Bissell Little Green Vs Proheat – What is the difference

Last update 5th July 2020


The direct answer to the question what is the difference between Bissell Little Green vs Bissell Proheat portable carpet cleaner is heatwave technology.

The heatwave technology keeps the water at warm temperature so that it can loosen the dirt easier.

To obtain the best cleaning results from a Bissell Proheat spot cleaner, you have to use warm water (around 45 Celsius degree), as it does not cook the water itself.

There are 2 Bissell Little Green spot cleaners:

  • Bissell Little Green 1400B
  • Bissell Little Green Proheat 14259

These two models have the same appearance therefore you might confuse when buying one of them.

Bissell Little Green 1400B reviews
Bissell Little Green 1400B only has 1 button

However, the later uses a very powerful motor (9 amps rating) while the 1400B model uses a typical motor (3 amps rating).

Besides, Bissell Little Green Proheat 14259 spot cleaner has the heatwave technology while the other does not have such benefit.

Bissell Little Green Proheat 14259
Bissell Little Green Proheat 14259 has 2 buttons (the red one is heating feature)

We highly recommend you to choose the Bissell 14259 model to get the best value, despite it is a bit more expensive than the 1400B model.

There are a lot of Bissell Proheat spot carpet cleaners.

For example,

Bissell Spotclean Proheat 5207N: a popular spot cleaner with slim profile, suitable for stain removal jobs.

bissell 5207n

This unit uses 3 amps rating motor for lifting up the dirt. The total weight is just under 9lbs and the body is very compact.

You can bring this unit into your car for interior cleaning easily.

Bissell Spotclean Proheat 2694 (the updated version of the 5207N model): this unit is a refresh from Bissell Spotclean 5207N, with a small change on the hose design and an additional Hydrorinse self-cleaning hose tool.

Bissell Spotclean Proheat 2694

The tool will clean inside the hose to remove bacteria, odor, built-up so your spot cleaner will have a longer time life.

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