Vacuum cleaner deal

Vacuum cleaner deal

Last update: 15th July 2018

Why spending more for a great vacuum while you can save a lot with vacuum cleaner deal? Occasionally, some best rated vacuum cleaners have huge discount up to 50%. Let’s discover the the deal of May, 2018 from famous brands like Shark, Dyson, Bissell, Eureka, Vonhaus, Eufy, Irobot, ILIFE and so on.

What is today best vacuum deal?

Today best vacuum cleaner deals are Shark Navigator series. 2 highly recommended models are the Shark Navigator NV356E and NV42.

Shark Navigator NV356E is Shark most popular model with over 10,000 feedback. This unit has all of the required benefits of a full-size home vac, including advanced swivel steering, bright LEDs, HEPA, sealed air system, super lightweight (about 13.5 lbs only) but has a generous dust bin (2.2 dry quarts), long warranty, suitable for all floor types from bare floors to high pile and shag carpet thanks to the variable suction control and brush on/off feature. Packed with all of the benefits and excellent features, NV356E is the first recommendation when buying a home vac. This model is spotted with a great price at the moment.

Shark Navigator NV42 is another great option. While this model does not have fancy features like swivel steering or HEPA filter, it is still very favorable for the powerful suction, bare floor and carpet cleaning, highly rating from thousand buyers and super affordable. If you are more conscious about the price, you will find Shark Navigator NV42 is one of your best deal.

Cordless vacuum cleaner deals

Cordless unit always the best option for home with a lot of furniture and above areas needed to be vacuumed daily. It gives more convenient, ergonomic value, sleek design and portability. Recent cordless units have super long run time and optional to upgrade with more battery packs so basically you can clean without limitation. Let’s check the best cordless vac deal of 15th July 2018

Hoover Linx cordless is Hoover most popular, high rating model. Although Hoover has innovated with Hoover Fusion cordless and Hoover REACT cordless, however the newer series are not very favorable from users. Nearly 10,000 feedback from users rates this model as being super affordable, reliable cordless vac that does the job. Hoover Linx cordless can run for about 20 minutes which is a bit short when compared with latest cordless model on the market like Dyson V8 or Dyson V10, but you can manage to clean 2000 sq ft area easily by getting one more battery pack.  The are some benefits of Hoover Linx cordless such as lightweight, extreme recline handle to reach under furniture with ease, bottom released dirt cup, edge cleaning capacity, multi floor cleaning, fuel gauge and fingertips power control.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum SV1106 is another great cordless vac that has huge discount. This model give similar benefits like Hoover Linx (cheap price, recline handle, bottom released dirt cup, popular choice)  and it has also a very high rating from thousand users. This unit can basically run for about 20 minutes, however the battery is not removable so you can’t upgrade the run time like Hoover Linx. On the other hand, it is ultra-lightweight which is only about 7 lbs. This model is recommended for home with smaller footage, such as a studio or apartment.

Dyson V7 cordless handheld is the sweet spot of Dyson brand. It has longer run time than Dyson V6 (Dyson V7 can run for 30 minutes), 150 % more suction than V6 too but the price is very affordable. While Dyson V8 is the best rated model at the moment, Dyson V7 is still a great option for balancing the benefits and the cost.

Robot vacuum deals

iRobot, Neato, Eufy, ILFE, Housmile, Deik, Pure Clean.. and a dozen of brands offers up to hundreds units. You will get into the maze of robot vacuum markets. Here let’s figure out the most popular, affordable, highly rating by thousands users and has full-feature packed models that are ready-to-buy robotic units. We would only highlight best rated models even they are not discounted greatly, for the sake of throughout performance and durability.

Eufy Robovac 11 is one of the most popular, highest rating series at this price range. Currently, there are 4 versions: the Robovac 11 (first edition) Robovac 11+ (second edition with max suction mode and improved bumper), Robovac 11c (second edition, for pet owner with a less tangling extractor and HEPA filter) and the Robovac 11S (slim design, 1300 Pa motor is used to give more suction – normal robot vac uses a 1000 Pa motor).  Eufy Robovac 11 series has throughout performance, big dust bin (about 0.6 L), efficient filter layers, 100 mins run time and ability to clean from bare floor to medium pile carpets. The best part of Eufy robot units is that, they can clean dark floors very well while other brands can clean bright floor but will fail to clean darker floors. Robovac 11 series is highly recommended for users who need nothing but a robot vacuum that works. Eufy Robovac 11 is controlled by a remote, it does not have wifi connection so far.

Deebot N79s is another great option, which is also has a high rating from users. Actually this model is nothing new, it is just the 2nd generation of Deebot N79, the best seller unit at low price. Deebot N79s keeps all of the benefits from the N79 model such as long run time (100+ mins run time), strong suction, throughout cleaning from bare floor to medium pile carpets and it has wifi connection. Now, you can control and schedule your robot vac with either a remote or a smartphone. Despite Ecovacs does not recommend this model for dark floors, users find it clean amazingly both bright floors and brown colored floors. If your floors is not marked as super dark style, Deebot N79S will give you the satisfaction.



Deals may expire soon and price can be changed subjectively by manufacturers. We are trying to keep update as soon as possible but the manufacturers and sellers can alter the deals and prices any time. Please check the price before purchasing. Thank you.

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