Shark APEX vs DuoClean – Do All APEX Vacuums Have DuoClean Brushroll?

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Shark has many upright vacuum whose name is based on the most important technologies applied on that series. This means a vacuum cleaners name can include both the line/series and the technology.

For example, there are the Shark APEX, Shark APEX with Duoclean, Shark Duoclean Speed or Shark Rocket with Duoclean and so on.

And you may be wondering what all of these names mean. We will explain the key difference so that you can have a better consideration when choosing a Shark upright vacuum.

Let’s start with the short answer to the question, what is the difference between Shark APEX and Shark DuoClean?

  • APEX is a series of vacuum cleaners from Shark (just like the Rocket, Rotator and Navigator)
  • DuoClean is a technology that is available from Shark on different models, including some in the APEX series.

What is Shark APEX?

Shark APEX refers to a series of the upright vacuum, featuring the active gliding wheel of the unit (called APEX technology). This technology helps the vacuum to move smoothly on carpets or transverse easily from one surface to another one. This series is also Shark most advanced series.

Shark APEX with Duoclean live performance

Some popular models of Shark APEX vacuums that have DuoClean technology include the Shark APEX UpLight Lift-Away DuoClean, Shark APEX DuoClean Stick Vacuum with Zero-M, and the Shark APEX Upright Vacuum with DuoClean and Zero-M.

As you can see from these examples, Shark APEX vacuums often combine other technologies, such as Zero-M No Hair Wrap, Power-Lift away canister, noise reduction and so on.

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What is Shark Duoclean?

Shark Duoclean refers to the design of the brush roller, featuring 2 rollers on the same cleaner head, that’s why it is called Duoclean. Duoclean brush head has a hard bristle and a soft roller, therefore it can engage to the hard floors and pick the fine dust better than other upright units.

A Duoclean brush head (with Zero-M) has 2 separate rollers. Image Credit: Shark

Shark Duoclean series features the Duoclean brush head, a compact canister (Lift-away style) and HEPA filters. They are generally lightweight, small dust bin capacity and small cleaning path width.

Famous Shark Duoclean models are Shark Duoclean NV803.

This brush roller design is Shark’s best cleaner head, therefore it is applied on many series. For instance,

You will notice some models such as

  • Shark Rocket with Duoclean – an ultra lightweight corded stick vacuum series
  • Shark IONflex with Duoclean – an ultra lightweight cordless stick vacuum series
  • Other models include Shark Flex HV391 Shark ION F80, F40, P50 models are famous cordless stick vacuum models with Duoclean brushroll.

Shark Vacuums with No Duoclean Technologies

There are other upright series without Duoclean brush head that you can also consider such as Shark Rotator and Navigator. Usually, their prices are much cheaper and more popular.

You can check for Shark Navigator, a low price vacuum with nearly 10 thousands feedback

Shark APEX vs Shark Duoclean – Which is better?

First of all, the answer to this question is like comparing apples with an apple peeler. There are many kinds of apples, just as there are many different kinds of peelers. And those peelers can be used on all different kinds of apples.

So, the question here is not whether Shark APEX or Shark DuoClean is better, but rather what type of vacuum is best for you and what technologies do you need. The question also comes down to balancing price and benefits.

For example, if you like the DuoClean technology, you will then have to decide what kind of vacuum you want — stick, upright, portable? Do you want an APEX, Rocket, Navigator or Rotator with DuoClean?

Or, if you know for sure that you want an APEX vacuum, you will need to decide whether you need the Duoclean, as well as any other technologies.

The more technologies you add, the more the vacuum will cost.

You can also consider the Shark Navigator series as an alternative if you want a cheaper option. A detailed comparison between Shark APEX and Shark Navigator here can help.

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