Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Vs Elite – Side By Side Comparison Of Hoover Upright Carpet Cleaners

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Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe vs Powerscrub Elite – What is the difference?

The direct answer to the question ” What is the difference between Hoover Powerscrub Deluxe vs. Elite model upright shampooers” is that, Hoover Powerscrub Elite is the upgraded version of the Deluxe.

The Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner has all of the features of the Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe and few more benefits such as a larger water tank, a quick clean mode and a sprayer on the nozzle. The Elite comes with Hoover’s 2-in-1 Antimicrobial Pet Tool.

If we were to quickly sum up the differences between the two overall, the Deluxe’s key benefit is it’s deep cleaning ability while the Elite is best known for it’s fast drying ability.

The Hoover Powerscrub Elite is more favorable if you are a pet owner looking for a carpet cleaner in 2020. While the retail price difference between the two models is not a lot, the Deluxe model can be considered one of the best value deep cleaning carpet shampooers.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a carped shampooer that offers both automatic carpet cleaning and fast dry modes, you may want to consider the Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner (which we also reviewed).

Hoover Power Scrub FH50150 vs FH50251 Demo

We have done separate reviews for both of these Hoover upright carpet shampooers, where you can get more details. As always, a quick reminder that you may see different model numbers for these Hoover carpet cleaners, depending upon where you are shopping.

In this article we will compare the main features of the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe and the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe to see the benefits, pros and cons of each model.

But before that, let’s check the live tests of Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe and Elite in the below videos

Advantages of Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe vs. Elite


Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe FH50150PC is one of the best upright carpet cleaner on the market, which is also the most popular choice when talking about a full-size carpet cleaner for home use. This design is the choice of over ten thousand users, which leaves other rivals in the breezing dust behind.

You may wonder why it is so popular and favorable even it has been appeared for about 5 years so far. This is because the Hoover FH50150PC is powerful and cheap.


This upright carpet washer uses a motor of 10 amps, which is stronger than many models from other brands. The use of a strong motor is one of the greatest advantage, because it can deliver more suction power/ scrubbing activities than one with weaker motor.

To give a boost in scrubbing activities, Hoover FH50150PC uses an active brush system, including 60 counter-rotating brush units to spin, scrub, loosen the dirt on the carpet.


Apart from the dirt and stain removing ability, Hoover FH50150PC  still have another useful feature that I very like that is the water/rinse selector.

After cleaning the carpet and rug, a lot of chemical residues are left on the carpet and you should wash the carpet with plain water again. This Hoover FH50150PC has a switch for you to choose either to use detergent solution for cleaning or just tap water for washing the carpet without the need of changing water like others. It is convenient, time saving and safe for our health.


Some other nice features that you may love from this model such as lightweight (about 19 lbs.), long hose (8 ft), the water tanks are big and the dirty tank has a quick pour spout for you to empty effortlessly. To make the carpet dry faster, it use hot airs to vaporize the water and allow you to come back to the carpet within a few hours. The unit is backed by Hoover for 2 years.

Low price

The fact is that Hoover FH50150PC is chosen by over ten thousand users with a very high satisfaction level and it is quite cheap, therefore it is always the first recommendation if you are buying a carpet cleaner first time. You can see the cleaning results of Hoover Fh50150PC in the photo below.

You may not know: Hoover Powerscrub Deluxe is the most popular upright carpet cleaners for home use over 5 years so far.

Advantages of Hoover Powerscrub Elite vs. Deluxe

Has 2 cleaning modes

With the Power Scrub Elite Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer Hoover maintained the best features of the previous model and added some twists to bring an even better option for consumers. It can be considered an upgrade unit of the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe.

The Hoover Elite FH50251PC gives you 2 choices, you can clean the carpet with express mode or deep mode.

  • The express mode is for fast cleaning to clean the carpet on routine, to pick up spillage and to clean thin carpet. With this cleaning mode, the carpet will be dried in about only 45 minutes. This is a great benefits for home with kids, pets, and mishap spillage.
  • The deep mode is for deep cleaning which is designed to clean thick carpet, high pile carpet, heavy traffic carpet. With this mode, the carpet will be cleaned deeply to the backing. With this deep cleaning mode, the carpet will have the drying time similar to the Hoover FH50150PC model (about 3-4 hours generally).

Stain attack sprayer – clean stain faster

A second addition to the Elite FH50251PC is the built-on sprayer on the brush head, which is a nice feature to attack the stain when you need more detergent. This feature is quite handy for home with a lot of pet stains, spillages…

Bigger water tank – holds more water

Third, Hoover Elite FH50251PC still have the same weight with the Hoover FH50150PC about under 19 lbs, but it has a bigger water tank capacity (1.25 Gallons vs 1.0 Gallon), so you can clean more areas with this new design

Fourth, Hoover Elite FH50251PC has 2 edge brushes on the brushroll so it clean the edges better. The brush head and pet tool are made with anti-microbial materials to reduce the growth of mildew and bacteria, which will help the carpet cleaner to have a longer life span

Pet design – optimized for stains and pet urine

Fifth, this model uses a 2-in-1 Anti-microbial pet tool, which allows you to insert a rubber nub for pet messes cleaning, or a bristle for tough stain removal.

With these additional benefits, Hoover Elite FH50251PC is also very highly rated from the users. It gives users more flexibility in cleaning demands, and ensure the machine to work for longer time. The best part is that Hoover Elite FH50251PC is also very affordable (it is in the same range of the Hoover FH50150PC).

Instructions for cleaning your carpet by using a carpet cleaner

To achieve the best cleaning results, you should

  • Vacuum the whole areas before washing the carpet.
  • Rinse your carpet with plain water first. This step is very important because the cleaning solution will work better on wet carpet rather than dry carpet
  • Wash the carpet with your upright carpet cleaner. Go the same area a few times to clean deeply.
  • After that, wash the carpet again with plain water.
  • You may need to pre-treat the stain if it is old so the carpet cleaner can remove them easier — especially if it is a pet stain.

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