ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 Robotic Vacuum reviews

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 Robotic Vacuum reviews

Last update 17th September 2019

The Ecovacs Deebot R95 is Ecovacs’ most latest robotic vacuum cleaner which is compatible with Alexa voice control for cleaning both bare floor and carpet surfaces.

This unit can run for 90 minutes with the ability to automatically recharge and resume working. 

The specialty of this unit is that this unit uses Ecovacs newest map out floor plan to clean more efficiently than previous units (Deebot M88, Deebot Slim2 does not have such features).

The best part about Deebot R95 is that it is very affordable (about 1/3 price of Roomba 980 only).

However it stills have some downsides such as mapping process is not very good as Roomba 980, long charging time and single suction power only.

Let’s check for the technologies and benefits of Ecovac Deebot R95.

Technologies used in Deebot R95 and their benefits

  • This unit has a special features: can be used in both dry and wet mop cleaning regimes. It is versatile to use on both bare floor and carpets.
  • mapping technologies allow this Deebot R95 to learn and to adapt to your home floor.
  • Alexa voice control
  • 90 minute run time, auto recharge and resume cleaning
  • virtual boundaries to prevent the unit to fall off stairs and to define cleaning areas.


  • Dimensions :13.9 x 13.9 x 4 inches
  •  Weight: 10.6 pounds

FAQs & troubleshooting of ECOVACS DEEBOT R95

will the new units coming in allow you to map multi level homes?
Answer: Not currently, but that would be a great feature implemented from the app.

Question: How many square feet is this vac comfortable with?
Answer: As many square feet as you want. When the vac runs out of battery during its cleaning cycle, it will return to its charger and once finished charging it will continue where it left off.

Question: Mine doesn’t talk when it runs into a problem, it just stops and then I have to go into the app to see what’s wrong. Is that normal?
Answer: you have to turn it on in the app for it to talk. i had the same problem initially as well

Question: The voice reporting is not working in my R95. I have made sure the setting for it is turned on in the app. How to fix?

Answer: If you turned on the voice setting in the app. You actually turned it off. It should not be green. If you look closely it has an x next to the voice icon so turning it on turns the voice off.

Question: Can I just map my bedroom first and then later open the door? I can’t get it to leave my bedroom when the door is open.
Answer: No, the first time the unit runs, you need to have every single door open in the house and you have to make sure they stay open until it has finished mapping the whole home. Try moving the charging unit to another room.

Question: Will the deebot r95 connect to an ipad?
Answer: Yes you can.

Question: Does anyone hear a humming sound when charging?
Answer: I have not heard that but I have noticed if it gets stuck the battery loses power faster than if it is just cleaning.

Question: Will this robot be able to handle a threshold that changes 3/4″ in height over a 2″ horizontal span (the threshold is a 2″ wide curving ramp)?
Answer: According to the Instruction Manual, DEEBOT may climb on objects of less than (0.7″) height. Hope it will help !

Question: How do i designate different rooms on the map?
Answer: Once the device has mapped out all rooms, it decides how to break up the space into “areas”. At that point, you can select “areas” you want cleaned by the device. Otherwise, you cannot create your own rooms/areas.

Question: And can i choose to only vacuum the floor first, then wet mop the whole place again?
Answer: Yes, you will have to manually add the wet mop.

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