iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum reviews

iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum reviews

Last update 5th July 2020


Overall rating: 7.8/10

Roomba 890 is a mid-level robot vacuum cleaner, which is the upgraded line of Roomba 600s series.

First, in Roomba 890, iRobot has added newer, more advanced sensor technologies to improve navigation and dirt detection. As a result, Roomba 890 can clean the floor better with less missed spots like entry-level robots.

iRobot Roomba 890 Robot reviews

Stronger, more capacity

Another major change in Roomba 890 is the use of stronger motor power. Roomba 890 uses a standard motor power of 1000 Pa to deliver suction power.

When comparing with Roomba 600s series, the Roomba 890 model can offer up to 5X power to lift finer particles and larger debris without difficulty.

Third, Roomba 890 has a super generous dust bin (750 mL), it is the biggest dust bin capacity among all of Roomba 600s, 700s, 800s, and 900s.

HEPA style filter

When the dust bin is full, the robot will alert to you automatically. The filtration system of Roomba 890 is also improved with the use of the HEPA style filter. This model is very friendly for pet owners and allergy sufferers.

You can control Roomba 890 with the buttons of the top of the machine, or via Apps (Alexa Voice and Google Assistant compatible).

Less hair tangling

Last but not least, Roomba 890 uses brushless extractors instead of traditional brushes to reduce hair tangling issue.

On the downsides, Roomba 890 still misses some spots during cleaning because this model still uses infrared sensors.

Besides, Roomba 890 is not very efficient for high-pile carpets and it does not have mapping technology to remember the floor plan.

Should you buy Roomba 890 in 2019?

Roomba 890 has a decent price and a great performance for larger areas. The unit reduces the manual works like emptying the dust bin frequently, removing the wrapped hair and it cleans amazingly hard floors and low-to-mid pile carpets. If you have allergies, Roomba 890 is a nice model to consider.

When talking about the price versus the benefits, Roomba 890 is a bit expensive because this model does not have mapping technology.

Moreover, the motor power is 1000 Pa only, which is weaker than competitors like Roborock or Eufy.

At the price of 400 to 500 bucks, there are two models from competitors you can also consider

Roborock E35 – an advanced model from Roborock with 2000 Pa motor, mapping technology and super long run time up to 150 minutes

Robovac 30C – the most advanced model from Eufy with 1500 Pa motor, mapping technology and super quiet noise level (only 55 dB)

Coupon of Roomba 890

Currently, Roomba 890 has a good discount. Besides, you may get 50 dollars off via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

Technologies and benefits of Roomba 890

Construction – a bigger body with generous dust bin

Roomba 890 has a classic circular shaped designed, measured by 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 in. If you compare the dimension of Roomba 890 with its siblings, Roomba 890 is a little bit bigger but the height is still the same.

roomba 890 full set
roomba 890 full set includes a virtual wall and extra filter

The bigger width allows the robot to have a generous dust bin up to 750 mL, sufficient for cleaning large areas. The dust, pet hair and allergies are trapped inside this bin by a HEPA filter to keep the air cleans.

The uses of a 1000 Pa motor gives more suction power for Roomba 890. It has 5X power compared to Roomba 600s. While this motor is adequate, many competitors have applied stronger motor to their robot vacuum.

For example,

  • Robovac 30C, a robot vacuum at lower price range uses 1500 Pa motor
  • Roborock E35, a robot vacuum cleaner at lower price range uses a 2000 Pa motor

Thankfully, the motor power is not everything. Roomba 890 is equipped with a full array of newer sensors and technologies to clean better

Brushless extractor – reduce hair tangling issue

roomba 890 bottom view

One of the greatest benefits of Roomba 890 is the new brush design. While other brands still use hard bristle brushes for extracting the dust and debris, Roomba 890 has been innovated with a rubber brushless extractor couple. The new design engages on multiple surfaces easily and reduces hair wrapping issue significantly.

Advanced dirt detect sensors – 2nd generation, more efficient

The dirt-detect sensors of Roomba 890 is another great feature that other models do not have.

The dirt detect sensors (2nd genie) will identify dirty, high traffic area zone by both acoustic and optical signals to automatically concentrate cleaning. A lot of competitors do not use this technology for concentrated cleaning.

Besides these improvements (stronger motor, advanced sensors, bigger dust bin, HEPA filter, brushless extractors), Roomba 890 remains a lot of benefits inherited from previous models.

Wifi connection – hands-free control

Roomba 890 can be controlled by the button on the machine, or via iRobot App. It is also Alexa voice and Google Assistant enabled.

Long run time – 90 minutes

This robot vacuum uses 1800 mAh battery for up to 90 minutes before automatically docking and recharging. The battery of Roomba 890 is similar to Roomba 690.

What’s in the Box:

  • iRobot Roomba 890
  • Home Base Charging Station
  • Line Cord
  • 1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier (2AA Batteries included)
  • 1 Extra Filter
  • Owner’s Guide and Documentation Package


robot featureRoomba 890
Mapping / Path planning no
Automatically Docks and Recharges yes
Noise Level 68 db (Quieter than 14% of robots)
LCD Display no
Side Brushes (one or two) 1 pcs
Voice Prompts yes
Suction Power 1000 Pa (Stronger than 65% of robots)
Сleaning Area < 100 m2
Home Size small
Cleaning Modes auto, spot cleaning
Dustbin Capacity 750 ml
Barrier-cross Height 0.63 in / 16 mm
HEPA Filter yes
Сarpet Floor Types low-pile, medium-pile
Bare Floor Types tile, hardwood, laminate, linoleum
Battery Capacity 1800 mAh
Runtime 90 min
Charging Time 120 min
Scheduling yes
IR Remote Control no
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App yes
Amazon Alexa Support yes
Google Assistant Support yes
Virtual Wall yes
Carpet Boost no
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor yes
Dirt Detect yes
Full Bin Indicator yes
Robot Weight 8.40 lbs 
Robot Width 13.90 in 
Robot Height 3.60 in 
In the box side brushes, dual mode virtual wall barrier & batteries, extra HEPA Filter, dock station, manual
Warranty 12 months

Roomba 890 replacement parts

  • Replacement AeroForce High-Efficiency Filters For Roomba
  • Roomba 800 and 900 Series Replenishment Kit
  • Tangle-Free Debris Extractor Set For Roomba 800 and 900 Series
  • Roomba 1800 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier

Pros and cons of Roomba 890


  • easy to use and to control, schedule with 7 days in advance
  • large dust bin 750 mL, HEPA filter works extremely well to capture invisible dust
  • quiet when running and long run time


  • no mapping feature
  • still expensive compared to competitors
  • missed spots still happens

Performance of Roomba 890

In the video you can see how Roomba 890 navigates around the floor.

irobot roomba 890 performance

FAQs and troubleshooting of Roomba 890

Q: Can I use a laptop or Kindle fire to use this? I do not have a smartphone and never will.

A: You downloads an app to use it, so if your Kindle is comparable with the app it should work.

Q: How much noise does it make?

A: It is not that quiet but as the previous user said, it is quieter than a vacuum! I would compare the volume of my Roomba to that of my dishwasher if that helps.

Q: What is the difference between the E6 and the 890?

A: We would recommend reaching out to iRobot technical support on 877-855-8593 as there is a list of differences between the two products.

Q: What is the difference between the 890 and 960

A: To gain information on differences between the robots, we would recommend that you contact iRobot support on 877-855-8593.

Q: Can you schedule this unit to do different parts of the house on different days or a rotating schedule?

A: Schedule can be set at different times. We have ours run at a different time during the week than say weekends. No option for different parts of the house unless you physically pick up the unit and place it in the area you want or use the perimeter tower to block off an area.

Q: trying to determine the difference between 880 and 890. 880 has all the features I want, but do not see a listing for the model 890? differences?

A: Sorry, I do not know the difference between those two models

Q: I see that Bestbuy sells the 891 what is the difference?

A: Both the Roomba 890 and the 891 is the same robot. The only difference is that the 890 comes with a virtual wall and an additional filter and the 891 does not.

Q: What is the difference between 860 and 890? (except wifi control option)

A: The basic features on the same series should be the same so am going to say no difference.

Q: If you use it to clean two different stories in the house does it learn to remember each or does it have to keep relearning where it is?

A: I believe it just senses the room and obstacles and goes around them. I have different conditions often in my house and it just cleans around things.

Q: Manufacturer, the difference between 890 and 895 models? Anyone!

A: The 890 and 895 would use all the same parts and have the same features. The number of accessories that come in the box such as Virtual Walls or extra filters may vary.

Q: What is the difference between the 650?690 and the next bigger on 890?

A: All 600 series have traditional brushes, while the 800 series have brush-less rubber rollers. The rollers are lower-maintenance but some users report do not pick up hair as well as traditional brush. The x90 is latest releases adding WIFI/smartphone interface.

Q: can you program this robot to clean at different/multiple times in a single day?

A: No, The robot can only be scheduled to clean one time per day, up to 7 days per week.

Q: Consumer gave the 890 a little higher rating than the 960 what is the differences?

A: Does not work on rugs that have black in then

Q: Will this travel over door sills between rooms

A: Yes it will, and assuming there is not a big difference in the floor heights it will just keep going.

Q: Is the sound decibels level of 890 lower than that of 700 series?

A: The sound Decibels on the Roomba 890 may be a little bit louder than the 700 series. Not much difference.

Q: Is it loud when running on tile with wide grout lines?

A: The sound does not change based on the terrain the Roomba is on. I have hardwood flooring as well as low profile carpet. No difference.

Q: Will the new rubber brushes work on an older Rumba?

A: Because of the different design of the module that holds the brushes the rubber brushes will not be able to fit in the older model Roombas.

Question: How well does it work with pet hair on med. pile carpet?

Answer: I am not sure about pet hair as I have a Goldendoodle who does not shed. However, I have a thicker carpet and it does a great job.

Question: how well does it work on carpet?

Answer: This model is amazing on the carpet! I have two cats and a shedding dog. It cleans so well on hard floors and carpet.

Question: Why my Roomba put the dirt in the back on the motor?

Answer: Run Roomba and place your hand behind the bin to see if there is airflow. If not, remove the bin and clean the filter.

Question: Does this one have a HEPA filter?

Answer: There is a removable cleanable filter.

Question: My Roomba will get stuck on a dark rug every time it runs. Covering the sensors with white paper/tape did not work. Any suggestions?

Answer: No adjustment can be made to correct this behavior, but Dual-Mode Virtual

Question: Does the Roomba 890 require wifi to operate?

Answer: The Roomba 890 can be operated without being connected to a Wi-Fi network. Some features will be unavailable.

How tall is the vacuum?

Answer: The Roomba 890 is 3.6 inches tall

Question: All other robot vacuums give a pa number. Roomba says 5x (5x the airflow of a 600 series). what is the actual Pa number for this model?

Answer: Estimated 1000 Pa

Question: Will this work on my 3000 sqft home? I would like to clean my entire house in one day. Also, would I need to move the home base to clean upstairs?

Answer: The battery will not last that long, plus you have to empty it quite a few times. It barely does my whole downstairs on one charge and I have to empty the bin and shake the filter 3 times at least.

Question: Is the 890 dual voltage? Can it be used with 230volts?

Answer: No it is not. Roombas sold in North America come with Chargers that are rated for 120 Volts

Question: does it have mapping technology?

Answer: No it does not have mapping technology

Question: Can I have two room as on the same app?

Answer: Yes you can. The iRobot Home App allows you to have multiple Robots saved and to switch freely between them as needed.

Question: Does this work on hand-knotted silk rugs?

Answer: A Roomba works well on hard flooring and carpeting. Checking the care tag on the rug, or contacting the manufacturer for recommended cleaning methods would be a good idea too.

Question: Will the battery get depleted faster when my cat rides it?

Answer: Probably

Question: how does it find the charging station?

Answer: The Roomba 890 will pick up an infrared signal from the home base and use that to dock at the end of a mission.

Question: Manufacturer, the difference between 890 and 895 models?

Answer: Roomba 890 and 895 use the same parts and have the same features. The number of accessories that come in the box such as Virtual Walls or extra filters may vary.

Question: Do you have to have an Alexa?

Answer: No

Question: Do I have to have WiFi to make this work?

Answer: No, can work separately from WiFi. I do not use WiFi on mine.

Question: Which is more effective the 890 or 770?

Answer: The 890 Roomba has proven to be wonderfully effective. An ultimately wise decision as evidenced by flooring cleanliness. Super effective with constantly shedding pet. Well worth the price for that alone.

Question: How does it maneuver around toys on the floor?

Answer: If the toys are large, the robot will bump into the toy and turn away. If the toy is tiny the robot may pick it up or push It around. We will advise that you pick the toys up before starting Roomba.

Question: Will this work The android platform?

Answer: The iRobot home app is compatible with Android devices, version 5.0 and greater.

Question: Does the 890 work with wi-fi or Bluetooth. if wi enabled, do you need an available port on your router ???

Answer: Works with wifi and port not needed

The description says it runs for 90 minutes, mine does not, why?

Answer: There are a few factors that can contribute to the robot runtime such as the surface that it has to clean and how large the area is.

Question: What is the suction power of the vacuum? In pressure (Pa)

Answer: About 1000 Pa, the suction is strong, work very well on thick carpet as well as tile floor in the kitchen.

Question: Do you clean or change the filter? How often?

Answer: The filter on all our Roomba models should be cleaned once per week (twice per week in homes with pets). Additionally, these parts should be replaced every 2 months for continuous peak performance

Question: Will a Roomba survive a fall down a staircase?

Answer: I do not know as there are no stairs in my place. Sorry.

Question: How does this workaround lego parts?

Answer: Not sure since my children are grown.

Question: It cleans at night?

Answer: It will clean anytime you would like it to. I run it at night, but some people like to use the app to run it while they are at work.

Question: Does it work well to pick up cat litter?

Answer: Yes. I have three cats who like to track the scoopable litter on the wooden floors and this picks up every bit of it.

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