Shark Pet Perfect II SV780 Review — Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Carpet, Floors, Furniture, Cars & More

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The Shark® Cordless Pet Perfect® II HandVac SV780 is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning pet hair and spot vacuuming. The SV780 is an upgrade of the Shark® Cordless Pet Perfect® HandVac — both of which are older series handheld vacuums designed specifically with pet owners in mind.

When shopping for Shark Pet Perfect Hand Vacs, other model numbers you may come across besides SV780, include SV75, SV75Z, SV780 14, SV780_N, SV780_N 14, SV780SP_N, SV780W. The 80 series numbers refer to the Pet Perfect® II with the letters standing for different vendors.

This lightweight portable vacuum model is features, a Ni-MH battery 18.0 V to give energy and 4 attachments for different tasks. Users love this model for its versatility and strong suction power.

However, there are quite many biased opinions when talking about the ease of filter replacement and maintenance cost. But overall, this portable vacuum consistently gets great user reviews and is still a best seller. When we last checked, it was also about half the price of the larger Shark® Cordless Pet Perfect® XL Lithium-Ion Handheld Vacuum (LV801) model.

If you have seen any of our other reviews, you probably read about how purchasing older vacuums can be a great way to save money. As long as the vacuum has the features you need, this makes sense but there is a downside.

First of all, just newer models often go on sale making it possible to get better features and technologies for a similar price range. Additionally, replacement parts can be harder to get for discontinued models.

For those reasons, you may also want to take a look at some of Shark’s other handheld vacuums before you make a decision. Some of their best rated models include:

To be honest, we really like the innovation of the Shark® WANDVAC in terms of how the design makes it easy to get into small spaces. It packs a lot of power and versatility and portability in handheld vacuum that only weighs 1.4 pounds!

Get the most out of the Shark ION™ WANDVAC Cordless Handheld Vacuum

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Highlights and Features of the Shark SV780 Hand Vacuum

This portable handheld vacuum offers deep cleaning thanks to an extra-large detachable motorized brush for quick and easy cleanups of pet hair and ground-in dirt. The crevice tool and dusting brush add to it’s versatility making it perfect for home, upholstery, cars, RVs and more.

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum User Review | Top Picks Guide

Here’s an overview of the features of the Shark SV780 Handheld Vacuum.

  • Easy to clean dust cup with capacity of 0.56 quarts
  • Comes with rechargeable 18 volt (7.4 amp) battery and charging station
  • Light weight portable vacuum weighing a little under 5 pounds
  • Has an easily detachable and washable filter
  • Tools include Motorized Pet Hair Brush, Dusting Brush, and Crevice Tool

FAQs and troubleshooting of Shark SV780

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Is there a difference between model number sc780 and sc780_n?

What is the difference between the LV801 and SV801?

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