Bissell 1548 vs Bissell 1986 – What is the difference

Bissell 1548 vs Bissell 1986 – What is the difference

Bissell 1548 vs Bissell 1986 – What is the difference

Let’s discover the benefits of Bissell Proheat Revolution 2X 1548 model, and compare with its upgraded model Bissell 1986 to see the benefits, pros and cons of each design.

Bissell Proheat Pet Revolution 2X 1548

Designed for pet owners

The Bissell Proheat Revolution 2X 1548 is a recognized carpet cleaner for pet owners by thousands of buyers. This upright carpet cleaner from Bissell has a well-constructed design to be able to handle a lot of cleaning tasks, from dirty carpet cleaning to pet stains cleaning, from area rug cleaning to hard-to reach surfaces.

2 cleaning modes

Bissell 1548 is the first model that features two cleaning modes: the fast cleaning mode (Express mode) and the deep cleaning mode (Deep mode). Two cleaning modes is more useful for home with pets, kids, mishap spillage… because the express mode will dry the carpet within 1 hour. (Hoover Elite Fh50251PC is inspired from this model in my opinion).

The unit uses Bissell best brush system for residential carpet cleaner (they called Dual DirtLifter), it has 2 counter rotating brushroll on a single brush head to maximize scrubbing activities on both directions, therefore it can loosen and remove embedded dirt even it has been setting down for long time. Bissell claimed this model to outclean leading rental cleaning machines.

low profile foot

This model has a low profile brush head so you can clean under sofa, bedding,…without the need to remove them out of the room.

Bissell 1548 uses heatwave technology, it means that you can use hot water to clean the carpet and the machine will keep the water hot during the whole cleaning cycle. The hot water is better than cool water for dirt extraction.

This unit is lightweight (lighter than Hoover best model FH50150PC: 17.5 lbs. vs 18.1 lbs), however its water tank capicity is about 0.75 Gallon (smaller than Hoover FH50150PC a bit: 1 Gallon)

The Bissell 1548 has 3 year warranty (longer than most of the upright units on the market).

You may not know: Bissell Proheat 2X 1548 is one the most popular choice for pet owners over many years.

You may wonder why Bissell 1548 is highly recommended by pet owners. The answer is that apart from the ability to remove pet stains, the brush roll of Bissell 1548  is very effective to remove the pet hair on the carpet and it does not clog the carpet cleaner motor.

When the brush roll is tangled with a lot of long hair, you can easily remove the brushroll cover to take the brush roll away for removing the wrapping hair. To this extent, this brush roll design shows a bit more convenience than models with single brush roll with 360 degree rotating units. That’s why Bissell 1548 is the choice when users have pet at home.

Bissell Proheat Pet Pro Revolution 2X 1986

More features

Bissell 1986 is the upgraded version of Bissell 1948, by adding a few more features like 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery tool, longer warranty (5 years), and it has 5 year warranty from Bissell.

Bissell 1986 has a high level of customer satisfaction, higher than the Bissell 1548 model because

Bissell 1986 has a built-on sprayer on the brush roll. It is efficient to deal with spot and stains that you may missed to pre-treat before cleaning the carpet.

Bissell 1986 has 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery tool, which is designed to vacuum pet hair, dry debris and keep all the messes in its own dirty tank. Afterthat, you can switch to wet mode to tackle the stains. This tool is more efficient than an upholstery tool or stain tool alone.

Better design

Bissell 1986 has a longer cord (25 ft., Bissell 1548 cord is 22 ft.), longer warranty time (5 years), easy removable brushroll cover, also very lightweight (17.5 lbs.).

The high satisfaction level of Bissell 1986 plus 5 year warranty claim this model is very efficient and durable.

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