SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Steam Mops reviews

SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Steam Mops reviews

SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Steam Mops reviews

Last updated: 16th August 2018


#SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Steam Mops reviews

SKG 1500W Powerful Non-Chemical 212F Hot Steam Mops is one of the best-rated steam mops on the market. It has added several ergonomic values to users when compared with classic models like Bissell Powerfresh series.

The unit can be used on many surfaces from floor, tile, vinyl, laminate, curtain, carpets…It also has a steam on demand feature, the sound alert system to inform you if the water needed to refill, swivel head and shoulder strap design for a better maneuverability.

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The downside of SKG 1500W Steam Mops is that its water tank is a bit small (about 8 oz) therefore you might need to fill the water more often if you need to steam more areas.


Technologies and benefits of SKG 1500W Steam Mops


SKG 1500W Steam Mops is a lightweight steam mop (about 12.95 lbs) with the 6-in-1 function that could be used as a floor steamer or a handheld steamer, therefore, it is more flexible than the casual steam mop.


This unit uses a 1500W power, similar to most of the steam mop on the market, enabling it to heat up to 100 degrees in just about 15-30 seconds.

No chemical cleaning

The machine is capable of removing stains, dirt embedded on carpet, wood floor without the need of using detergent so it is healthy for your home.

Swivel head

The SKG 1500W Steam Mops head is swivel type and it has a triangle shape. You can attack the dirt at the edges and corners better

Steam on demand and steam level control

This feature is very useful for users having a lot of floor types so that they can adjust the steam level suitable to the floor. The steam-on-demand feature allows you to spray extra hot steam to the spots and stains

Sound alert and overload protection

The machine is capable of self-protection with the overload shut off feature. Therefore it will make the machine more durable. The sound alert will notify you if it needs more water

  • Attachments: washable & reusable microfiber pads
  • Dimensions: 24.4 x 11.9 x 7.8
  • Weight: 12.25 lbs.

Pros and cons


This machine is a new design, therefore, it has some new features such as the overload protection and the sound alert system, while still remains the useful features found in great steam mops such as swivel head, triangle head shape, steam-on-demand, variable suction control. Moreover it is a rare unit that can be used as a floor steamer and a handheld steamer that you do not need to buy 2 separate units if you want to steam both floors and garments


The major cons are the water reservoir which is about 8 oz, which is smaller than rivals, therefore, you might need to fill more water frequently.


If you are looking for a multiple cleaning steam mop then the SKG 1500W Steam Mops is a good candidate to try.

Against for users with big floor areas, at this time you should look for the model Bissell PowerFresh 1940 (one of the most popular and highly rated steam mops with bigger water tank, however, this model is a floor steamer and can’t be converted into a handheld steamer)

FAQs and troubleshooting of SKG 1500W Steam Mops

Steaming sanitizes but does not remove debris. Is there any suction to remove particles? Or does this just sanitize and drive dirt into the carpet?
Answer: There is no suction with this device. It’s a steamer and releases steam.

Question: Does it glide well on carpets like floors? Does it work on area rugs?
Answer: Yes, it works quite well on carpets and rugs, at least for me.

Question: Is this okay to use on hardwood floors?
Answer: It is! We bought extra pads, some for the hardwood floors and some for the carpet. You will just die seeing the dirt come up when you think your floor is clean!!

Question: How easy is it to push/ pull? Easy glide?
Answer: It is so easy not at all like the Shark and it pivots to get in all the small corners.

Question: Is it safe to use on oriental rugs?
Answer: I don’t know. It works great on carpet though.

Question: Can it be used on laminate floors?
Answer: It’s fine on any hard surface so long as you use a low to medium setting.

Question: How big is water tank and how much time of continuous steam does it provide?
Answer: I am not sure how much water it holds, but I can clean about 800 square feet on one tank.

Question: This may be a dumb question but can you use this on a couch to help get out some tough stains
Answer: I know you can use it on a couch because I have used it on my couch and chair to get off crusted food from my toddler. I can’t answer about the tough stains, as I’m sure it depends on the stain itself. But you can 100% use it on fabric covered furniture..In fact, there is even an attachment specifically for that!

Question: has anyone tried to use this to rid wrinkles from clothes aka iron?
Answer: I have never tried this as I use my clothes dryer

Question: My steam doesn`t seem to be hot, Is this correct?
Answer: It is hot to me , very warm

what tools come with this? does it also work as a hand held unit?
Answer: You know…years ago my mother bought me a shark floor steamer..I loved it..had it for a couple years then lost it in a move. I’ve been wanting another like it..triangle shaped…this is the first I’ve found that seemed decent it’s not as well built as my shark was but it does the same things.

Question: Where does the water go while steaming? How is that floors and carpets aren’t left soaking wet?
Answer: I do not have carpet, but the water evaporates when I am doing my floors. there is no puddles.

Question: the best steam mop recomed
Answer: I like it. My cleaning lady agrees, it’s a good steam mop.

Question: To seller: What is warranty and can extra warranty years be bought? How do you get broken items fixed/replaced?
Answer: I forget how long warranty is for. I think you can buy extended warranty at time of purchase. I filed my warranty claim online.

Question: How is it on hard wood floors
Answer: I have ceramic tile, so would not know about wood floors. I love this machine…cleans very well.

Question: does this machne requires any shampoo or liquid soap?
Answer: No, just plain water.

Question: Does it work on porcelain floors?
Answer: I have used it on ceramic tile, wood and carpeted floors and it was fine. Not sure about porcelain but I would imagine it would be fine if it can handle hot water.

Question: will this work on wood floors
Answer: It has different settings so maybe on a low setting. The best way to find out is to contact the company.

Question: Is it OK to use it on vinyl planks?
Answer: I think it would be okay to use on vinyl planks but move quickly so water doesn’t get between or under the planks. If these planks are like laminate hardwood, you would want to move quickly and wipe up any excess water. I have tile so it has never maters.

How long does it take for carpets to dry after using this?
Answer: Depends on how much steam you use, if the carpets get to wet might take a while to dry. It can be used to clean carpets but this is not a carpet cleaner, you cannot suck the dirty water out

I just want to confirm that the water tank capacity is 225 ml, which is only about a cup. Is this correct?
Answer: It holds a little over 1 & 3/4 cups—– so almost 2 cups of water.

Question: can we used it on hard floor?
Answer: Yes it can. It works best on hard floors. Best purchase I’ve uy

Question: can it be used on an interior sealed concrete floor?
Answer: I don’t see why not. I use mine on a wood floor and it’s totally fine. Also, it has different steam settings, so you can regulate how much water you use.

Question: Will this work for bedbugs?
Answer: How are you going to get the ones that may be hiding in the walls etc? I have never had them,thank heavens, but we do have a family member who has a PHD in entomology. He has always said the best thing to do is to hire an exterminator with a dog who can sniff them out. If they do not have a sniffing dog do not hire.… see more

Question: How easy/difficult is it to fill the water tank?
Answer: Literally EASY as PIE

Question: Does this work on stained concrete floors? Won’t it ruined the brightness?
Answer: Guess it depends on how good your stain is….and , if it had a sealer put on it. This is a pretty ‘hot’ steamer…does my tile very nice.

Question: Can you use vinegar and water in the tank?
Answer: Yes I have been use it without any problems

Question: Can it be used on slate floors
Answer: I don’t see why not. I have used it only on my laminate flooring.

Question: What attachments for cleaning things besides floors are included?
Answer: A lot of things, grout, windows, mirrors, rugs, etc. It is described on the item. We love this steamer.

Question: Why does the cloth keep slipping off when I try to use the floor piece? It was also happening with other attachments.
Answer: I have not had this problem. I’m wondering if you may have the bottom piece on that’s only suppose to be on if doing carpets. This has been so easy to use for myself. I’d look at book and double check you have all parts right. Good luck

How often do you have to change pads?
Answer: I use it to do a large tile floor and when I finish, I refill the tank and change the pad. I probably would not change it if I did a very small area, but I would make sure the bottom of the pad was exposed and could dry before putting it away.

Question: This looks just like the other steamer that people say it works great on carpet! This one doesn’t?
Answer: Make sure you are using steamer attachments correctly. Ours works unbelievably wonderful on carpets and every other surface we have cleaned with it.

Question: Can I use it on my Pergo kitchen floor?
Answer: Yes, I use in all types of floors in my house. It cleans like no other. I have pergo floor in my kitchen and living room.

Question: Is this steamer pressurized and if yes, what’s the pressure strength?
Answer: I believe that question best ask the company.

Question: Can it be used on painted floors?
Answer: I would not use it on latex or water base paint

Question: Does it remove wall pain on woods floor
Answer: I’d think that if it’s water based, then yes, with a little extra elbow grease out into it.

Question: Does it remove wall paint on wood floor?
Answer: IF you keep constantly the hot steam on the paint yes it does

Question: Does it work for windows as stated?
Answer: Yes! I’ve used it on the shower too!! It has so many great attachments!

Question: What country is this product made in?
Answer: China

Question: Does this work well on luxury vinyl plank? Will it damage the vinyl?
Answer: That is what we have in our home and it works great. No harmful chemicals or abrasive substances used.

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