen floors.

Question: The video does not show her even putting in water. so is this a vacuum and a carpet cleaner? I need it for my pets.

Answer: Product is a carpet cleaner. Water goes in the upper tank. I believe the owners manual even states the product should not be used as a vacuum.

Does this machine have a rinse mode where I do not have to use soap?

Answer: To rinse all you have to do is pull the detergent container out of the shampooer.

Question: The soap in the soap dispenser gets cloudy/dirty after using. Any ideas why?

Answer: Might be the temperature of the storage area you are keeping it in. I never leave the detergent in the machine when I finish. I use a funnel to put it back in the original container

Question: What is the return policy for this vacuum?

Answer: Im waiting on replacement #2 or 3

Question: does it work on hard floors?

Answer: My guess would be no!?! I tried using ours on our tile and did not suck enough water up. The floor was extremely wet, I had to go back over the area I tried it on and use my mop.

Question: Is this too heavy to use easily?

Answer: I found it very easy to use.

Question: Can the heat function be turned off?

Answer: Dont think so but I love this rug carpet cleaner!

Question: Is the Hoover Smart Wash also intended to be used to clean hardwood and tile floors?

Answer: Hello. I dont see why not. But cleaning rug and carpet it does magic.

Question: How big is the water tank? Doesn’t say in the specifications

Answer: Looks like about a gallon. Dont wish it was bigger because the water tank and dirty water tank have to be proportioned correctly.

Question: can you use the hoover smartwash on laminate flooring also?

Answer: Doe this unit clean hardwood floors also

Does this steam the carpets?

Answer: I wouldnt say steam but it works great and easy cleaning it.

Question: Can you use this cleaner to suck up water from the wet carpet after a flood?

Answer: Yes you can with its dry only feature. It sucks up the excess water as it dries the surface.

Question: Does any of these machines sweep carpets, shampoo the carpets and clean hard surface like tile and other hard surfaces

Answer: I wouldnt use it on a wood floor but it works wonders on my concrete floor. It probably does well on tile.

Question: How easy is it to clean the tank? There are areas of my old shampooer that are a pain to clean if pet hair gets stuck in them.

Answer: I have 3 dogs so I shampoo regularly. Cleaning the tank is quick and simple. The brushes pop out and can be easily cleaned. I also wipe down the area where the brushes fit. Takes no more than 5 minutes- I let everything dry then put it back together which takes even less time

Question: What kind of filter is on this model? The last Hoover I bought has a mesh filter that I have to soak and clean after every use.

Answer: It is a small red mesh filter that you rinse clean when you clean the dirty water tank. No need for soaking.

Question: Will this work to clean a filthy car?

Answer: it has never failed me, at anything I have used it to clean, carpet, mattress, so far, it has done a great job

Question: Can this be used on shag carpets?

Answer: Yes, mine is a “light” shag carpet meaning it’s still short but it does get it clean. As long as it isn’t a head of hair type length you should be okay.

Question: I’m using this to scrub the concrete floor of my loft. It works very well in this capacity. Will bleach damage the machine?

Answer: Have not used bleach with this machine.

Question: can I water to the cleaning fluid to dilute it?

Answer: yes

Question: Do you mix cleaning solution with fresh water or is there a separate place for soap only?

Answer: There is a separate place for soap, clean water, and dirty water. The right amount of soap is dispensed automatically as you clean.

Question: PDF download of the manual does not specify if we should pre-mix modern (concentrated) the cleaning solutions or not?

Answer: No, just pour the solution, as is, into the tank. Very easy!

Question: Does this work on tile and hardwood floors? And how effective is it at cleaning and drying them?

Answer: I have not tried it on tile or hardwood. I can tell you it is EXCELLENT on rugs. Better than any I have ever had, and that’s a lot in my 70 years. It is as easier than vacuuming.

Question: How low does the handle go? we have a loft with a carpet and a low ceiling that is about 30″ high.

Answer: The handle doesnt adjust but with your dimensions, you shouldn’t have a problem


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