Shark ION Robot 720 Vacuum reviews — Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Sensor Navigation

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When it first came out, the Shark ION™ Robot Vacuum was an innovative robotic vacuum cleaner which is designed for home with pets. The 720 model is controlled by a remote to schedule the cleaning routine using Smart Sensor Navigation. With this particular version you will see different models depending upon where you are purchasing it including RV720_N, RV700, RV700_N, RV720, RV725_N

Shark has since come out with newer models such the Shark IQ Robot™ Vacuum R100W with Wi-Fi & Home Mapping and the Shark IQ Robot™ XL Vacuum R101AEW with Self-Empty Base, as well as newer versions of the Shark ION robot vacuum. You can still find this older model on sites like Amazon both as overstock and certified renewed.

This robotic vacuum cleaner is what you would call a mid-level robot because it does not map out your rooms and it does not have Wi-Fi to connect to mobile apps or Smart Home technology.

If that is what you are looking for, some of the Shark vacuum cleaners that have this feature include the Shark ION™ R75/750/RV750, Shark ION™ Robot R87/RV871, and the newer Shark IQ Robot™ Vacuum R101/RV1001 with Home Mapping and the Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty RV1001AE.

The best part of Shark Ion Robot 720 is that it uses a self-cleaning, tangle-free brush roll to capture the pet hair, girl hair, dust and allergens without being clogged.

For edge cleaning, you can attach the dual spinning brushes to the unit to pull off dirt from stair corners. The model also features smart sensors to identify obstacles and floor types to prevent falling off.

The model uses a Li-ion battery for running maximal of 60 minutes per charge which is sufficient to clean a small home. When the battery gets low, the robot will return to its dock automatically to recharge.

Last but not least, this unit is very affordable (about 250 dollar price range) and very durable.

Shark ION ROBOT™ Robotic Vacuum – Features Overview

Tools Included: scheduling remote, triple A batteries for remote,  side brushes, filters, Lithium-ion battery,  charging dock,  9 feet of botboundary,  botboundary connectors and cleaning tool

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Should you buy Shark ION Robot 720 in 2021?

Shark ION robot 720 is a nice entry-level robot vacuum, with smart sensors to help it avoid banging into things. However if you are looking for Smart Home technology, it’s not going to work for you.

On the downside, Shark Ion Robot 720 does not have WiFi connection;therefore you can not control the unit while you are not there. The updated versions such as the Shark Ion Robot R75, R87, and IQ Robot have this added this feature).

The running time is about 60 minutes which is shorter than rivals like Roomba or ILIFE. Additionally, this model does not have room mapping technology.

Apart from Shark robots, a lot of competitors in the same price range offers many models with advanced features. For instance, Ecovacs Deebot N79s can be a great alternative to Shark ION robot.

Technologies and benefits of Shark Ion Robot 720

Smart sensor navigation 

Like any robot vacuum, Shark Ion Robot uses smart sensors to detect the obstacles while moving around. The sensors are capable of realizing floors, carpets and furniture around your home — and it easily transitions from one to the other.

This robotic “knows” how to avoid stairs so it won’t fall down them. However, it is not capable of going up stairs by itself. It also comes with magnetic strips that you can place down for areas where you do not want the vacuum to go (these are called botboundaries).

Remote control

Sometimes, users love to have a remote control when using a home appliance rather than using the smart phone. Shark Ion Robot 720 has a remote for scheduling the robot activities like docking, charging, and cleaning.

Self-cleaning brush roll

Because the pet hairs can cause the robot vacuum brushes to stop working, Shark Ion Robot 720 uses a self-cleaning brush roll. You basically can remove the brush roll and use the scissors to cut the pet hair, girl hair easily.

Low profile

One of the best part of Shark Ion Robot 720 is that it has a very low profile only about 2.6 inches (one of the lowest robot unit on the market) so that it can navigate under kitchen cabinets, furniture, nightstand… A robot vacuum with high profile will fail to clean these areas.

Self-cleaning technologies

Allow the brush roll to be free from tangling with long hairs, pet hair and more.

FAQs & troubleshooting of Shark Ion Robot 720

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