Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Last update 2nd June 2020


Overall rating: 8.7/10

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is our number one recommendation if your home is covered by carpets mostly. This robot vacuum incorporated advanced benefits similar to Roomba 960, but the price of Roborock E20 is very affordable (under 300 dollar range).

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Massive power

Using an 1800 Pa motor, Roborock E20 Robot delivers powerful suction capability to pick up from fine dust to larger debris. The strong airflow lets the robot to clean bare floors, thin pile and thick pile carpets without difficulty.

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum is optimized for navigation by using 13 types of sensors. Instead of moving randomly like other low price robots (Roomba 690, Deebot N79s, Robovac 11S), Roborock E20 moves in a predictable path. The unit starts cleaning from around the edge, then moving in between. This path cleaning is more efficient and saves a lot of battery.

Key value

Other advanced benefits of Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner are quite similar to Roomba 960. It has auto-recharge and auto-resume feature, App control (Mi-Home app), spot cleaning, area blocking ( with a magnetic strip), HEPA filter. Especially, Roborock E20 has wet mopping feature too.

The downside of Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is that sometimes it can get stuck under low profile furniture (TV stand or couch) (its height is 3.6 in). Besides, this model does not support the map saving feature.

On the overall, this robot vacuum is an excellent model for the price.

Should you buy Roborock E20 in 2019?

Roborock E20 is highly recommended if you need a robot vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning. It is powerful and can clean multiple surfaces with ease (the robot can easily transverse from bare floors to high pile carpets, up to 0.8 in).

There are a lot of cleaning modes for difficult cleaning areas, HEPA filter and large size dust bin of Roborock E20 can be an advantage for bigger apartments.

At the price of around 300 dollars, Roborock E20 is the greatest finding you may consider.

Another model you can have a look is Eufy Robovac 30C, which is somehow comparable to Roborock E20 but this unit has the map saving technology for personal customization.

Coupon of Roborock E20

Currently, Roborock E20 does not have a discount, but you can get $50 off via Amazon Visa Reward Program.

Technologies and benefits of Roborock E20

Construction of Roborock E20

Roborock E20 has a circular shaped designed similar to most of robot vacuum cleaners. However, the dimensions of Roborock E20 is bigger than other brands.

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner large dust bin

Roborock E20 is measured by 13.8 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches, featuring a generous dust bin (about 640 mL) and high wheels to transverse from bare floors to high pile carpets easier.

The Roborock E20 uses an 1800 Pa motor to generate suction. This motor power is 3 times more than the Roomba 600s series (Roomba 614, Roomba 650, and Roomba 690 use 600 Pa motor). Comparing with Ecovacs Deebot or Eufy Robovac, this motor power is also stronger than these direct competitors.

For example,

  • Deebot N79S (the most popular robot vacuum choice at a low price) uses 1000 Pa motor
  • Eufy Robovac 11S uses 1300 Pa motor

 This implies Roborock E20 can deliver more suction power than most of the entry-level robot vacuum on the market.

The use of such a powerful motor allows the Roborock E20 to have 6 cleaning modes from basic suction to high-level suction to adapt to different surfaces and dirt level.

Intelligent sensors – 13 types of sensors for optimal cleaning path

The first great benefits of Roborock E20 is the use of intelligent sensors. Under the bottom of Roborock E20, there are a series of dual-gyro system and motion tracking sensors to create path cleaning patterns. The path cleaning mode is 30% more efficient and faster than random cleaning mode, which is mainly used by the entry-level robot.

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner bottom view
Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner bottom view

Apart from these sensors, Roborock E20 has other onboard sensors for preventing falls, traps, collision and let the robot to automatically recharge and resume working.

Perhaps, Roborock E20 is the only low price model having such impressive sensor system comparable to high-level robots (Roomba 960).

Mopping benefits

Roborock E20 is capable of hard floor mopping. You can attach a microfiber pad underneath to let the vacuum cleaner and mop at the same time. This feature is very useful if you have hardwood floors at home.

Auto carpet boost

Roborock E20 can realize the carpets and increase the suction power automatically. When running on carpets, Roborock E20 delivers maximum suction power, which will last for about 50 minutes. If the robot battery is depleted, it will come back to the dock for recharging and the resume cleaning where it leaves.

Wifi connection – Alexa skills

You can control, start, schedule, check the robot location, accessory status and so on on the Mi-home app. This app is compatible with Alexa Voice too. (2.4GHz Wi-Fi only)

2600 mAh battery – long run time

Roborock E20 can run for 100 minutes on the hard floors and 50 minutes on carpets. This run time is enough for cleaning an area of 1000 sq ft to 2000 sq ft before recharging. The robot has a long recharging time up to 4 hours. However, because Roborock E20 can recharge automatically, this will not be an issue.

Washable Filter

This robot uses a HEPA filter (E11 type) for capturing debris, dust, and allergen. The filter is washable to extends its life and reduces replacement frequency.

Variation – Roborock E25

Roborock E20 has a sibling model called Roborock E25. Both models are using the same system and accessories. The difference between Roborock E20 and E25 is the color, the battery and the motor. Roborock E20 is white and Roborock E25 is black. E25 battery is 5200mAh and suction is 1800 Pa while E20 is 2600mAh and 1800Pa.

Specifications of Roborock E20

ModelRoborock E20
Mapping / Path planning yes  
Mapping Sensor Type gyroscope
Recharge & Resume yes
Automatically Docks and Recharges yes  
Noise Level 60  db  
LCD Display no
Side Brushes (one or two) 1  pcs
Voice Prompts yes  
Suction Power 1800  Pa  
Сleaning Area 2153  ft2  / 200  m2
Home Size small, medium
Cleaning Modes silent, standard, strong, max
Dustbin Capacity 640  ml
Wet Mopping yes  
Water Tank Capacity 150  ml
Barrier-cross Height 0.79  in  / 20  mm
HEPA Filter yes  
Washable Filteryes
Сarpet Floor Types low-pile, medium-pile
Bare Floor Types ceramic tile, marble tile, vynil, laminate, linoleum, wood
Battery Capacity 2600  mAh
Runtime 100  min  
Charging Time 240  min
Rated Power (Watts)50  W
Scheduling yes  
IR Remote Control no
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App yes  
Amazon Alexa Support yes  
Google Assistant Support yes  
Virtual Wall no
Digital Blocked Area no
Zoned cleaning no
Multi-floor maps no
Manual movement control yes
Selected Room Cleaningno
Carpet Boost yes  
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes  
Dirt Detect no
Full Bin Indicator no
Robot Weight 6.61  lbs  
Robot Width 13.78  in  
Robot Height 3.54  in  
In the box charging dock
power cable
cleaning brush.
Warranty 12  months

Pros and cons of Roborock E20


  • Strong suction – strongest suction power compared to robots at a similar price range
  • Cleans very well carpets and high pile carpets
  • Transitions nicely from floor to carpet
  • Useful phone app
  • Large dust bin, easy to clean, HEPA filter


  • Gets stuck under some furniture (TV stand) (3.6 in height)

Performance of Roborock E20

Watch the video below to see how Roborock E20 runs on hardwood floors. It navigates smoothly and cleans under the sofa too.

Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner performance pick hair

FAQs and troubleshooting Roborock E20

Q: what is the difference between the three series that you have E, S, and C?

A: S is the high-end series with most features. E series feature is less. C series price is the lowest.

Q: We have a split level house and would need to move the charging station to different levels on different days. How will this affect the mapping?

A: As long as you dont move the charging station during the cleaning session it wont matter. The robot starts to build a new map every time it starts a cleaning cycle

Q: Can you save 2 maps for different stories/floors of your house?

A: This model does not support the map saving function.

Q: Does it screw it up to use it on different floors of the house? do I need to reset the map to do so? this thing is amazing so I want to use it all over!

A: Roborock E20 does not have the map saving function. So you dont have to reset map when moving it to the next floor.If you use Roborock S5 and you had turned on the map saving feature, you should reset map every time you use it on a different floor.

Q: I set up roborock e20 with my home wifi. Is it possible to use the robot in a different place?

A: It will get offline if leaves the wifi signal area. Thus you are not able to use the functions on the app. But you can still start/off and let it do spot cleaning by pressing the three buttons on the top of the device.

Q: How do you increase the cleaning area? it only cleans my dining and kitchen areas and then goes back. it does not go into my living room.

A: Move it to a different area and start it or call the manufacturer

Q: Where can I find replacement parts (filters, brushes, etc) for the roborock c10? the roborock amazon storefront only has s5 parts.

A: You can find replacement parts on Amazon. Some of these parts are compatible between different models.

Q: Why is there E20 and E25 models, they seem identical to me?

A: There has a little difference in the parameter. For example, E25 model battery is 5200 mAh and suction is 1800 Pa while E20 is 2600 mAh and 1800 Pa.

Q: how to get vac to want vac rug with dark colors and big rings of color .

A: I have not used it on rugs, but I think that you need to set that up in the app because I remember seeing different settings for cleaning rugs.

Q: What is error 12?

A: Mine says that when it sucks and can not find its way out. I just pause it and put in a different part of the room and it is fine. Also, make sure you are cleaning your bin out and the filter clean.

Q: Why will it not connect to our server? I had to find it on china server, but can not get all the app features due to not connected to my server.

A: It is very selective on the router. Keep trying and you may finally succeed. If you dont, find a different router owned by your friend or family. Set the guest SSID and password to be the same as yours. Once connected, you can move it back to your home and everything will work fine from there.

Q: If this model is the same size as the S model and they have the same or close to the same suction, roller and mop then how does the S clean better?

A: S model has larger battery capacity and suction than the E model. And also their cleaning algorithm is different. S model has more efficient route planning. On the app, you can see its cleaning trace. While with the E model, it does not show the cleaning trace.

Q: How dark carpet is too dark? I have variegated (speckled) brown, mid-low pile carpet. shark ion rv720 did ok on this until it died

A: The Roborock vacuum may not work on some deep color carpets, like grey, brown, black or carpet with different color patterns, because the carpet will absorb light, which will make device think the carpet is a cliff and avoid to clean.

If you hope to disable it, you could try to use white tags to cover all sensors

Q: I cannot get my vacuum to connect to wifi. I reset the wifi, but still not connecting to my home network.

A: Please try the methods below:

  • Make sure the password of your wifi you input is correct.
  • Go to app setting to change region to your local region, not select China mainland.
  • If your phone is android, please enable Bluetooth and GPS. Also please go to phone setting to enable the location permission

I have a townhome, does it remember multiple floors?

Answer: the device could only save one map at present. It will recreate a new map once you move it to another floor.

Question: How does this do with pet hair?

Answer: Excellent. It works.

Question: Does this one work with the UK and the middle east?

Answer: Yes. It could work with the UK and the Middle East. But it is US version. That means it comes with a US plug.

Question: How does the mopping know not to go on the carpet?

Answer: We are sorry to tell you the device could not recognize the carpet and leave it away with mopping module installed. I am afraid you need uninstall the mopping module before it cleans the carpet.

Question: in mopping the vacuum also runs getting everything wet talked to 2 tech support say there is no pure mopping mode even though its part of a setting

Answer: Mop mode in app setting option is a mode which will cut down the vacuum strength to lowest and it needs to be enabled by man, not automatically.

The mop mode could only work once in cleaning after you enable it. After the device finishes cleaning in mop mode, you need to go to the devices setting to enable it again

Question: Do you need to purchase the water tank or any accessories for the mop function like with other vacuums?

Answer: It comes with everything you need!

How can I use the app if I never receive sign up verification code?

Answer: I had to use my phone number to register me in the app because I could not use my email address.

Question: Can “rout planning” feature be added?

Answer: I dont think so. There is a remote but not one that can control future routes

Question: works but has no manual does some know where to get an owners manual detail

Answer: I got a manual and a cd with mine…

Question: How can I find the virtual wall for this product?

Answer: I do not know.

Question: Please help me set up the robot vacuum on google home!!

Answer: Google home only works for the model S5. The other model E2, E3, and C1 are not compatible with google home at present.

Question: Does this work on 220v or just 120v?

Answer: It works on 100-240 V.

Question: We have a split level house and would need to move the charging station to different levels on different days. How will this affect the mapping?

Answer: It will just have to refigure out the layout of your house once moved. Mine stays lost most of the time, but it still does a pretty thorough job, for a robot vacuum.

Question: Can it be programmed using a desktop computer with wi-fi?

Answer: No

Question: Does this work on low pile carpet?

Answer: Roborock 20 vacuum has good traction on low pile carpet and pick up pet hair very well.

Is it effective with just 1 swirling sweeper attachment?

Answer: Yes. The mapping it does of each room gets better with each run. And it will hit areas at all angles to make sure it sweeps correctly. This robot vacuum also equips 1 main brush underneath and 1 side brush. And it also has 1800Pa strong suction.

Question: Will this vacuum as shown in video without wifi or apps?

Answer: It does not use apps or Wi-fi.

Question: What is the exact height of the unit including the periscopic sensor on top of the unit…. this little sensor is an additional height restriction

Answer: When I measured it was around 3.5in. I do not have the exact measurement although the user guide states 3.56in or 90.5mm. I used the measurements to adjust the height of my baby gates to allow it to travel between areas.

Question: Does the e20 have 1600pa or 1800pa? there are conflicting numbers on the title and the info shown in the pictures.

Answer: Title and product detail page both show that E20 has 1800pa suction. It is C10 which has 1600pa.

Question: Is there any specific Boundaries that I need for this model (e20 or e35)?

Answer: Yes I need to clean the kitchen floor every day. Family room does not need to clean every day. Since the kitchen, family room and living room are on the same level sensor would help.

Question: Is there any specific Boundaries that I need for this model (e20 or e35)?

Answer: The climbing capacity of the robot is around 0.8 inch. It is better than the transition threshold is lower than this height.

Question: Picture says 1600, the headline says 1800 suction? What is max vs standard suction?

Answer: Max is 1800 for the standard model and 1500 for the Xiaowa lite

Question: 1800 the Max, what is standard vs Max?

Answer: It is 850 Pa in standard mode, 1200 Pa in turbo mode and 1800 Pa in standard mode.

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