Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner FH50220 Reviews

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The Max Extract® 60 Pressure Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner is Hoover original carpet cleaner design series, besides the Steamvac series. Hoover Max Extract 60 is the most popular in this series. Like it’s big brother the Max Extract® 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner this is also one of Hoover’s discontinued models, but you can still find them online.

This model has the ability to remove dirt and pet hairs out of the carpet amazingly. The heated forced air also helps the carpet to dry faster. One of the biggest differences between the Max Extract 60 FH50220 and Max Extract 77 FH50240 models is that the Extract 60 is not designed to work on hard floors.

Hoover Max Extract 60 uses a patented counter-spinning brush unit on a brush head for loosening, removing and extracting them out of the carpet. Afterwards, the carpet is dried faster with its heated forced air.

On the downside, it does not have the water/rinse selector (like the Max Extract 77) which will allow you to wash the carpet without the need to change the water. Therefore, after washing the carpet, you need to empty the water tank and fill with tap water for removing the detergent residues.

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Should You Buy a Hoover Max Extract 60 in 2021?

While Hoover Max Extract is a good upright carpet cleaner for many years, Hoover has stepped forward with newer models with better performance and ergonomic value.

Overview of Features: Hoover Max Extract 60

If you need an upright unit for general uses with amazing performance, Hoover Powerscrub Elite FH50251PC is our first recommendation

If you need an upright carpet washer with automatic features and extremely easy-to-use, Hoover Smartwash FH520000 is the most advanced one

If you need an upright model under a small budget, check for Hoover Powerdash FH50700

Coupon for Hoover Max Extract 60

As it is a classic model, Hoover Max Extract is often available at a good discount compared to when it first came out. You may also be able to find a renewed model on Amazon.

Technologies and benefits of Max Extract 60

  • 60 counter rotating spin brush on the brush head (13’’ width) for maximal scrubbing activities to loosen and remove the dirt, grime, pet hairs out of the carpets.
  • Edge cleaning ability – you do not need to use hand tool for cleaning corners such as carpeted stair edges.
  • 2 water tanks – easy to fill and empty the water tank
  • Forced heated air to speed up the carpet drying time
  • Dirty water extraction from carpet for recovering more dirty water
  • Auto-detergent mixing chamber
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Tools: upholstery tool

Specifications of Hoover Max Extract 60

  • Cord Length 20 Feet
  • Hose Length 9 Feet
  • Motor Amps 10 Amps
  • Nozzle Width 13 Inches
  • Clean Water Capacity 147 Ounce(s)
  • Product Weight 21.85 Pounds
  • Cleaning Solutions Included 16 oz Clean Plus 2X

Pros and Cons of Hoover Max Extract 60 Carpet Cleaner

What We Like…

  • This Hoover max Extract 60 carpet cleaner has a powerful motor (10 amps), heated cleaning ability so the carpet will dry faster.
  • The brush head design is a major success of Hoover Max Extract to recover more dirt and pet hairs.
  • It is one of the most common choices when talking about full-size carpet cleaner for home use.

What Could Be Better…

  • The model does not have water/rinse selector.
  • It is incapable of adjusting the brush speed therefore if you have expensive carpets that require gentle scrubbing, the high-speed brush roll may be unsuitable.
  • Older model so eventually will be hard to find replacement parts.

Recommendation about Hoover Max Extract 60

Recommendation for users who are looking for a near commercial grade carpet cleaner for cleaning the floor carpets in these areas: home floor, traffic zone carpet, hotel, restaurant

Against for users who need a spot carpet cleaner, home with delicate area carpets cleaning only.

Compare Hoover Max Extract 60, Max Extract 77, Max Extract Dual V and Max Extract All terrain

 Max Extract 60 Max Extract Dual V Max Extract All-Terrain Max Extract 77
3-Speed Brushroll Controlnoyesyesyes
Wash/Rinse Selectornononoyes
Edge Cleaning Bristlesyesyesyesyes
Nozzle Width13″13″13″13″
Weight21.9 lbs.27 lbs.30 lbs.22.5 lbs.
Multi-Floor Cleaning Capabilities  yesyes
ToolsUpholstery Tool and 16 oz SolutionSpinScrub Powered Hand Tool, Upholstery Tool and Removable Tool CaddySpinScrub Powered Hand Tool, Upholstery Tool and SqueegeeSpinScrub Powered Hand Tool, Upholstery Tool
NOTE: All of these are older models and harder to find. Chart is for comparison purposes.

FAQs & troubleshooting of Hoover Max Extract 60

Coming Soon

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