How to Clean Stairs Until They are Spotless – Cleaning Carpeted and Uncarpeted Stairs

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We’re going to take a lucky guess that you’re here because you want some tips on how to clean stairs.

Staircases add an alluring and picturesque, and authentic look inside the home, especially the wooden stairs. Staircases inside the house have been around for centuries, and they will be with us for years to come. Staircases are a focal point in the home, pretty much the first thing to be noticed inside the house. They can either be modern, minimalist or vintage styles, depending on the homeowner’s taste and preference. 

In homes with younger children, spillages and muddy footprints are common, especially on the stairs. Below is a guide to help clean your stairs and leave them spotless, even with kids around. 

Tidy Up the Stairs

Like any other room, the first thing to do when you want to clean is to tidy up. Do the same with stairs; check for any stray toys, laundry, gadgets, or any other item that may have been left on the stairs.

Having clutter all over the staircase does not only make it look untidy, but it can be a safety hazard as someone may trip over it and fall down the stairs causing harm to the body, or worse, death. To avoid such incidents, insist that everyone leaves toys and anything else they were using in their rightful place.

Clean the Handrails

The most forgotten part of the staircase is usually the handrails. Most people will only clean the stairs and forget the barriers. The rails get generally sticky and greasy at times, so to clean them, don’t use a stiff brush instead of using a wet cloth in detergent to wipe off the rails. Scrubbing may be harmful to the surface of the rails. Use a mixture of vinegar and water to remove the dirt on the grills safely.

Vacuum more than Once

Some stairs are usually carpeted, and this calls for vacuuming to ensure they are spotlessly clean. Yes, for uncarpeted stairs you can sweep (a Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Dry and Wet Floor Cleaner works great) or use a dusting mop for routine cleaning, but you’ll also want to vacuum them from time to time to really get up all the dirt.

Remember, vacuums come with special tools to clean difficult to reach areas like the corners on a staircase. Therefore, to ensure a clean stairway, clean all the corners using the recommended tools detached from the vacuum cleaner to clean edges that the vacuum as a whole cannot reach.

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Hand-scrub your Stairs Occasionally

Occasionally hand-scrubbing stairs is known as spring cleaning when you decide to do a thorough cleaning of the stairs. If the stairs have a removable carpet, this is the time to remove, wash, or air your carpet while hand-scrubbing the stairs until they sparkle clean.

Hand-scrubbing is a perfect way to spot-clean, especially for stubborn stains. Clean staircases, just like clean counters, tabletops, and surfaces, keep your family safe from bacteria and germs, as these culprits cannot breed in a clean environment.

Do not forget the risers

A riser is a place between the steps which is always forgotten, and if it does not get cleaned often, no matter how clean your stairs are, the riser might make it look dirty because it is prone to collecting dirt and dust.

To clean the riser and leave it spotless, spray an all-purpose cleaner on the riser and using a clean rag, wipe the riser gently to remove dust and dirt.

Oh, Woody Wood!

Most staircases are usually wooden, and water or moisture is a great enemy of wood. Make sure, while cleaning, you take good care of the wooden staircase. Minimize the amount of water you use on them, and in case you use water, dry thoroughly to rid of humidity that is detrimental to the wood.

When cleaning your wood stairs (and floors), it is essential that you don’t use a polish, oil, or cleaner designed for furniture. This is a recipe for disaster because it will make the stairs slippery! Many people clean wood floors with white vinegar and water, or you can purchase a special wood floor cleaner.

Perfect the Finishing

The more you clean, the stairs become sparkling, but they also wear off, especially the topcoat or finishing. Occasionally, especially when you are deep cleaning your stairways, perfect the finish, especially on the handrails and risers.

Restore the beauty of your staircase by refurbishing. Start by removing the old paint using a wood stripper. Sand the area to make it smooth enough to absorb the new color. Before applying the fresh paint, apply the wood conditioner to ensure the fresh paint is absorbed evenly. Apply wood paint of your choice, and leave to rest for 10-15 minutes to dry off naturally. If you want a deeper color, add more layers of the paint, with breaks in between to allow the paint to dry. 

how to clean stairs - don't forget railings

Cleaning the staircase may be tedious but gratifying in the long run. You only need to learn a few tricks and hacks of accentuating the beauty of this rustic and authentic addition to your home.

Another way to ensure a clean stairway is to change the carpet once you realize it has stains that do not seem to come out despite cleaning it occasionally. A rug or carpet can make or break your space; therefore, ensure you change them when they are either worn out or too stained.

Remember to use the right supplies when cleaning stairs and floors, not the ones with harsh chemicals that will damage the surfaces instead of leaving them clean and shiny.

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