Steam Mop – Steam Cleaner Multifunctional Steamer

Steam Mop – Steam Cleaner Multifunctional Steamer reviews

Steam Mop – Steam Cleaner Multifunctional Steamer reviews 

Last updated: 16th August 2018

FAQs and troubleshooting

Can the steam mop be used on unsealed hardwood floors?
Answer: That I can’t answer .. sorry . I only
Yet to steam mop linoleum floors and a tub .. I will try on my wood floors when I get a chance to . They are sealed . Maybe on a low setting possibly you could?? I do love this !

Question: Is there a bonnet that can go around the mop head. I’m having issues with mine rolling and getting stuck under mop head.
Answer: Not that I know of. It helps if you go slower with it.

Question: Can I pour some drops of essential oils in the water tank to make the steam scented?
Answer: The instructions indicate not to add anything to the water or it could clog the mechanics of the mop. I recommend adding essential oil to a spray bottle of water and spraying that on the floor ahead of the mop.

Question: Is there a way to turn off the “intelligent sensing” on the handheld part. Also is there a way to lock the small triangle head from constantly moving?

Answer: Sorry friend, I did not get your idea, there is no “intelligent sensing” on the handheld part, there are three modes for you(high, medium,low),please choose one of them when you clean different floors. Your advice about a lock on the scrubber is a good idea, we will submit your idea to our designer to improve our produ… see more

Question: How do I use the floor mop without holding the hand sensor?
Answer: You don’t have to hold the sensor. As soon as you tilt the the handle, the steam activates.

Question: Does it suck the dirty water up?
Answer: No, it’s no a vacuum. The pad on the mop will soak up the grime. With the handheld, you will need a rag to wipe up the gunk the steam has loosened.

Question: will it remove hard soap scum from acrylic shower base?
Answer: Don’t Know

Question: if it doesn’t need any chemical solution and only use hot water, how well is it really cleaning your floor?
Answer: The water is very hot as it steams the floor. It’s the heat of the water that does the cleaning. It does leave a little water on the floor as it steams. My pad on the mop shows dirty when I’m done.

Question: do this product clean wooden floors
Answer: I have bamboo floors and have used my steam mop once and it did fine on my floors. I recently purchased this product.

Can you use this on laminate flooring?
Answer: Of course you can, it work well on laminate flooring.

Question: Can this be also used as a vacuum? Hard floors n 5 x7 area rug?
Answer: Sorry, the S3601 cannot be used as a vacuum cleaner,it works well as a steam mop and handheld steamer.

Question: regarding maneuverability, does the mop head swivel? or it’s locked in place? I have a Shark steam mop, it is very easy to pivot around table legs
Answer: It swivels.

Question: Where is the on/off switch, how to stop the steam?
Answer: Hi friend, there is an unique ON/OFF SWITCH goes with the steam mop. Please make the steam mop stand upright when you want to stop steaming, tilt the handle when you want steam to come out, this is just the function of switch. It is a brand new design for our product, hope you like it.

Question: Does it include carpet glider?
Answer: Sorry friend, there is no carpet glider going with the steam mop.

Question: Is this also a vacuum n is it cordless?
Answer: I bought this for a Christmas present for someone who said they would like one. I personally do not know anything about this item.

Question: how long will the mattress be dry after steam clearer used?
Answer: I love it. I mobe my floor my bathroom with attachment l clean kitchen and bathroom counter, mirror,it’s easy to use.l haven’t use on mattresses

Question: Is this only for tile& hardwood floors ?
Answer: What about a 5 x 7 carpet?

Question: does the handheld steamer use electricity or batteries?
Answer: It uses electricity, has a nice long cord

Can this be used to steam the porcelain on the bottom part of the toilet on the exterior?
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Answer: Sorry, we have not tested the steam mop in that case before, would you mind having a try if possible.

Question: How many Watts???
Answer: S3601 steam mop is 1550W.

Question: Attacments? how many attacments come with unit and what kind of attachments???
Answer: The unit is a floor standing steam mop. The actual steam generating portion is about 14 inches tall and can be dislodged from the floor unit to become a hand held unit. Then there is a nozzle that can be attached for very concentrated cleaning or the steaming of wrinkles in fabric (clothes, drapes, etc.)

Question: What is the wattage of this unit?
Answer: S3601 steam mop is 1550W.

Question: Does the steam from the steamer get up to 210 degrees plus. When cleaning floors, carpets, and furniture. I am extreamly interested to buy this produc
Answer: I don’t know how hot it gets, but it does a great job and is easy to use.

Question: Is carpet glider available now?
Answer: Sorry, the carpet gliders will be available in half a month, you could find it in our store then.

Question: the mop come with cleaner pad? where can I find replacement.
Answer: Yes, one cleaning pad goes with the steam mop.

Question: Is this safe for premium vinyl plank flooring? I don’t want to damage or discolor the floor.
Answer: It has a low/med/high setting so I don’t think it would damage the floor

How well does this do on carpet?
Answer: Hi friend, it is suggested to make it work on the carpet with a glider

Question: Can it be used for carpets?
Answer: Yes it can. You have to buy the carpet attachment .

Question: How many pads come with this cleaner?
Answer: Two total. One for the mop and one for the hand held gadget.

Question: The picture on the box and ad show a hose for the hand held attachments? What is the length of the hose
Answer: from connection to attachment about 47 in.

Question: What is the length of the hose when using the hand held feature?
Answer: There is no hose. It detaches from the unit and is hand held.

Question: Can you use tap water?
Answer: We did no problems, so far.

Question: does it steam clothes well
Answer: Have no idea. Bought for tile floors. Does great job. My guess it would be just fine.

Question: What is temperature does the steamer get to?
Answer: I don’t know. That would be a good question for the manufacturer.

Question: how hot does it get?
Answer: Steam sprays at a temperature of 140℃/284F, and the steam’s temperature will fall to 120℃/248F after through the pad.

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