Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum (NV682) reviews

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum (NV682) reviews

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum (NV682) reviews 

Last updated: 16th July 2018

Shark Rotator NV682 reviews

Shark Rotator NV682 reviews

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum (NV682) is known as Shark’s Rotator most compact Lift-Away unit which is only about 13 lbs. but this NV682 performs excellently like other full-size Lift-Away units.

The unit is featured by the Powered Lift-away canister for further cleaning under furniture, fingertips control for better usage, bright LED lights in brush roll and a complete seal air filter plus HEPA for releasing fresh air only.

The best part of Shark Rotator NV682 is very lightweight which is a better option if you are looking for a whole home vacuum cleaner for old person or ladies.


Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum (NV682) reviews

Technologies and benefits of Shark Rotator NV682

shark nv682 benefit

  • Lightest Lift-away unit only 13 lbs. – it is suitable for the old person, ladies, users who need to move upstairs/ downstairs
  • Fingertips control – for better control of the unit
  • Swivel steering – the brushroll run smoothly on the floor
  • LED lights – for discovering more dust and dirt in hidden places
  • Anti-allergen seal air system + HEPA – good for allergy sufferers
  • Cord length: 30ft – long cord for moving freely
  • Dust cup: 0.9 dry quarts – medium dust cup size which is great for the home with average size floor area. If you have a big house then you might love the full-size unit which has the dust cup size at 1.5 dry quarts
  • Cleaning path width: 10.5’’ – the standard width
  • No Duoclean brush head – The Duoclean brush is a better design when you have a lot of carpets and pet hairs. If pet hair is not your major concern then this unit is one of the best choices. Otherwise, you should consider other models with duoclean brush, for example, Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed (NV803)
  • Microfiber pad included for cleaning fine dust on bare floors

Pros and cons of Shark Rotator NV862

Pros: the Shark Rotator NV862 has most of the advanced features such as air filtration, lift-away canister, compact and lightweight, dynamic swivel steering head. Shark Rotator actually is one of the biggest success of Shark brand for years.

Cons: as mentioned, this unit does not have the duoclean brush head. This brush head is very useful when you need to clean and pull up more pet hairs from carpets. Otherwise, this unit is a perfect design.

Recommendation of Shark Rotator NV862

  • Recommended for: ladies, old person who needs an “all-in-one” vacuum cleaner at lightweight and longevity
  • Against for home with both carpet and pet hair

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FAQs & troubleshooting of Shark Rotator NV862

Question: Where can I get the accessories of Shark Rotator NV682?

Answer: In case you have lost them, you can order a package here.

Question: What is the difference between shark nv682 vs nv752?

Answer: Shark NV752 is Shark Original model with standard weight. It has a bigger dust bin size (1.5 dry quarts) but it is obviously heavier (15.4 lbs vs 13 lbs.) The best part of NV752 is that it has motorized pet tool so it is a nice option if you have pets at home.

Question: Is this shark nv682 or any shark vacuum good for thick piled carpet. Or even on of the Dyson.

Answer: It is good on thick pile. A button on the handle allows you to adjust for low , med and high levels as needed.

Question: How long is the hose? My navigator’s hose was short and pulled over vacuum.

Answer: maybe around 6 ft. stretched out

Question: Does this vac work on thicker carpet/rugs?

Answer: Yes it has two carpet settings and a bare floor setting.


Question: Can I take a part of the vacuum off to clean the hard to reach parts that the regular vacuum cannot?

Answer: Vacuum is very easy to clean.

Question: How much dose it weight

Answer: It is about 13 lbs only.

How easy or difficult is it to handle? Especially over carpet?

Answer: No problem on carpet it pulls itself. The head with the beaters takes minute to get used to because you can swivel it right or left, the old time ones you could only go straight. I love the pull away canister so easy can get it right under the bed.

Question: does it plug up with pet hair ?

Answer: We have cats and the Shark is doing great with their fur on carpet and wooden floors. I love it!

Question: does anyone know how many amps this Shark vac?

Answer: 9.5 amps

Question: Do the brushes continue to rotate (when the canister has been removed) to vacuum under low furniture?

Answer: Absolutely. When the canister is on the pole it just is hanging there. Removing it, or using it on the caddy doesn’t change the vacuum at all. Best vacuum I have ever had.

Question: What is the minimum height you can get under in lift off mode?

Answer:  it is about 4 or 5 inches.

Question: Is it possible to drive the beater bar to easily cut entagled hair?

Answer: I just simply pull hair and thread out. if there is a lot I use scissors.

Question: How big is the head, the Duo Clean was to small, took me twice the time to vacuum?

Answer: From outside edge to outside edge is 12″. Inside the brushes are about 9″. Seems not too much smaller than the old Kenmore canister that I replaced with this.

Question: how big is the head

Answer: 12″ wide


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