Hoover FH11300PC Spotless reviews

Last update 1st June 2020


Overall rating: 8.0/10

Hoover FH11300PC Spotless is a portable carpet cleaner designed for pet stain cleaning, upholstery cleaning and car detailing.

The best part of Hoover FH11300PC Spotless is that, Hoover added new technologies into this machine (antimicrobial protection, auto-hose fluxing feature) to make it more durable and easier to clean after use.

Hoover FH11300PC Spotless reviews


Hoover FH11300PC Spotless is the only unit that has the self-cleaning hose so the hose will not be attacked by mildew and mold, a major cause of bad smell and leakage after a year.

Hoover FH11300PC Spotless is the only unit that has the self-cleaning hose so the hose will not be attacked by mildew and mold, a major cause of bad smell and leakage after a year.

The model uses a motor of 3.5 amps rating to deliver sufficient suction power which is similar to many units from Bissell such as Bissell Proheat portable, Bissell Spotbot

The multi-purpose tool is made of anti-microbial material so it will not have the bad smell if you do not use frequently.

Last but not least, it is also very cheap, cheaper than its direct rivals (Bissell Proheat portable units)

The downside of this unit is that it is not the strongest portable carpet cleaner out there. If you are looking for the strongest portable unit, then Rug Doctor portable carpet cleaner which has a motor power of 10 amps rating will be the best choice.

Should you buy Hoover Spotless FH11300PC in 2019?

Hoover spotless FH11300PC is definitely a nice option when you need a lightweight, portable unit for cleaning stains, pet messes or food spillages on daily basis.

The unit is very compact and slim, you can use this model to do car detailing jobs without issues.

Hoover spotless FH11300PC is not designed for floor carpet cleaning. If you have to clean carpets, rugs, …you should pick an upright model like Hoover Smartwash, Hoover Powerdash, or Hoover Powerscrub Elite.

Coupon of Hoover Spotless FH11300PC

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Technologies and benefits of Hoover FH11300PC Spotless


This machine is a portable carpet cleaner with long hose and a great multi-tool for cleaning pet stains, upholstery, stair and car.

Like other portable devices, Hoover spotless is equipped with a moderate motor of 3.5 amps and a small water tank. The whole unit is less than 9 lbs, you can carry around easily.

hoover spotless fh11300pc overview
hoover spotless fh11300pc front view
hoover spotless fh11300pc backview
hoover spotless fh11300pc backview

Self-cleaning hose

Hoover Spotless FH11300PC is the only unit has this feature. It will flush out all of the dirt and detergent inside the hose so it will not have smell or breakage

Antimicrobial materials

The rubber nub tool of this machine is made by antimicrobial material. It will make the machine more durable and also prevent bad smells.


  • Motor: 3.5 amps
  • Lightweight only 9 lbs
  • Dual water tank
  • 14 ft power cord

Accessories: 8 oz bottle expert clean detergent, 4 oz bottle expert clean pretreat gel and a multipurpose tool with antimicrobial materials to protect the tool against bacteria, mold, and mildew

Pros and cons of Hoover FH11300PC Spotless


  • This unit is quite cheap and impressive when cleaning stains, pet stains and car detailing jobs.
  • It has a slim profile, the long hose that can be automatically cleaned itself.
  • The motor power is decent, the attachment is made of antimicrobial materials.


  • It is not the strongest yet. Rug Doctor Portable carpet cleaner uses a motor which is similar to a full-size unit (10 amps rating).
  • However, the Rug Doctor portable is up to 20 lbs which are nearly similar to a full-size upright unit weight so it might be not suitable for auto detailing jobs.


There are 3 models in Hoover Spotless series, namely Hoover Spotless basic FH11200PC, Spotless FH11300PC and Spotless Deluxe FH11400PC. They use the same machine with different colors and different set of attachments.

  • The FH11300 includes the antimicrobial rubber nub tool
  • FH11400 includes the 2-in-1 Antimicrobial Bristle Brush and Rubber Nub Tool.
  • FH11200 includes an upholstery tool.

Recommendation of Hoover FH11300PC Spotless

  • Recommended for users who need a lightweight unit for cleaning pet stain, upholstery in salon or auto- detailing
  • Against for users who are constantly dealing with heavy stains

Performance of Hoover Spotless FH11300PC

hoover spotless fh11300pc performs on carpet
hoover spotless fh11300pc performs on carpet

FAQs & troubleshooting of Hoover Spotless FH11300PC

Q: how does this machine compare to the “little green ” ???

A: I have this machine and my mother has “little green” and I would say they are pretty comparable. Neither heat up the water in the tank, unless you get the little green pro heat that does.

Honestly, that doesn’t matter to me, I only have one room of carpet so I only use this product for small messes. I just put hot water in the tank when I fill it.

Q: How does this compare to the spot bot?

A: I have both now, and bought the Hoover because the SpotBot dispenses too much water and leaves most of it in the carpet. I have to soak up that excess water with terry or paper towels if I want the area to dry in a day.

The Hoover soaks up much more of the water than does the SpotBot and thus the carpet dries faster.

I like the SpotBot for things like doggy diarrhea and throw up because I don’t have to get close to it. If you are pressed for time, the SpotBot is nice to have.

I have had two SpotBots. The first one developed a terrible leak, but I did get about five good years from it. If I had to choose between the SpotBot and this Hoover, I’d get the Hoover because it is so much cheaper than the SpotBot.

Q: Anyone knows what voltage the motor is? I would like to compare how powerful it is to other models. Thank you

A: The Spotless Carpet Cleaner has a 3.5 AMP motor and it 120 volts. Hope this helps!

Q: Besides the price, what is the difference between the regular vacuum and the deluxe model vacuum?

A: The deluxe model has more of a deluxe vibe compared to the non-deluxe model. One must ask themselves if feeling deluxe is worth the price tag that comes with the deluxe model.

Also, the deluxe model has additional attachments and is a different color.

Q: How is this as an upholstery cleaner? I need to clean two rooms of furniture.

A: Overall, I endorse this unit. Bought to mostly spot clean carpet. Plugs direct to a 120v circuit, easy to use and clean. I have used it to spot clean dining room chair seats.

Q: What is the difference between the  Spotless FH11300PC and the Spotless Deluxe FH11400PC?

A: The two units in question are essentially the same, what makes them different are color and accessories tools.

The Hoover Spotless Portable Deluxe offers an expanded tool selection with antimicrobial materials, these tools are provided towards Homes with Children and Pets

Q: Do you have to use the cleaning solution provided, or can you just use water & vinegar?

A: I have used all kinds of different cleaners.

Q: Hi, my 7-year-old coach doesn’t have stains but I just want to clean it and get rid of bacteria and dust. Will this do the job?

A: I used it to clean a couple of different chairs. You should be ok to use.

Q: Mine did not come with the 6″ stair, crevice or upholstery tools, add’l insert or accessory bag just the multipurpose tool. Should it have?

A: The various options when you buy have different tools and solutions.

Q: How does this compare to the spot bot?

A: I’d say they are in two different categories. The Hoover has no agitator or moving brush, just spray and vacuum.

Q: Has anyone used this on Berber carpet?

A: Yes I have. It works great. I criss-cross over the spot with the hand tool just to make sure I get the spot from different angles and I am happy with the results.

Q: Why does it say vacuum only? Is it spot cleaner or not?

A: This doesn’t act like their floor cleaner where you squirt detergent into rotating floor brushes and vacuum it up. I suspect rotating brushes might be too tough on some rugs. Different when it’s dry

Q: How does this do on pet stains?

A: my daughter loves it I bought it for her just for pet stains. It works great she loves it also got her the pet stain shampoo.

Q: How does it do with removing grease stains?

A: I didn’t have experience with grease stains. But it very well with food and pet stains.

Q: Does this include a stain remover already?

A: We’re commenting on a machine. If you want a stain remover to look for it in the cleaning solution section. It came with two little bottles of sample cleaner but I don’t think they would be anything close to a “stain remover”.

Q: would this remove the stains from my car’s seats?

A: I’m sure it would depend on the stain you’re trying to remove. It worked great on our car seat and floors.

Q: How does it do in cum stains

A: Not clean very well. I had to use a lot of solutions and scrubbing hard just to have the dirty stairs clean a little bit. Wasting lots of money to buy solutions. Wishing I just use that money to hire professional

Q: How easy is it to use on carpeted stairs?

A: This is a spot cleaner. Could be used to clean stairs but would not be as effective as a commercial grade machine.

Q: Is this device good for cleaning carpeted stairs? The device that can be used on our carpet rug shampooer doesn’t work on stairs very well.

A: Absolutely, this was my main reason for purchase. Very lightweight to carry from stair to stair, and those accidental spills on the carpet.

Q: Can it clean old pet stains and odor?

A: Yes it can but it takes a couple of treatments with drying time in between otherwise your carpet can get to wet. I did several light cleanings on the spots about a day or two apart and got all the old spots out.

Q: Would this help remove stains from the car’s roof? My son opened a can of soda after he had shaken it up.

A: well I suppose it would as long as you can get the nozzle on the stain on the roof. I assume this is inside the car – it has great suction so I think it would.

Q: Hello. how well does it perform with old stains, and would you recommend it for auto detailing?

A: It is small enough and the hose is long enough I would think it would work great on auto carpets. I have not used it to clean my car carpets but it is a good idea for the future. It worked very well on old and new stains that we had.

Q: Will this work on a couch and will it bring out dog urine on the couch?

A: Yes, it works great on upholstery, even the padding on the kitchen chairs. Don’t soak it too much and use some “pet-friendly” detergent. Very impressed with this cleaner’s capabilities.

Q: Does this product work well for getting pet odors (urine) out of the carpet?

A: A lot will depend on the cleaning solution you use, I guess. Hoover makes one specifically for pet odors. The unit certainly works well for removing the stains, if used promptly.

It says vacuum only, what does this mean? Is it the whole hand held carpet cleaner?

Answer: It is a hand held carpet shampoo (steam cleaner) system. Great for spot cleaning and upholstery. It would not be good solely as a vacuum cleaner.

Question: Is it okay to use on high pile carpets?

Answer: Yes, it has strong suction. Just make the passes with parts from sides then on top if the carpet is thick and high. You will love this cleaner !

Question: we did not get the manual, just unwrapped and couldnot find it. Is it available on line?

Answer: Im sure if you googled the exact model and he year and company name of it you could find it right on google or YouTube for sure

Question: Does it get rid of pet odor ?

Answer: Did for us. Of course it would depend on what you are using for cleaning. We used Nature Miracle odor and stain remover, for retreating the area first. And the hoover pet carpet cleaner after that . Worked great!

Question: how does this machine compare to the “little green ” ???

Answer: I have never used another spot cleaner. I can state I was pleased with the results from my Hoover cleaner. One does not set this cleaner down and walk away. It does require you to spray the cleaner, and remove the excess water. The process goes quickly and I didn’t find it much of a chore.

Question: does this work on urine stains

Answer: Yes.

Question: How do you clean the hose? Does it detach?

Answer: It is designed to clean itself. Once you are done using it, you out one end of the hose in a section on the back and the water goes through it and cleans it.

Question: Why does it say vacuum only? Is it spot cleaner or not?

Answer: It is a spot cleaner, but the suction (at least on mine) is not good and it may take several hitches to get the spot out. It does have the nice feature of running water through the machine to keep it clean and smelling good.

Question: Whats the best cleaner to use for cars?

Answer: Sorry, I cannot recommend a cleaner for the car as I have leather car seats.

Question: Will it detail clean my car seats and car mats?

Answer: Yes you cold clean your car seats and car mats, but you would need to be careful when doing car seats to avoid over saturation. I would definitely do the car mats, but I’m not sure the suction is strong enough should the water penetrate too deeply into the padding of the car seat. Be sure to pretreat stains.

Question: can you use this on tile floors

Answer: My wife says she doesn’t know why not. It’s made for carpet but should work fine on tile.

Question: I have new carpet that has the 10 pound memory foam pad plus the carpet itself is thick. Will this leave behind a soaking wet feel to the carpet?

Answer: Yes, it cleans but it does not have good suction. I use this for my car only.

Question: Will the brush attachment from another hover carpet cleaning machine work?

Answer: I don’t have another Hoover machine so I don’t know if that would work

Question: does it come with handle

Answer: The handle is the hole on the top of the unit.


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