Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner reviews

Last update 5th July 2020


Overall rating: 8.7/10

Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner is a popular carpet cleaner shampoo. It is often used as an alternative of expensive cleaning detergents from Bissell, Hoover, Rug Doctor for their carpet washers. The Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner is very effective to remove cat urine, dog urine, bad smells, old stains and relive the carpet color.

Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner reviews


The bottle is 2 lbs. and the price is very cheap. Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner will save you a lot of money. It is highly recommended if you need a concentrated commercial cleaning solution to remove urine smell and stains.

How to use

You can dilute the concentrated solution with the ratio: 1 oz of cleaning solution vs. 1 Gal water.

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  • Scent: fresh mint
  • Dimensions:3.5 x 3.3 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight:2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight2.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company


Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner is highly recommended for cleaning and restoring the carpet life. It helps to remove the urine smell of dog, cat, human vomit, soils…

Besides, it is very economical. You just only need 1 oz of solution for 1 Gallon of tap water.

Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner. before
Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner. after

FAQs of Bubbas Super Steamer Carpet Cleaner

To see whether this cleaning shampoo is suitable for you or not, you can read the below FAQs.

Can this be used in a pressurized steamer or just nonpressurized steamers?

Answer: I use it in a non-pressurized unit but it is shampoo which could be used in either unless the unit specifically lists a particular shampoo or type of shampoo. This is good stuff.

Question: will it take the finish off the hardwood floor under the rug?

Answer: No it will not. I have used it on an area rug which has hardwood underneath.

Question: How many cap fulls is an ounce?

Answer: Try using a shot glass which should be one ounce.

Question: Anyone who has used Bissell pet soap, how does this one compare?

Answer: I have used it in combination with Bissell pet soap and other products. Bubba’s is great with those and as a stand-alone product. I say it is very comparable to Bissell pet soap. Just follow the directions and, as always, pretreat those tough stains before shampooing.

Question: Is this biodegradable?

Answer: I’m honestly don’t know if it is or not. But I can say it is the best carpet cleaner I have ever used.

Question: Is this product non-toxic and cruelty-free?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can I use this in a Bissell pet stain eraser machine?

Answer: Yes you can.

Question: Can this be used in a Bissell handheld upholstery machine (not the same as uprights) and is it safe to use on velvet upholstery?

Answer: Can’t help you. I only used it in a carpet upright machine…

Question: Does the shampoo have the enzymatic like the stain remover?

Answer: No it is not an enzyme cleaner.

Question: What do bubbas super steamer carpet cleaner smell like?

Answer: It’s a fresh scent with a hint of mint or eucalyptus.

Question: I have a beige carpet that looks fine after shampooing but stains return after a few days from the pad underneath. does this happen with this product

Answer: I did not experience this issue. Make sure you saturate well enough to get down & saturate the pad as well or it’ll do no good.

Question: Can I use this product on a pet-friendly nylon rug that says just hot steam?

Answer: I would try a small spot first.

Question: Do you mix this solution with another type of carpet solution for cleaning results? Or is it used by itself?

Answer: I use it by itself, but the website says it can be mixed. It’s not a soap, its simply the liquid enzymes. It has a fresh scent though.

Question: I have a black oriental area rug which needs cleaning – will this cleaner ” bleach out” dark rugs?

Answer: I don’t know. I would put a small amount on an unnoticeable area of the carpet to test the colorfastness of the rug.

Question: does it work on old dog urine stains and dog vomit stains?

Answer: Yes; however, if there was enough urine to soak to the subfloor, you will need to address that problem too. The folks at Bubbas were very helpful when I asked that same question.

Question: can this be used on upholstery by hand?

Answer: I haven’t tried that but I don’t see why you couldn’t. I would use very little or put it in a spray bottle with a lot of water because it is very concentrated.

Question: can I use it at my carpet machine or I need a steamer?

Answer: You can use in your carpet cleaning machine. Just add 1 oz of cleaning solution per gallon of water into your water tank.

Question: Can I use it without a shampoo machine

Answer: You sure can. I use it in a spray bottle for small accidents.

Question: do you have an unscented one?

Answer: I am sorry but we do not sell a carpet cleaner that does not have a scent to it.


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