Shark Steam and Spray Mop (SK410) reviews

Shark Steam and Spray Mop (SK410) reviews

Shark Steam and Spray Mop (SK410) reviews

Last updated: 16th August 2018

Shark Steam and Spray Mop (SK410) reviews

Shark Steam and Spray Mop (SK410) reviews

Steam mop is one of the required cleaning tools for homes with hardwood floors to sanitize, clean and bright the floor without causing floor damage.

One of the best-rated steam mop brands is Shark and the model SK410 is a low price, efficient steam mop unit you can rely on.

This Shark SK410 is featured by 3 modes (steam, steam, and spray, spray only) allowing you to customize cleaning based on your floor current situations.

The unit is cheap, durable and efficient which is recommended for people who are looking for a steam mop without many features.

Check for the technologies and benefits of Shark SK410 steam mop below.


Shark Steam and Spray Mop (SK410) reviews
Shark Steam and Spray Mop (SK410)

Technologies and benefits of Shark SK410 steam mop

  • Clean, sanitize wood, hardwood floors
  • 3 mode cleaning
  • Steam energized cleanser included
  • Steam on demand feature
  • Steam heat up in 30 seconds
  • Water tank: 350 mL
  • Cleaning Width/Path: 12”
  • Cord Length: 22 feet
  • Size: 11.7 x 8.7 x 28.1’’
  • Weight: 11.58 lbs
  • Includes 1 12oz Bottles of Steam Energized, Cleanser, 1 Disposable SaniFiber Pads, 1 Washable Pads, 4 Duracell AA Batteries, and 1 Filling Flask.

Performance of the Steam mop SK410

Pros and cons of Steam mop SK410


This SK410 is easy to use and efficient. The mop pad is amazing when picking up dirt and greases. It has a good price tag (under 100 bucks)


This unit needs a long time to heat up and run as a steam cleaning mop (about 1 minute)

FAQs & troubleshooting of SK410 steam mop

Is it cordless? I am confused because in one pic there is a cord being plugged in

Answer: It is a corded unit buddy.


Question: I need to replace the gray screw,that fits into the water container where could find a replacment screw

Answer: I would try contacting the Shark company or someone that repairs floor cleaners.

Question: can you use it without the cord

Answer: No, it is not battery powered. I expect that it’s electrical and not battery powered, due to the heating element to make steam. But the cord length is long enough so I can clean two rooms without unplugging and going to another outlet.

Question: How is the real color? The add has an almost metallic gray but I was seeing the Customers Photos and it seems to be a very light (cheap) gray…

Answer: The color is gray. It is plastic. But works very well

Question: Blinking light means what

Answer: It means that the steam is ready…

Question: Does it have a battery charger? i see you have to add aa batteries too. is it cordless when in use?

Answer: No battery charger, batteries for spray, has to be plugged into house current.

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