ECOVACS Deebot N78 reviews

Last update 1st June 2020


The Deebot N78 is a cheap robot vacuum cleaner designed for home with pets and bare floors. This model is featured by a direct suction power plus good air filtration system that can pick up pet hair and debris without being clogged.

However, it is not recommended for home with carpets and rugs. If you have a lot of carpet and rugs at home, check for the Deebot M80 Pro or Deebot R95 instead. Check for the technologies and benefits of Deebot N78 below.

Technologies and benefits of Deebot N78

  • Battery run time 110 minutes
  • Infrared sensors for detection of stairs and furnitures
  • Tangle free suction power


  • Dimensions: 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.3 inches
  • Weight: 9.7 pounds
  • ASIN: B01HRL6UX0

FAQs & troubleshooting of Deebot N78

When the Deepot docks for recharging does it turn itself off after charging is complete? Nickel batteries shouldn’t be overcharged.
Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: My husband recently purchased me this for Christmas and I’ve noticed it doesn’t pick up much on our carpet/ thin rugs, anyone else have this problem?
Answer: If you’re referring to the N78 model, they state that it isn’t intended for regular carpet and to move to a different model for that.

Question: The remote does not work even after changing batteries. Any suggestions? The device is new and remote has never worked.
Answer: Mine quit as well. I don’t care as you can give all the commands from the unit itself. Who needs one more remote!

Question: Anyone have issues with this vacuum having terrible suction?
Answer: Not at all. The only problem I’ve seen is with string on carpet.

Question: Is the bottom yellow silicon part that directs debris into the Deebot replaceable? I have used mine so much it is wearing out so not as effective.
Answer: The brushes are replaceable. It comes with extras.

Question: Does it work on dark floors/carpets
Answer: Yes it does

Question: will it pick up human hair and not tangle?
Answer: I wouldn’t think so, unless it gets tangled in the two spinning brushes on the front that feed to the suction port underneath

Question: can robotic vacuums do wall to wall carpet ?
Answer: It can do low carpets. It has long sweepers that hit the walls. We love ours!!

Question: What does “thin carpet” mean? Mine has heavy-duty padding, so is high off the floor, but does not have deep pile. Would this work on that?
Answer: We have primarily tile floors with carpet throw rugs scattered around that have virtually no pile, and it handles them well, not sure this model is good for primarily carpet floors

Can it handle lots of pine needles on hardwood?
Answer: Its pretty good at picking up lots of items. I would say it can pick up them also. I does get them from my Christmas tree.

Question: Curious if this recognizes black portions on carpet as “falling off a step” like the Roomba does? I see it has sensors on the bottom.
Answer: I don’t think so. I have a dark area rug and it goes on and off it without an issue, but so does my roomba.

Question: Can you use this on really dark hardwood floors?
Answer: All of our units have edge detection technology which allows them to clean the area around a staircase without the user having to fear the unit will fall. They do this by using a refracting light beam. Unfortunately, when you run our units on black or dark colored carpeting it tricks the unit into thinking it’s falling

Question: Have a raised ranch, will this fall off stairs?
Answer: Yes it will as it stops at walls only or obstacles. You can watch it closely and also put something across the steps to stop it and then carry it down the stairs when it has finished upstairs.

Question: we just received ours. Is it normal to have a high pitched whine when its vacuuming ? seems to work great the sound is very annoying though
Answer: I’ve never heard any sounds like this with mine.

Question: While this robot cleans exeptionally, I honestly have to control it to make sure it actually gets the whole house. Can it learn my home?
Answer: Nope. It is a bit random, and does not learn.

Question: My deebot has stopped working, it takes off and then flashes thebred triangle with the exclamation point at me, ive tried everything!! Helpp?
Answer: mine is getting moody too it works after a month of no use and starts making circular motions and stops.

Question: I had a roomba and when it went from my laminate to my rug it left a pile of debris. Can anyone tell me if this works better??
Answer: My Deepbot has never done that. It works better than the past 3 Roomba models I e had.

Question: I lost my remote after only 2 days!!! Can I order a replacement??
Answer: Not sure, but I think so.

Question: Do you have to use the auto schedule function or can you just have the bot run when you’re home?
Answer: You do not have to use the auto schedule function. You can just turn it on when you get home and put it anywhere you want it to get started.

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