Prime Day Roomba Deals — Discounts on Robot Vacuums

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Prime day Roomba deals 2020 – discover the best robot vacuum cleaner deals during Prime Day 2020 event

Prime day 2020 is expected to happen on 15th July 2020. On this day, a lot of robot vacuum cleaners from authentic brands offer huge discounts up to 50%. It is a great opportunity to upgrade your home cleaning machines at less cost.

Currently, you can sign-up for Prime member free trial here

Here we feature the most popular, high-rating robot vacuum cleaners from Irobot (Roomba) and other brands with thousands of feedback. You can keep an eye for these models to get the best deal when the event comes to place.

Prime Day Roomba Deals 2020

Roomba 675 – Entry Level Robot Vacuum

Roomba 675 is an entry-level robot vacuum with wifi connection. This unit is recommended for small-to-medium houses. The robot can run for 90 minutes and it can automatically recharge. Prime day Roomba 675 deals 2020 price will be updated when the event happens.

This low-price Roomba model is efficient for homes with hard floors, thin carpets, pets and you can control the robot via smartphone easily.

The maintenance cost of Roomba 675 is also cheaper than other series.

You should realize that Roomba 675 does not have advanced sensors for working on dark floors, or mapping technology to visualize the room and set a personal cleaning area.

With a little bit of attention (remove wires, cords, and objects on floors before cleaning), Roomba 675 is a nice option to start with if you are in a limited budget.

Roomba 690 – Entry Level Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

Another entry-level Roomba you can consider is the Roomba 690, which is similar to the Roomba 675 model in design. However, with Roomba 690, iRobot uses a bigger dust bin size and the dual mode virtual barrier is included in the package. To some extent, Roomba 690 is more flexible if you have a lot of furniture, a working table or areas you do not want the Roomba to enter.

Prime day Roomba 690 deals 2020 price will be updated later. Currently, you can check for the price of this model here.

Besides, Roomba 690 has a remote and Roomba 675 does not have it. Price of Roomba 690 is about 30 dollars more than Roomba 675, therefore, we think you can also take Roomba 690 if you have some areas that need to be blocked

You are looking for a Roomba as a gift for seniors (who prefer to use a remote rather than a smartphone) then the more basic Roomba 614 might be worth checking out as well.

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Mid-level Roomba

Mid-level Roomba series include Roomba 700s, Roomba 800s, and Roomba E series. The key difference between Roomba entry-level series and mid-series are motor power, brushless extractor, HEPA style filter, advanced dirt detects sensors and App usage.

It is important to note that because iRobot has come out with many newer models, several of these are no longer being made. However, you can still find some of them online at Amazon — until inventory runs out that is.

Mid-level Roomba models resolve a lot of issues such as:

  • better suction power when dealing with carpets
  • concentrated cleaning when dealing with traffic areas
  • less tangling brush roller and better air quality.

They are recommended for homes with multiple floor surfaces, long hair home, users with allergies.

However, these models are not incorporated with VSLAM technologies yet. It is not efficient when dealing with dark areas, and still missing some spots during cleaning.

Recommended models you should look after during Prime Day 2020 are Roomba 890, Roomba E5. These two models are the most popular, high-rating and have more customization options than entry level.

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Roomba 960 – Advanced-level Robot Vacuum

Recognized as the best Roomba model for many years, Roomba 960 is still a great option in Prime Day 2020 due to the ultimate performance and the price value. This unit has the VSLAM camera to record the room furniture and floor surfaces, map the surrounding environment and perform better overtimes.

Roomba 960 can clean in the dark, it also has more settings (area cleaning mode, path cleaning mode). It is suitable for users who need a smart robot to clean multiple floors, dark room, long pet hair, and less missed spots.

Prime day Roomba 900 deals 2020 price will be updated when the event happens.

Currently, you can check for the price of Roomba 960 here.

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iRobot’s Most Advanced Robot Vacuums

iRobot has the Roomba I series and Roomba S series which can be considered the ultimate robot vacuum on the market. When the i7 and i7+ first came out, the price was too much for the average home owner. However, with the release of the Roomba s9 and s9+, they became the more expensive models and the I series became more affordable.

Here is a glance of Roomba I series and Roomba S9 series for you to understand the improvements of them

Roomba I series

The Roomba I series features 2 new benefits:

  • stronger suction power (2X compared to Roomba 960),
  • Imprint mapping technology (so that you can choose and schedule room, area cleaning).

There are 2 models: Roomba i7 and Roomba i7+

With the Roomba i7+ model, there is self-disposal trash included. The Roomba will automatically empty the dust bin when it is full. Literally, it can be said that Roomba i7+ has 30X cleaning capacity compared to Roomba I7 thanks to this feature.

Prime day Roomba i7 deals 2020 prices will be updated when the event happens. However, it is not our first choice if you are seeking for a great Roomba Deals during Prime day — unless you need all that technology, then it becomes a less expensive choice compared to the newer Roomba S9.

Roomba S9 series

This series has 2 models includes Roomba S9 and Roomba S9+

They are featured by the D-shaped design to tackle edge cleaning. The robot has 4X suction power compared to Roomba i7 and bigger cleaning path. Besides, it is compatible with Braava jet M7 wet mopping robot on the App. You can ask the Roomba S9 to clean and the Bravva jet M6 to clean in sequence.

Roomba S9+ has auto-dirt disposal (similar to Roomba i7+) and the S9 model does not have it.

At the price over 1000 dollars, we think it is too expensive to buy for home cleaning unless you are a true fan of new technologies or have a really large house.

Prime day Roomba S9 deals 2020 price will be updated when the event happens.

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