Bissell 1819 Cleanview Rewind Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum Reviews

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The Bissell Cleanview Rewind Deluxe 1819 is a low price upright vacuum cleaner designed for whole home cleaning.

This model belongs to Bissell CleanView series, which includes the Cleanview vacuums with OnePass Technology, CleanView Swivel Pet, and CleanView Rewind models.

Bissell Cleanview Rewind Deluxe 1819 is featured by low price, a decent motor (8 amps rating) which is quite sufficient for cleaning hard floors and low pile carpets, automatic cord  rewind feature for hassle-free cleaning time, unique triple action brush roll that is capable of loosening, lifting and removing dirt and pet hairs from the carpet.

The best part of this unit is that while it is quite cheap, it has a great performance on hard floor and low pile carpets thanks to strong motor suction power, cyclonic air system, special brush roll design (edge-to-edge cleaning, triple action cleaning, scatter-free technology) and has a long warranty time from Bissell (3 years).

The downside, on the other hand, this unit has a smaller dust bin (1 liter) compared to Bissell Cleanview basic models (1831, 1822) (2 liters), it is a bit heavy (15.4 lbs.) and it does not have HEPA filtration or sealed allergen system.

How to use the CleanView® Deluxe Rewind Upright Vacuum — Feature Overview

Lets check for the technology, benefits and recommendation of this Bissell Cleanview 1819.

Technology, benefits and recommendation of this Bissell Cleanview 1819


This is a bagless, corded full-size upright vacuum cleaner at a low price, designed for homes with bare floors and low pile carpets. The model has a medium dust bin size and medium weight, it is, therefore, best suitable for home and apartment with medium footage areas.


Brushroll design – the Bissell Cleanview 1819 uses a brush roll with 3 brush lines (one more line compared to casual upright units), therefore it delivers more brushing actions on the surfaces.

It has the brush on 2 edges to pick up the dirt so that you only need to clean one single pass on one area. The brushroll cover is transparent so you can see if the pet hairs stuck on the roll. You can also set up the brush rolls height to be able to clean from high carpet to bare floors (5 setting regimes).


The Bissell Cleanview 1819 features cyclonic air system, a decent motor (8 amps rating), giving a strong suction enough to remove dirt and dust on bare floors and low pile carpet.

While this unit uses a motor rating of 8 amps rating, some users feel it is comparable to their Miele and Dyson models in terms of suction power.

Dust filtration

The unit uses the multi-filtration system including pre-motor foam filters and post-motor filters. The filter is quite durable, washable and cheap when you need to replace it.

This filtration is not a HEPA, therefore if you are having troubles with allergens, you should check for models with sealed allergen system and HEPA filter.

Automatic cord rewind

The cord is about 27 ft and can rewind automatically after you clean your home. It is a nice feature of this model.

5 Surface height setting

Bissell Cleanview 1819 brush roll height is adjustable with 5 settings, therefore it is more flexible for you to clean from bare floor to high pile carpet.

However because this model does not have variable suction control, it is recommended to work from bare floors to low pile carpets mostly. When using on high pile carpet, you should test if the suction level is suitable for your Berber , shag.

Medium dust cup with bottom released design

The dust cup is 1L which is similar to a compact upright vacuum cleaner (for example Shark Rotator Speed unit), and it also features bottom release so you can empty the dust cup without messing up.

The model has 4 tools: extension wand, turbo brush, crevice, dusting tool for cleaning stairs, upholstery, window.

It also comes with 3 years warranty from Bissell

Specifications of Bissell Cleanview 1819

  • Surface recommended: Bare Floors, Carpet, Hard Floors, Low Pile Carpet, Stairs, Upholstery
  • Dimensions: 13.2 x 13.5 x 44’’
  • Power Rating: 8 Amps
  • Filtration: Multi-Level Filtration
  • Cleaning Path Width: 13.5″
  • Cleaning System: Multi-Cyclonic
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs
  • Power Rating: 8 Amps
  • Power Source: Corded
  • Brush System: Triple Action
  • Variable Suction Control: No
  • Brush On/Off Switch: No
  • Power Cord Length: 27′
  • Automatic Cord Rewind: Yes
  • Hose Length: 8′
  • Surface Height Settings: 5
  • Dual Edge Cleaning: Yes
  • Bag Type: Bagless
  • Dirt Cup Capacity: 1 L
  • Dirt Sensor: No
  • Swivel Head: No
  • Tools: TurboBrushTool, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush and Extension Wand

Pros and cons of Bissell Cleanview 1819


  • This is a low price upright vacuum cleaner for whole home cleaning from Bissell, a great brand offering high-quality products and good customer services.
  • The model has good suction power, nice brush head and it is bagless so you won’t need to spend money to buy bags.
  • It is possible to pick up dust and big particles without scattering.
  • The automatic cord rewind is a nice bonus feature.


  • It is a classic design, therefore it lacks advanced features such as variable suction control, brush roll led lights, swivel steering, HEPA filter, fingertips control.

Recommendation of Bissell Cleanview 1819

  • Recommended for users who are looking for a low price full-size vacuum cleaner that works and durable.
  • Against for home with allergy sufferers, home with a lot of areas under furniture (because the brush head is not a swivel type) and users who are after for an advanced upright vacuum cleaner.

Bissell Cleanview comparison model 1819, 1825, 1822 and 1831

 Bissell CleanView Plus Rewind 1825Bissell CleanView Deluxe Rewind 1819Bissell CleanView 1831Bissell CleanView Plus 1822
Edge-to-Edge Cleaningnoyesnono
Triple Action Brush Roll + Scatter-Free Technologyyesyesnono
Automatic Cord Rewindyesyesnono
Cord Length25 ft.27 ft.25 ft.30 ft.
Hose Length6 ft.8 ft.6 ft.6 ft.
Tank size1.0 Liters1.0 Liters2.0 Liters2.0 Liters
Weight15.4 lb.15.4 lb.15.4 lb.15.4 lb.
ToolsTurboBrush Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Extension WandTurboBrush Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Extension WandTurboBrush Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Extension WandTurboBrush Tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Extension Wand
Warranty3-Year Limited3-Year Limited2-Year Limited3-Year Limited

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FAQs & troubleshooting of Bissell Cleanview 1819

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