ECOVACS DEEBOT M88 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Last update 4th July 2020


Deebot M88 is a smart robot vacuum cleaner which is very similar to Deebot R95 unit by having most of the advanced technologies for cleaning. It features smart navigation pathway with 5 stage cleaning regime for sufficient removing dirt and grimes on bare floors and carpets.

Besides, the model has 2 suction power levels for serious picking dust and pet hairs on carpets.

While having most of the technologies similar to Deebot R95, this model does not have virtual wall features and auto-resume cleaning features.

Lets check for the technologies and benefits of Deebot M88.

Technologies and benefits of Deebot M88

  • This model use Smart move technology to clean the bare floors and carpets in 3 stages: sweeps, lifts and vacuums. You can also use wet mop or dry mop with this robot vacuum.
  • It has tangle free extractor and deep cleaning brush for dealing with pet hairs
  • It has 2 suction power levels
  • It is wifi connected
  • Maximum runing time is 90 minutes
  • It has 1 year warranty


  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 3 x 13.4 inches
  • Weight: 9.25 pounds
  • ASIN: B01K9CI5ZK

FAQs & troubleshooting of Deebot M88

How do I keep it in the kitchen when I’m cleaning the kitchen?
Answer: I’m struggling with that myself. The competition has virtual fences. I hope ecovacs comes out with something similar

Question: Can the vacuum navigate over 1″ changes in floor heights? There’s a slight drop-off from kitchen to hall and then a saddle between the hall/LR
Answer: It will not be able to navigate up a 1″ change in floor height unless it sloped. It will likely run into it or sense it and turn around to go the other direction. I am not sure if it will go down a 1″ drop off or if it will sense it as a drop and turn around.

Question: Can you control the vacuum from multiple smartphones?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does it work on dark colored floors?
Answer: Yes! Works great!

Question: Will the M88 go over room seperators 3/4″ high?
Answer: No, I don’t think so!

Question: does the ecvac deebot m88 come with the charging unit or do you purchase separately?
Answer: It comes with it. Great Buy!! Very happy with it.

Question: How do you clean the vacuum?
Answer: Hi! My vac whom I have named Tumbleweed is so far super easy to clean out. His top flap opens straight up, no latches or buttons, then his debris bin lifts out with the included handle/latch. It’s very simple. The bin then dumps with a latch on its side.

Question: can you vaccuum and do a wet mopping at the same time?
Answer: No

Question: Does it create a map of your house? I have multiple, separarted rooms. Will it be able to make it around the house or get stuck in a single area?
Answer: It goes to every room I have

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