Bissell Carpet and Floor Sweeper, 92N0A reviews

Bissell Carpet and Floor Sweeper, 92N0A reviews


The Bissell Carpet and Floor Sweeper 92N0A is a broom style sweeper designed for cleaning hard floor and carpets without using electricity. The best thing of this unit is that it can remove dust and large particles on both carpets and hard floors which is more efficient than a broom (broom is incapable of cleaning carpets). It is quite cheap and very popular.

Let’s check for the technologies and benefits of this unit.


  • Contains parts that are 100% recycled plastic and PVC-free
  • Dual rotating brushes
  • 4 corner brushes for cleaning in corners and along edges
  • Safe on carpet, rugs and hard floors
  • Perfect for in-between cleanings
  • Durable design
  • Lightweight at 3.5 lbs
  • 9 1/2″ Cleaning Path
  • 1 Twisted and 1 Tufted Brush Roll
  • 9.5″ W X 10.5″ D X 43.25″ H

Compare Bissell Floor Sweeper 92N0A vs turbo sweeper 28806 vs Pet hair eraser 23T6A

Natural Sweep, 92N0APerfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Sweeper, 28806Pet Hair Eraser Rechargeable Sweeper, 23T6A
How to useManual sweeperBattery-powered sweeperBattery-powered sweeper with soft rubber paddle brush roll
Weight (lbs)4.2 lb4.7 lb4 lb
Battery usenoyesyes
Brush On/Off Featurenoyesyes
Rows of Brushes211
Cleaning Path Width9.5 inches12 inches12 inches
Multi Surfaceyesyesyes
WarrantyLiftetime1 Year1 Year

FAQs of Bissell Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Brush Rotating System 92N0A

Can I use it on laminate floors
Answer: No, it doesn’t work very well on laminate

Question: What is the actual warranty? I have seen two descriptions, one indicates the natural sweep has a lifetime warranty, and the other indicates one year.
Answer: You know, I really didn’t look into the warranty, as the the Bissel was fairly inexpensive.

Question: Is the handle removable? Do you think it would be possible to replace the handle with a smaller one or cut the handle down? (want it for a child)
Answer: There are 4 sections to the handle so it should be possible to make the handle smaller.

Question: How does this work on pet hair and fine debris?
Answer: I don’t have any pets so not sure but the fine debris are a little tricky. multiple sweeps on different angles will eventually pick them up. it would be faster to use a vacuum.

Question: When putting the handle together, how many pieces is it? Is it possible to leave one of the pieces out so it’s easier for a very short person to use?
Answer: The handle is two pieces and no you cannot leave one of the pieces out.

Question: how does this do with rock salt in the winter?
Answer: Sorry, too warm here for rock salt. If salt is wet and crystallizes on a rug, you have to use another method to clean.

Question: Will this pick up small pieces of popcorn?
Answer: I think so. You may have to roll back/forth a couple of times.

Question: what are the bristles of the brush made from?
Answer: I’d guess rayon.

Question: does it work on low carpet
Answer: This was a gift. In my previous job, they worked on commercial carpets, for quick pick up in the bar.

Question: will this sweep up coffee grounds AND cheerios?
Answer: Sure thing as long as there out of the box.

Does this item have an adjustable handle? if so what are the dimensions? bissell natural sweep dual brush sweeper, 92n0a (same as 92n0)
Answer: The handle is not adjustable and is four feet long.

Question: no motor?
Answer: Of course not!!!

Question: How is this on hardwood floors, tile & corners?
Answer: I use it on my linoleum floor and it works awesome and carpet too

Question: I have all tile floors – will it work well on them?
Answer: I wasn’t a huge fan of this item. I bought it for a pretty flat hard-floored area, and I would have to do a lot of back and forth to pick anything up. Even then, it is kind of rough getting in near the walls. I would recommend just getting a vacuum with a good hard-floors setting.

Question: How effective is the sweeper for picking up rock salt off tilled surfaces in the winter?
Answer: Ive never tried to use this on rock salt…but we use ours to sweep up the random droppings of our indoor bunny… (which are little round pellets) it works great…tilted surfaces I wouldn’t think would be a problem as the sweeping head remains flexible to the pole

Question: I live in Fl, and I have a lot of sugar sand, will this clean it up like if I swept the floor with a broom?
Answer: I doubt it with particles that small.

Question: I have some adorable but messy guinea pigs. Will this pick up timothy hay from carpet? My vacuum keeps getting clogged from it.
Answer: I would think so, I find that it picks up my long hair lint and much more. I had one for a long time, getting old so I replaced it with a new one. Used it yesterday, the old one still works will use it in the garage.

Question: Have very little storage place. When in non-use position how wide is it? Have to fit between wall and refrigerator.
Answer: You will need about 7-8″ wide, if I remember correctly

Question: How does it work over an uneven surface? e.g. grouted tile or the floor of a shower stall?
Answer: Surprising pretty good. It’s not a vacuum so don’t expect the vacuum cleaning power, but It still works pretty good.

Question: does the handle fold flat
Answer: you can disassemble it since it is 4 pieces or just take the handle off and put it back on when needed I think it might just fold flat, but never tried it

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