Bissell Carpet and Floor Sweeper 92N0A Reviews — Natural Sweep Non-Electric Vacuum

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The Bissell Natural Sweep® Carpet & Floor Manual Sweeper is a broom style manual sweeper designed for cleaning hard floor and carpets without using electricity — making it eco friendly! It is quite cheap and very popular.

The best thing of this manual sweeper is that it can remove dust and large particles on both carpets and hard floors which is more efficient than a broom (broom is incapable of cleaning carpets). Even without power, it is strong enough to clean up everyday messes like crumbs, pet hair, cereal, coffee grinds, dirt, and more. It can even get into the corners.

One of the things we like about this model is that the handle comes in sections, so you can adjust the height which makes it great for when you want the kids to lend a hand with the cleaning chores.

On the downside, some users report that it does not work very well on laminate floors or tile floors with deeper crevices. It will pick up dirt in the cracks, but not as well as a vacuum.

It is also better for carpets with lower piles. It’s a great option if you have area rugs and your regular vacuum is too powerful. Or for when you have something little to clean up and don’t want to break out the electric vacuum.

This handy sweeper is also a favorite of many RV owners! You could even use it to sweep the floors of tents.

Technologies and Benefits

  • Contains parts that are 100% recycled plastic and PVC-free
  • Dual rotating brushes
  • 4 corner brushes for cleaning in corners and along edges
  • Safe on carpet, rugs and hard floors
  • Perfect for in-between cleanings
  • Durable design
  • Lightweight at 3.5 lbs
  • 9 1/2″ Cleaning Path
  • 1 Twisted and 1 Tufted Brush Roll
  • 9.5″ W X 10.5″ D X 43.25″ H

By the way, one of the things we love about Bissell is that they understand that people have different needs as well as design tastes.

We know that a sweeper isn’t necessarily a fashion statement, but Bissell has a variety of options that can fit your decor. For example, the City Sweeps line is perfect if you are going for an urban look. When we last looked you had a choice of Chicago, London or Seattle skylines!

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Compare Bissell Floor Sweeper 92N0A vs Turbo Sweeper 28806 vs Pet Hair Eraser 23T6A

 Natural Sweep, 92N0APerfect Sweep Turbo Rechargeable Sweeper, 28806Pet Hair Eraser Rechargeable Sweeper, 23T6A
How to useManual sweeperBattery-powered sweeperBattery-powered sweeper with soft rubber paddle brush roll
Weight (lbs)4.2 lb4.7 lb4 lb
Battery usenoyesyes
Amps 7.2V7.2V
Brush On/Off Featurenoyesyes
Rows of Brushes211
Cleaning Path Width9.5 inches12 inches12 inches
Multi Surfaceyesyesyes
WarrantyLiftetime1 Year1 Year

FAQs of Bissell Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Brush Rotating System 92N0A

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