Shark UV700 vs Shark APEX – What is the difference

Last update 5th July 2020


The key difference between Shark Duoclean UV700 and Shark APEX is the cleaning capacity, the weight, the active gliding wheel design and the noise reduction feature.

Shark APEX is the most advanced upright vacuum series.

Shark APEX Duoclean with Zero-M vs casual model
The duoclean with zero-M cleaner head reduces hair wrapping issue

It has a full-size cleaning performance (1.5 dry quarts), lightweight (around 15.5 lbs), run smoothly on carpets thanks to the exclusive wheel designs and its noise level is much lower than a casual vacuum.

shark apex -one of the best vacuum in 2019
cleaning performance of Shark APEX

Shark APEX has 2 designs:

  • the previous series (Shark APEX Duoclean AX950, AX951, AX952)
  • and the current series (Shark APEX Duoclean with Zero-M AZ1002).

Shark UV700 is a compact design.

It gives you more flexibility, ultra-lightweight benefits (under 13 bs.), Duoclean with self-hair removal feature. It is also cheaper than Shark APEX.

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Similarity of Shark UV700 and Shark APEX

Shark UV700 and Shark APEX cleans very well. Both uses Duoclean brush roll cleaning head to pick up fine dust and large debris easily.

Besides, it will give your laminate, hardwood floor a polish look after vacuuming.

They all have HEPA filter. HEPA filter is a must for users with allergies.

They are built with a lot of ergonomic features such as swivel head, LED lights, removable canister, great attachments.

They are backed by Shark with 5-year warranty policy

Should you choose Shark UV700 or Shark APEX

With Shark UV700, you will have a lightweight upright unit which cleans amazingly.

The lighter weight will reduce fatigue, wrist pain if you have to use for long time.

It is recommended for users with weaker wrist or who have to move upstairs and downstairs constantly.

With Shark APEX, you will have a full-size upright unit with similar performance but fewer dust removing trips.

The unit has a solid construction and move smoothly on high pile carpets therefore it is recommended for home with many floor types and bigger apartments to save your time.

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