Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) reviews

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) reviews

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) reviews 

update 05.2018

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) reviews

The Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner ZZ550 is a unique cleaning machine that is capable of cleaning carpets, rugs and bare floor types like hardwood floor, vinyl, tiles and stones by its scrubbing activities.

When cleaning the carpets and rugs, you firstly need to vacuum over the area, then using the special carpet cleaning formula (comes with the package) to clean the carpet.

When using as a hard floor cleaner, you can use the specially formulated cleaning solution with the pads to remove the dirt.

This model is featured by 1000 scrubs per minute, active glide wheels, swivel steering, led lights on the head and fingertips control.

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550) reviews


  • Model- ZZ550
  • Surface Cleaning Types- Perfect for Carpets, Area Rugs, Hardwood, Tile, Vinyl, and Stone Surfaces
  • Swivel Steering- Yes
  • Airglide Maneuverability- Yes
  • Cord Length- 22 ft
  • Product Weight- 18 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 9.4 x 29.3 inches
  • Warranty- 2 Years
  • Tools: 1 Carpet/Rug Cleaning Pad, 1 Carpet Scrub ‘n Stain Pad, 2 Hard Floor Cleaning Pads, 1 Polishing Pad, 12oz Carpet Cleaner, 10oz Activating Pretreater, 12oz Wood and Hard, Floor Cleaner, 16oz Wood and Hard Floor Polish

FAQs & troubleshooting of Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaner (ZZ550)

Question: Can you clean furniture ?
Answer: There are no accessories included that would allow you to clean furniture

Question: Is that a shampooer or just a vacuum? Also if it is a shampooer does it have a seperate tanknfor dirty water?
Answer: It’s not a shampooer or vacuum. It’s more like a scrubber. Like an electric Swiffer with big muscles.

Question: can you use as a buffer
Answer: I would say no. This thing isnt very effective. On tile i notice it leaves dirt that just wipes up with a paper towel. I use mine strictly on the wood floor now. I went back to mopping my tile floors. I would say its not powerful or heavy enough to use as a buffer.

Question: My sprayer has quit. Has anyone had this problem and how did you fix it? I’ve cleaned out the spray head and nothing.
Answer: Mine hasn’t had that problem yet.

Question: How long does the carpet take to dry? I live in Washington state
Answer: You control the amount of cleaner applied, use as little as possible, just enough for the shark to glide. Then in about 1/2 hour it will be dry and you can vacuum it. I love this machine.

Question: the pump appears to be clogged how do you unclog it??
Answer: I’ve not had that happen but I’m very disappointed in this product. I would send it back or ask the seller what to do! Wish I had better news!

Question: what speed do i use for hard wood floor
Answer: Dont use their polish or you will end up trying to rub it off while on your hands and knees for 5 hours. And they wont offer any remedies.

Question: Does this work on a very dark vinyl planking flooring without streaks or residue?
Answer: Ours are dark & light. No noticeable streaks or residue on either.

Question: Does this vacuum the hard wood floors and clean all at the same time?
Answer: It does not vacuum. It cleans with minimal cleaning solution which dries quickly- but you do need to sweep or vacuum first.

Why is my my machine suddenly making a high pitched squeal?
Answer: Have not encountered that. Mine is still working like new.

Question: Can it be used on area rugs
Answer: Yes

Question: Does it vacuum
Answer: This is a hardwood floor and carpet cleaner. Not a vacuum

Question: Does it work on Saltillo tile
Answer: I think it would as it is really just an efficient scrubber. The question would be about what chemical to use on that type of tile. You could try the Shark product or use whatever product you use now. Again, this is just a scrubbing machine used in conjunction with a proprietary chemical product to loosen and raise dir… see more

Question: can this machine be used for just the vibrating part to virate in the carpet a flea powder?
Answer: Yes- no reason why that wouldn’t work.

Question: Does it come with an instruction manual? I didn’t get one .
Answer: It was a long time ago but i believe it did.

Question: bought five years ago will cleaning solution still work ?
Answer: I’m not an expert at it but I would think the solution would still work .

Question: I used this 6 times and the motor runs but not liquid comes out. Please help.
Answer: Take out the solution bottle and then try putting bottle back in until you hear a click that sound Will tell you it is in..hope this helps

Question: I used this 6 times and the motor runs but not liquid comes out. Please help.
Answer: Mine quite altogether after 1 use. I returned it for a full refund.

Question: Does this work on sealed brick floors?
Answer: yes


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