Shark ION Robot 750 Vacuum RV750 Reviews — R75 Wi-Fi and Voice Control

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The Shark ION™ Robot Vacuum 750/RV750 is the updated version of the Shark ION 720/RV720 by adding WiFi connectivity so you can control this unit with your phone app via Alexa voice. This robotic vacuum keeps all of the best features such as smart navigation sensors, self cleaning brush technologies, low profile and affordable price.

Shark ION Robot 750 – Image Credit: Shark

By the way, this model is the same as the Shark ION™ R75, it’s just that different sites and retails are assigned different model numbers for tracking (and sometimes people drop the letters when talking about it. It is also the same as the R76 series with the exception of color. The R75 is black and the R76 has dark blue accents.

You will also come across models Shark AV751 ION Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi and Voice Control and SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85 WiFi-Connected and Voice Controlled Robot Vacuum (RV850). The difference between those two models is that the 871 has a larger dust bin. Additionally, the 800 series has more deep-cleaning suction power than the original Shark ION Robot R750.

This robotic vacuum keeps all of the best features from Shark Ion Robot RV720/R72 such as smart navigation sensors, self cleaning brush technologies, low profile and affordable price.

If you are interested, the latest, most advanced robotic vacuums from Shark are the Shark IQ Robot™ Vacuum R101/RV1001 with Wi-Fi and Home Mapping and the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty RV1001AE (which also has Wi-Fi and Mapping).

Shark Ion Robot RV750 is one of the best robot vacuum at a decent price when compared with other brands at the same price range. The only minor downside is that it has a short run time of 90 minutes. This means for multiple large rooms it will probably have to return to its dock to recharge.

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Technologies and benefits – Shark ION Robot R75 / RV750

This unit is very similar to the Shark ION ROBOT 720. Both models have Smart Sensor Navigation. They also work well handling both long human hair and pet hair, and run relatively quite.

Discover the future of cleaning with the Shark ION™ R75 Robot Vacuum

Rather than repeat ourselves, you can learn more about the technology used in Shark Ion Robot here.

Compared to the 720, the additional feature on Shark Ion Robot 750 is WiFi connection so that you can schedule this unit via Alexa Voice.

Shark ION Robot 750 Smart Technology – Image Credit: Shark

It is important to not that even with this Smart technology, the R75 is not as “smart” as other models because it does not have room mapping functionality — but that also means a lower price tag, so it depends upon what you need.

Shark ION Robot Performance with Stairs and Room Transitions

Both the 750 or the 720 robotic vacuum have no problem transition between different thickness rugs or going from carpets to hard floors. It can’t go up stairs on its own, so you will have to carry it. It does have sensors to avoid falling downstairs though.

Shark ION Robot 750 Sensors – Image Credit: Shark

Compared to the ION 87/RV871, the dust cup is smaller. Additionally it is more powerful and has three times the suction when in Max Mode than the 750.

For comparison between iRobot vacuums, the ION 750 is most similar to the Roomba 960. We have a review for that if you want to see the features of the Roomba.

Considering going for the Full Monty? Check out the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty™!

While the ION Robot series is not Shark’s newest series, many of these robotic vacuums continue to be best-sellers with good ratings. Other ION robotic vacuums include:

Shark ION R75/RV750/750 FAQS

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