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Dyson Turbine Tool

Dyson Turbine Tool


Dyson Tangle free turbine tool is an attachment tool for Dyson vacuum cleaner to clean the hairs without stop working due to the hair wraps. This is a little tool to make your cleaning routine more convenient if you have multi pets at home because now you do not need to remove the pet hair by hand out of the vacuum brush any longer.


Why do we need a turbine tool

If you do not have a pet at home so it is not a deal but in case you are a pet owner, it is pretty sure that there are many times you have to remove the hair out of the vacuum brush during cleaning because your vacuum looses power or stop working. It causes a little trouble for those who do want to touch the dirt with bare hands or have allergic issues.

In this case, you might need a brush/ attachment that can collect hairs without being tangled during cleaning. This is the case of using a tangle free turbine tool.

Does Dyson tangle free turbine tool really work?

This vacuum head is designed with the purpose of delivering the dirt and hair straight away to the collection bin so it will not stick to the brush and cause clogging. This is achieved via its counter rotating heads with integrated brushed which can work on the uneven surface.

From Dyson words

A clean air turbine is positioned on top of the tool to guarantee continuous airflow to drive the heads. Angled air bleeds direct airflow to the center of the heads for improved dirt removal and an air inlet ensures that air flowing through the tool strips hair from the bristles and directs it into the bin. A mesh filter prevents dust from entering the turbine and decreasing performance.”

From users: this attachment is chosen by thousands of users with a relatively high satisfaction so it can guarantee to perform as mentioned from Dyson

Does this tool fit with all Dyson vacuum cleaners

This tool can fit with a lot of Dyson vacuum cleaners except for a few old models (for example DC24 vacuum cleaner which is a discontinued one). Therefore, you need to check for the compatibility with your vacuum cleaner which can be done here

Does this tool work will human hair

It works amazingly to collect human hair but you should also aware that this tool has a small footprint (3.1 x 6 x 6.8 inches) therefore it can be a good tool when you need to clean hair on upholstery, carpets with the medium size. For cleaning pet hair for the entire room it can be a lot of work.

Can this tool work with other vacuum cleaners from other brands

Yes, it can. There is an adapter that can connect between this turbine tool and other vacuum cleaners (you can check on SKU B00005M1SW)

Can this turbine tool work on dog

If you want to collect the loose hair from the dog, then you have to use Dyson Pet Groom Tool. This tool is designed for working on floor, carpet, upholstery

Will this tangle free tool work on Dyson V6, V7, V8, DC 40, DC 58…?

Yes, it can. This tool is adaptable for Dyson new models from DC 23 (except the DC24). To re-confirm, you can check directly your vacuum number with Dyson then they will confirm in a blink.

Will this work on a DC 14?
Answer: It works on all aircraft

Question: Forget pet hair. Does this work on long thick human hair? 3 girls sharing an apartment…
Answer: Yes it works great on my long hair. It is quite noisy but as long as it works doesn’t bother me.

Question: Does it fit the V6 ?
Answer: yes it does

Question: Can you use this with a non-Dyson vacuum? Can it attach to any vacuum hose or does it require an electrical connection?
Answer: The unit is powered by the suction of the vac. If you can get your hose to attach (and its a common size) it would work with the assumption your vacuum has decent suction. I used it once already with my shop vac only because I needed to use it for a wet application (and it performed wonderful) yet needed to use a 4 i… see more

Question: I didn’t see anyone asking about the DC59, will this attachment work, and function correctly?
Answer: I just received my new DC58 handheld today and I can confirm that the tangle free attachment DEFINITELY fits and works well. I believe the DC59 is is the same just with the floor unit added (DC58 has the prongs for the floor attachment). I know Dyson states it’s not for the cordless units, but I can confirm that it works!!!

Question: Is this good for whole house? I don’t have pets…but my hair are everywhere…! Is it for that or just pet hair?
Answer: no it is not just for pet hair. it is also great for tight places. and great in the car.

Question: Does it work with the v8??
Answer: Yes very well. However it does wear the battery down quicker

Will this go flat on the floor to get under carpeting under king size bed?
Answer: It does not go very flat. I can’t get under my cedar chest.

Question: Does it work (and performs well) with a DC58?
Answer: I can not say for sure on that model. I did purchase it for a different model then it was intended for and I am having no problems with it. It is great for animal hair.

Question: Does this work with the DC40?
Answer: I found this description on another site. *Compatible with Dyson DC39 Animal, DC41 Animal, DC41 Animal Complete, DC47 Animal, DC50 Animal and later animal models.

Question: Will this fit the DC21?
Answer: Yes it fits any Dyson product with their universal tool attachment

Will this work with my Dyson stick?
Answer: The Tangle-Free Turbine Tool is compatible with all Dyson upright and canister vacuums from DC23 onwards, except DC24 and cordless models.

Question: Is there an attachment to allow this to work with a DC24?
Answer: I needed an additional adapter to fit my DC17. I ordered it right from customer service.

Question: does it work on suction”
Answer: Hi Paul, yes it works on Suction, Suction from main Pipe divides into 2 rooms , 1 room suction powers the turbine and turns the brush discs. second rooms collects the dirt and stuff. i made my own adapter to fit this into other brand and models also , works fine. Cleans cat fur from carpets magically.

Answer: It’s supposed to work with all models of Dyson vacuums–the description says: “The Tangle-Free Turbine Tool is compatible with all Dyson upright and canister vacuums from DC23 onwards, except DC24 and cordless models.”

Question: Will it work with the dyson v6?
Answer: Yes

Question: does this attachment work with the v6
Answer: Well, if you are referring to it as: version 6 of the Dyson models yes it does work (or theoretically should work) with all of the models. they are the same size piping and attachment. One less headache in my opinion and did work rather well for the short duration that I used that attachment. If you are really wanting … see more

Question: Can I use this on my dog
Answer: NO, This will definetely burn your dogs skin. For your dog you need to use dyson groom tool.

Question: Does it fit DC44 Animal?
Answer: it should fit, I have an older dyson air muscle that fits and the animal is a newer version.

What are the dimensions of the part that connects to the hose. I want to make sure it will work with mine.
Answer: Not sure but it should fit on all Dyson models.

Question: Hi, i’m using dc58. does this one is compatible with dc58, too?
Answer: My understanding is it fits all the new models from DC44 on up. Might need an adapter for much older Dysons. You can also check Dyson’s website, too, for more info.

Question: Will the tangle free turbine work on the DC44 animal?
Answer: I read somewhere that it will not fit with a dc44. It works with a dc41 or dc47

Question: will this attachment fit the dyson stick vacuums
Answer: You will have to contact dyson on their web site for the answer to this. They are very helpful and responds quickly.

Question: Does it fit the V6 Motorhead cordless stick vac?
Answer: If it’s Dyson, it does. I have found all accessories to be interchangeable.this attachment is awesome. I use it on my cordless too.

Question: Does it come with the hose?
Answer: No. It connects with the existing hose.

Question: will this fit a dc07
Answer: I would have no idea, you will need to check the Dyson website.

Question: Will it attach and work with the DC-35 hand-held Animal?
Answer: To try this out I attached the brush to our DC-35. The DC-35, being a battery powered vacuum, has enough power to turn the attachment, but you can easily stop the brush when placing it on your hand. The brush attachment is powered by air flow created by the vacuum. I ran the DC-35 on the hardwood floor with the atta… see more

Question: can the dycon hard. double edge cleaning tool work on th dc44 animal
Answer: yes, I have used it .

Question: Does this work with the Dyson DC34 Handheld?
Answer: no it does not

Which is better for stairs? this (tangle free turbine) or the mini turbine head tool? No pets, just my wife’s long hair to pick up.
Answer: Sorry but not sure about long hair. Great for cleaning stairs though

Question: does it work with the dc07
Answer: I use it with a DC 25. It looks like it would fit, but I can’t be sure.

Question: will this work with the cordless dc44?
Answer: Most of Dyson’s stuff is interchangable but I don’t know for sure if this is compatible with the cordless. You might be able to google it

Question: Does it fit the v7 animal?
Answer: I do not know v7 animal using dc62

Question: Does it work with the Dyson Apartment?
Answer: According to the product description, if you’re referring to the Dyson DC26, yes it should work.

Question: We have a dyson dc25 all the answers talk about the hand/wand held vacuum would i be able to replace my head on the dc25 upright push vacuum?
Answer: I have a DC17 and it required this adapter ( ) to fit. I’d call the Dyson Helpline anyway to confirm 1-866-693-9766. They’ll be able to tell you and maybe even take your order for the adapter with a credit card. It is worth the extra bucks for the adapter… see more

Question: How do i clean this attachment? can i get it wet? mine gets lots of dust and dander in it that i’d like to remove.
Answer: Hi Water is not recommended but you can use your dusting brush with your vacuum. Please call the store at 800-442-8227 and ask for our vacuum specialist for further details. Thank you Scott

Question: will this fit a cordless dc56?
Answer: I do not know about the dc56, but it does fit on my dc44. I use it to remove animal hair on furniture and it works great for that purpose.

Question: Does this work on the dyson dc65 animal?
Answer: Yes

Question: Will this pick up small items like cheerios?
Answer: I would think yes, however this hand held attachment is designed to eliminate tangling of hair, threads etc.
I purchased this because I thought it could be attached to the wand to use on my carpet and floor. I returned it unused when I realized it was not for floor use.

How is this for getting short dog hair from a material couch? i have a boxer and english bully that occasionally jump on my couch and nothing works!
Answer: Not really

Question: Does it fit the dc35?
Answer: It Should As it works on the suction of the vacuum

Question: I have a canister dyson with an attachment like this came with it. will this fit a dyson cordless v6 or do i need to get an adapter?
Answer: Yes as long as there is enough suction to turn the heads on it than it should be fine.

Question: Where do you store the Tagle Free Turbine on a DC41 Animal? Is there an attachment point on the vacuum for it?
Answer: No there is no place for. We keep it on shelf in the closet the vac is stored.

Question: Does it work on DC61?
Answer: Yes. It has the same type of attachment.

Question: Will this work on my dc 35multi floor unit?
Answer: yes

Question: does the turbine work on the DC 58 handheld model du
Answer: Yes, it has the same snap-on connection.

Question: Is this a good option for Shag rugs?
Answer: I don’t know about a shag rug….I mean it does have an air filter on the top of the attachment so it doesn’t

Question: Will the tangle free turbine work with a DC17?

Answer: It will work fine if you buy an adapter part # 912270-01

Question: just got DC59…mini motorized tool works great for my dog hair, but is this any better in terms getting hair out of the attachment?
Answer: I have long hair cats and the attachment is so much nicer. The hair does not get caught up like the old attachment

Will this work with a dc65 multifloor uprite?
Answer: Yes, this is the best attachment ever!!

Question: Does anyone know if the dyson tangle free turbine fit the cordless DC 35
Answer: Yes. It fits both at the top, for furniture and at the bottom of the “stick” for floor use.

Question: Will this work on a Dc 18?
Answer: I believe so, I have DC 14 and DC 26 and it fits on both.

Question: does it work on DC11 telescope
Answer: The Tangle-free Turbine tool is compatible with all Dyson upright and canister vacuums from DC23 onwards, except DC24 and cordless models.

Question: Does this lift the pile and leave a nice fluffy look? Or would another attachment be better? We Plan to use it on carpeted steps.
Answer: I wouldn’t say “fluffy” for a carpet, because it doesn’t suction up the fibers in that manner. It’s really for any household fabric that gets pet hair or dust. In my experience, it’s not the best for carpet because you mainly get just the surface. Dyson’s power rotating turbine with the brush roller is better for ca… see more

Question: Will this work on shaggy rugs / carpets?
Answer: YES, it works but it was not as good as I expected.

Question: I have a hose that is 1 3/8″ in diameter. It is not a Dyson vacuum. What diameter does this attachment require to work?
Answer: My measurement is 1 5/8″ diameter

Question: Does anyone know if the hose fits inside or on the outside? Also, I have a small craftsman shopvac, I am wondering if the 1 1/2 hose would fit inside.
Answer: The part fits over the outside of the hose, I don’t have an answer for the rest of your question but if you contact Dyson direct on their web site they are very good at answering your question.

Question: Can be used on wood floors?
Answer: Yes you can

Question: will this work on my oreck canister
Answer: No
does it fit the DC28
Answer: I have an older DC17 which required an adapter in order to work. I would imagine it will fit your newer machine but if not, there’s always the adapter…give the Dyson Helpline a call 1-844-679-1647 to be sure. You’re going to LOVE this attachment. I guarantee it. Especially if you have dogs or cats. Great design.

Question: Is this product compatible with SV04 Dyson v6 moterhead by
Answer: Yes, i have the v-6 cordless and this is great for oriental rugs with low pile, even dhurries

Question: Humans hair ok? i have no pets. my hair is down to the middle of my back and i have destroyed more vacuums than imaginable. does it work???
Answer: Well, as long as you don’t use it on your head, it should work fine.

Question: Does it work /w DC26?
Answer: I believe it will. It’s smaller than it looks however.

Question: Does anyone know the difference between the usa model numbers and the japanese models numbers as being the same unit but with a different model number
Answer: Nope

Question: Will this work with a DC65?
Answer: Yes. According to Dyson’s website, it’s “Suitable for most Dyson upright and canister vacuums. Compatible with DC19 onwards, except DC24 and Dyson cordless vacuums.” A representative also confirmed it will work just fine.

Question: Does it fit other brand vacuums?
Answer: no

Question: does this work on the dc44?
Answer: According to the Dyson website it does not. You can double check that and look at the site where they show the attachment and tell you the ones that it is compatible with.

Question: Where can I order the adapter that makes it work on the DC19? I’d like to try it on the DC24
Answer: Dyson Attachment Adaptor –

Question: Is there any attachment that will allow it to work with a V6 motorhead cordless?
Answer: yes,

Will this fit the DC50 Multifloor model?
Answer: I think so.

Question: Will this work on DC15?
Answer: I’d suggest checking the Dyson website.

Question: Is there a hack of some sort that could get this to work with a DC24?
Answer: I am sure a hardware store can sell you a coupling

Question: This accessory can be used on wood floors? Thank you for your answers.
Answer: I suppose so, however it is perfect for upholstery, floor rugs and carpet. You really wouldn’t need it on hardwood or tiled floors.

Question: Does this work for a dyson V6
Answer: Hi, Heather yes it will work. Thank You

Question: do DC58 and DC59 handheld V6 use the same fittings?
Answer: It just slides into the hose of the vacuum

Question: Does it work on hard floors
Answer:  It would probably pick up the hair or fur on the floor but it may be too small for that job. Other attachments would work far better and faster.

Question: Will this work on the dc56?
Answer: I’m not certain, but I would imagine it will. If the connecting end of your other attachments looks like the one shown on the Turbine, that would be a pretty good indication, but I would call Dyson customer service at 1-866-693-9766 to make sure. It’s a great design and it works like a charm.

Question: Does this work with the DC24
Answer: It doesn’t fit the tube. I remove the wand an hold it on the end. It does a great job but cumbersome holding it on. It says in the instructions that it fits all machine but it doesn’t.

Is the regular size or mini size turbine brush easier to use on carpeted steps
Answer: This looks like smaller than the mini brush that came with the v6 model, but i like this better. It does pick up hair better in my opinion.

Question: Will this work with the the new ball multifloor?
Answer: If you go to the Dyson website, it will tell you which ones this will work with.

Question: Will this fit the dc39?
Answer: It should. I don’t own one, I’m just going off of pictures of how the attachments work.

Question: Will this work on the cordless V8 models?
Answer: yes

Question: does it work with dyson ball multi floor model
Answer: Yes… you connect it to your hose.

Question: Does it work on threads in sewing room
Answer: thread could jam the rotating brushes

Question: Does is work with DC65
Answer: Yes it does! I bought it just for that model and my portable Dyson

Question: What is the cheapest dyson vacuum that i can get which will work perfectly with this? and clean hardfloor + carpet well?
Answer: I prefer the canister type, have had mine for quite awhile so not up on the prices. this attachment works with with any model as long as it has a hose. I find my dyson cleans both carpet and hardwood.

Question: What adapter do I need to make this fit a dc28?
Answer: There is an adaptor to make old attachments fit, but I don’t think there is one to make it fit old models. Call Dyson to be sure. They are very helpful.

Question: how is this different from the standard stair tool that comes with the dyson? Does it have a smoother glide?
Answer: It’s perfect for taking up pet hair from bed sheets, etc. Incredibly good design. Really, really works.

Question: does it work on suction?
Answer: Yes, it works via air flow. The flow of the air spins the brushes and draws the hair/dirt into the tube.

Question: This is a non-powered brush operated by suction only, unlike the other large & mini rotating brush accessories, correct?
Answer: Yes, that’s correct

Question: Is it can match with V6 matters handle or only for DC23,24?
Answer: You will have to do your own homework on this, as I would have no idea.

Question: Will this attach to the hose on a standard dyson, ordinance I need to buy something else. Thanks!
Answer: Yes, you will need to pull up the hose from inside the tube. It does a great job of picking up dog hair.

Question: what would I use the tangle free attachment for?
Answer: This is really great for cleaning rugs on stairs, upholstery, car seats and car floors.

Question: What are the dyson v6 attatchments specifially used for individually? Also, how would I clean all of the different adaptor tools and main vacuum?
Answer: This particular one is for tight small spaces. depending on how high your furniture sits off the ground this will fit under most to clean up underneath. Great for pet hair clean up under furniture. Cleaning adapter tools I just use my hands to grab out all the hair/fur stuck to it.

Question: I own a dc35 will this tool fit and work?
Answer: According to the Dyson website it appears that this unit will work on the DC35. Here is a quote from their website: “Compatible with DC21 onwards, excluding DC24 and cordless.”

Question: This accessory can be used on wood floors?
Answer: No. Use straight suction for floors.

Question: Does it fit dc44
Answer: I’m not sure. You might want to check the Dyson website

Does it work with DC15?
Answer: I don’t know if it works with a DC15; I have a DC41 and it works well with that.

Question: Does it clean human hair on carpet?
Answer: Yes, it does. It is a very different kind of head; the wheels make hair/threads/fur twist and then it is vacuumed up. It is a much smaller head (wish it was larger); however, it picks up anything that is longer than just dirt/soil. I sew a lot and use it on my carpet around my sewing machine and I use it on the rug i… see more

Question: Will this fit the cordless V6 vacuum?
Answer: as long as there is a hose to attach it to it will work

Question: How is this unit different than the alternative listing i’m seeing on amazon: dyson genuine tangle free turbine tool #dy-925068-02?
Answer: Not much at all

Question: I’ve read that some have got this to work on cordless DC models, is it just less effective because of weaker suction on the cordless models?
Answer: Yes, this works on the cordless DC models. You are correct, it is less effective just because of the weaker suction. But using either cord/cordless Dyson with any attachment is still so much better than any other vacuum I have ever owned!

Question: Will this fit vacumaid gv50pro?
Answer: The Tangle-free Turbine tool is compatible with all Dyson upright and canister vacuums from DC23 onwards, except DC24 and cordless models.

Question: 2 questions: 1. Will this fit a Dyson DC40 model? 2. I want to use this mainly for vacuuming steps on my carpeted stairs. Any good/bad comments?
Answer: We have one of the original Dyson Animal models. It did not fit we had to get an adapter that Tyson sells for it. It should tell you what models it will work with.

Question: Will this attachment “Dyson Tangle Free Turbine” connect and work properly with my DC35 Handheld Vac ?
Answer: It doesn’t look like it–someone else had asked the same–it excludes the cordless models, but there is apparently an adapter.

Question: Does it work with the dc23 animal ?
Answer: Yes, I have 3 siberian huskies and works awesome on furniture and stairs

Question: Does it fit in the Dyson Ball Allergy?
Answer: Yes

Question: will this work on dc41
Answer: I believe new models of the DC41 come with this attachment. It should work though.

Question: Work with dc35 wand?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does this work with the Dyson V6 Animal?
Answer: I’m not sure. Best to check with Dyson by website or customer support.

Question: will this work with the dyson dc07 upright
Answer: It doesn’t fit the dc07. I purchased a tube form the hardware store that connects and it work fine that way.

Question: will this fit on an older model of dyson
Answer: I searched for the DC21 I couldn’t find it so I’m not sure. But it does fit on any upright vacume.

Question: does this works with Dyson dc41
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it fit to Dyson V6 wireless ?
Answer: It fits the multi dyson.If you use the hose from the dyson it should fit. Hope this helps. Works very well!

Question: Does this work on furniture?
Answer: Yes it works well on fabric furniture.

Question: This may be a dumb question, but will this function/work with my central vacuum?
Answer: I would think so as long as 1) the hose of your central vacuum fits the tool, and 2) the central vacuum draws enough air flow.

Would you be able to clean a car with this or is it to big?
Answer: You can clean any flat or slightly curved upholstered surface. including car seat, floor, headliner, etc. Don’t use it on damaged upholstery as it is quite powerful and may tear it further.

Question: will this work on a DC45?
Answer: don’t know for sure, but the tangle-free turbine is intended to be used with an accessory hose. The dc45 is a cordless stick model with no hose. Locking mechanism may be compatible but not sure

Question: Are there any hardwood/tile floor attachment for the dyson v7 motorhead cord free vacuum?
Answer: I use the Motörhead that came with my v6 and it works great. It does have a hard time picking bigger stuff up.

Question: i bought the turbine tool but my handle i am using (not a dyson) for auto detailing is a slight bit larger, need an adaptor to make the transition???
Answer: I’m sure you do; however, Dyson equipment is made for Dyson machines, and the only adaptors I am aware of go from a Dyson vacuum to wand or to attachment. The device (with a full-powered Dyson vacuum) works beautifully on upholstered seats, though (the hand-held vacuum does not have enough power to push the turbine).

Question: what adapter is needed to use on dc14?
Answer: The Tangle-free Turbine tool is compatible with all Dyson upright and canister vacuums from DC23 onwards, except DC24 and cordless models.

Question: I bought the adapter and it still won’ t fit into the hose of my dc07
Answer: Hi Nancy, I’ve got a dc17 so I’m not familiar with the dc07, but the Dyson HelpLine should be able to answer your question. Their number is 1-844-679-1647 and the website is

Question: does this fit with v6 ?
Answer: No. The turbine uses vacuum power from the uprights that the handheld cannot do. The hand held isn’t powerful enough to make the turbines go inside the attachment. According to Dyson, “Suitable for most Dyson upright and canister vacuums. Compatible with DC19 onwards, except DC24 and Dyson cordless vacuums.”

Question: Does this work on the regular cinetic big ball
Answer: I think yes. You can lookup your model on the Dyson site to confirm matching parts.

Question: Will this work with the cordless DC44 and if it does, is suction reduced? time on a charge reduced?
Answer: I use this on my DC35 all the time…works amazing. It doesn’t drain the battery because it’s turbine powered…in fact, the digital slims’ performance time on a charge is based on the use of the (A/C driven) motorized powerhead that is included with the unit…so I would think that the use of a turbine driven attachme… see more

Question: Does this work on the dyson v8 Absolute?
Answer: Yes. All attachments for Dyson V6/8 handhelds are universal in between models.
By Brian O’Neil on September 29, 2017
Can I use this with the telescopic wand to pick up hair around the house without bending or squatting?
Answer: Not sure what a telescopic wand is but if it has the button on the end of it for attachments then yes

Question: Are you able to yum an adapter for the DC24 or will it just not work altogether?
Answer: I don’t know the differences between a DC24 and a DC25, but it works well on my DC25.

Question: Will it work with hard tube or only with soft hose?
Answer: If you’re referring to the wand that’s inside of the soft hose, then yes, although I have not used it that way but it does fit on there. Only speaking about the dc41 model, not sure about the other models.

Question: will it fit a dc65?
Answer: I have a Dyson V6 Absolute, which I believe has been replaced with a new model. I purchased this item and it does not fit my system. You will have to ask Dyson which models fit this attachment.

Question: Will this work on a DC07? I have stairs and a long hair dog, so I need a brush of some sort.
Answer: I can’t say for sure, I do not know anything about the DC07, but I purchased the DC 59 rechargeable “stick” Dyson and this attachment fits the DC 59 and my Dyson DC34. I am a DYSON FAN an ADVOCATE. Wish I had bough the DC59 before the DC34. The 59 does more and is stronger.

Question: Is this a part from Dyson?
Answer: Can only guarantee its real if you bought shipped and sold by amazon

Question: is this included in the purchase of the DC41 vacuum?
Answer: No, the item is an attachment thats purchase separately.

Question: Can you use this attachment on non dyson vacuums?
Answer: No—-I wish you could and I wish I could use non dyson attachments on my dyson, which I love. As of yet, I’ve found no adapter to so I could use other brands.

Question: What specifically prevents this from working with a DC24?
Answer: I don’t now if it won’t work. The only thing that would keep this attachment from not working on any vacuum is: 1 it won’t attach to the hose. 2. The vacuum cannot produce enough suction.
Since the DC24 should produce enough suction the only question is can you get this attachment to connect to the DC24 hose.

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