Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum RV750 reviews

Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum RV750 reviews


Shark Ion Robot 750 is the updated version of the RV720 version by adding wifi feature, now you can control this unit with your phone app via Alexa voice.

The unit keeps all of the best features from Shark Ion Robot RV720 such as smart navigation sensors, self cleaning brush technologies, low profile and affordable price.

Shark Ion Robot RV750 is one of the best robot vacuum at a decent price when compared with other brands at the same price range. The only minor downside is that it has a short run time of 1 hour.

Technologies and benefits of Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum RV750 

This unit is very similar to the Shark ION ROBOT 720, you can check for the technology used in Shark Ion Robot here.

The adding feature on Shark Ion Robot 750 is wifi connection so that you can schedule this unit via Alexa Voice.

FAQs & troubleshooting of Shark ION ROBOT 750

I’ve had the shark for less than 2 months and it’s already telling me i need to replace the li-ion battery. has anyone else had issues like this?
Answer: I’ve 0nly had mine a month and no problems, i would get in touch with Shark, they should replace it.

Question: Work with 220v?, where I can found the charger specifications?
Answer: It comes with a charger base that is 110v. I you want it to be 220 you will have to get a transformer converter, Amazon sells it as well. The recharger base specifically states it is 110-120 volts.

Question: I have 2 German shedders and a cat. How well does it work on animal hair?
Answer: We have 2 shedding dogs, a cat and hardwood floors. I am very happy with how this Shark helps keep up with the hair

Question: Does this run only from Wi-Fi?
Answer: You can activate it with a button on the vacuum itself.

Question: Has anyone else opened the box to find hair in the canister?
Answer: I did not find hair in the canister. My ion robot was new and not used

Question: How well can this handle transition strips between rooms?
Answer: Our floor has thick pile carpet, hard wood, and tile floors, and the vacuum has had no trouble transitioning. One section has a wide marble piece as a transition strip that is about a quarter inch rise over the carpet side, it hasn’t had any issue. Hope that helped.

Question: How well can this handle transition strips between rooms?
Answer: Not a problem.

Question: I have a lot of wires and cords around my computer and tv area. Will this damage them?
Answer: If they are laying on the floor
and are loose enough to be pulled into the shark, maybe, but it’ll probably just stop the shark from running.

Question: Does the shark ion robot 750 have remote?
Answer: No, you can use your phone to turn it on and dock it remotely.

Does the shark ion robot 750 vacuum have a hepa filter (high efficiency particulate air)?
Answer: Yes, it does. In the care manual it specifically says it is a HEPA filter.

Question: How long should the battery last? i’ve run my shark ion robot for about 30 hours and the red light (low battery) is already on.
Answer: Ours returns to the dock where it gets recharged after each run.

Question: Does 750 work with Echo 1st generation
Answer: Great question. I don’t have an echo one generation. And the first several times I used it I wanted to be home and put it where I wanted it to be. I’m telling you right now it’s way worth the money. I would never buy the most expensive brand, the Roomba…

Question: why doesnt my shark ion robot start on schedule?
Answer: Sorry can’t help you as I sent mine back before I tryed the scheduling

Question: is this works with 220v ?
Answer: No. It plugs into a 120v 15amp general circuit outlet.

Question: will the battery deplete if it stays charging on the docking station all the time?
Answer: Not sure- Have only had it for a few days- Will update

Question: What is the operational range of this robot? For houses from how much squere meters are.?,
Answer: i have approx 1300 sq feet that it does daily. it works around 2 to 3 hours before it docks.

Question: How does this handle multiple floors? For example, with Neato, one can place the robot on another level of the home and have it clean there.
Answer: It works great. I am amazed how well it goes from floor to floor with different levels!!

Question: Will it go seamlessly from room to room? What about if there is a slight difference in floor levels, like about a one inch drop into the laundry room?
Answer: I have 2 rooms where the floor is about an inch difference. One actually is “beveled”, so the Ion gets in and out with no problem. The other is more like just a “drop off”. The Ion can get onto the lower floor with no problem, but does have a tendency to get “hung up” on the higher floor when trying to return. This is … see more

Question: Has anyone has any problems with this saying the included charger is the wrong power adapter? When mine goes to charge it says wrong adapter
Answer: No I haven’t. I love my robot. It’s fast and cleans really well. I like it better than the Roomba I used to have. I would contact the company if you’re getting an error like that. If it’s the wrong adapter it could damage it, I’m sure.

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