Shark UV700 vs Shark APEX AZ1002 – What is the difference Between Shark DuoClean Vacuums?

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As of this writing, the Shark APEX line is one of Shark’s most advanced vacuum series, including upright and stick vacuums.

We’ll be talking about the upright vacuum cleaners in this article.

But before we get there, we want to mention that Shark released the Shark APEX DuoClean PowerFins in late September 2020, which is the Shark’s most powerful vacuum ever, with incredible suction and innovative cleaning technologies.

Let us assist you in finding the best upright vacuums cleaner for you.

Today’s APEX vacuums feature multiple technologies, including Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap, Lift-Away canister, and DuoClean — but that’s not all that makes APEX vacuums stand out. Let’s look at the difference between Shark DuoClean standard vacuums and Shark APEX DuoClean vacuum cleaners.

Over the years, Shark has made many improvements in its technologies, including its advanced DuoClean technology — a two-brush roller system that deep cleans carpeting and softly polishes hardwoods.

Shark® Vacuums With DuoClean™ Technology

The Shark® DuoClean® with Zero-M® Self-Cleaning Brushroll Lift-Away® Upright Vacuum UV700 is one of the earlier vacuums to incorporate this innovative dual brush technology. In addition to DuoClean, it features an anti-tangle self-cleaning brush roll, and the lift-away canister separates from the main body to provide more efficient cleaning and reach.

The lift-Away canister enables you to take the canister out for easy portable cleaning. You’ll have access to the full-size dustbin. It’s easy for you to carry the canister rather than carrying the whole vacuum to empty it.

As an older model, the Shark DuoClean UV700 upright vacuum cleaner is typically only found used or renewed unless you come across a retailer that still has overstock

For a while, this technology combination was pretty impressive until Shark came out with the APEX vacuums, which added Noise Reduction and Active-Glide Technology. Among the most current Shark APEX DuoClean vacuums are the 1000 series, including the AZ1002, AZ1000W, AZ1000, AZ1002BRN, and AZ1002C models (with the letters signifying where sold).

Like its standard model predecessors, the Shark® APEX® AZ1002 Upright Vacuum also features Powered Lift-Away®, DuoClean®, and Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll technology. This model is an improvement over the Shark APEX 950 series (models AX950, AX951, AX952).

The Apex has the latest Zero M technology that hinder long hairs from snarling in the brushroll.

You can tell the difference between these two versions right away — the Shark DuoClean UV700 is blue, and the Shark APEX DuoClean AZ1002 is red. There are also differences in weight, size, and cleaning capacity of the dustbin. Both series have Shark’s anti allergen complete Seal and HEPA filter and swivel steering.

Should you choose Shark UV700 or Shark APEX AZ1002?

Unless you already have a standard DuoClean vacuum and are considering an upgrade (or found a really, really good deal), the “real world” difference is that the UV700 is no longer being made, so for us, that makes the decision between the two an easy one.

However, if you want more details, we have separate vacuum reviews for both of these vacuums, as well as a few other Shark APEX vacuum cleaners.

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