Eufy RoboVac 11+ reviews

[Power Boost Tech] Eufy RoboVac 11+ review won’t answer these questions (part 2)

[Power Boost Tech] Eufy RoboVac 11+ review won’t answer these questions (part 2)

Last updated: 16th August 2018

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FAQs and troubleshooting of [Power Boost Tech] Eufy RoboVac 11+ (cont)

Do you have to use wifi to run this?
Answer: No

Question: Does not turn on after charge
Answer: I haven’t had any problems. I would contact the seller/mfg & see if they can provide some answers

Question: I have a thick wool rug in my living room. Will it try to vacuum the rug or does it know it’s too high & go around it?
Answer: It will go up onto rugs, both area and installed.

Question: does this have a home base that it will go back and charge when done?
Answer: Yes it does. I am very happy with mine.

Question: Is there a way to make this compatible with Amazon Alexa’s voice control?
Answer: No

Question: Mine has stopped working in max mode. how do i fix this?? i have 3 dogs and need max mode!
Answer: I sent an email to and they were very responsive! Try that.

Question: is the suction the same oon a shark and a 960?
Answer: I don’t know, I don’t have a Shark or a 960. It has enough suction to pick up dust, loose dirt, and small objects like lost earrings. But it doesn’t have as much suction as a full-sized vacuum cleaner.

Question: Can you schedule to run automatically?
Answer: Yes! It comes with a remote that you use to program it

Question: Would you buy the extended warranty on this machine?
Answer: No. As a rule I don’t purchase extended warranties.

What is the height??? I can’t believe it’s not listed here. I need to know if it can pass under couches. Seems like it’s deliberately been left out.
Answer: 4 inches. It goes under my chairs and TV console table, but not my couch. However, my couches are very low.

Question: Product description states it’s not suitable for “very dark-colored floors”. That’s rather subjective. How would I know if my floors are too dark?
Answer: Mine works on a dark tile floor, but it doesn’t like the black lines on my hallway runner rugs. It has sensors so it doesn’t drive off of an edge, so it thinks the stripes are an edge.

Question: what happens when it encounters high pile rugs?
Answer: Mine has gotten tangled in some shag rugs I have in the hallway. But it does pretty well on the rugs I have in my living room.

Question: what happens when it encounters high pile rugs
Answer: Sorry i only have wood or short pile carpet

Question: I’m seeing mixed results with a dark hardwood floor. Does it work on dark hardwood or doesn’t it?
Answer: I have dark wood floors in most of my house except for the bedrooms which have low-pile carpeting. This thing does the whole house and then Parks itself back in the charger. I have a large German Shepherd that sheds constantly and this thing saves my life!

Question: Is it good for cleaning a large banquet hall
Answer: Runs about 1 1/2 hours, not going to pick up big items or spills. I don’t think a large hall would be Eufy’s strong suit.

Question: Can this climb over thresholds, like transitions from hardwood to carpet?
Answer: yes

Question: How do I get it to go all the way to the walls? It stops before it reaches the baseboards.
Answer: Use the remote. There is a button that will have it go along the walls all around the room. Then you will have to use the auto button to have it go back out into the room

Question: will it detect my cat’s bowls of food & water, on the floor?
Answer: No. I pick my dogs water up while Eufy is working because it sloshed the water out when I left it on the floor.
Is there a manual with instructions mine came without a manual
Answer: no, buyer beware. iam returning mine after 2 months of flawless use. it just stopped working

Question: What is the difference between the eufy 11 power boost and the regular eufy 11? what are the improvements…anything missing from the original 11?
Answer: I don’t know.

Question: Can you replace the battery?
Answer: I didn’t keep the Vac……..

Question: Had mine for two days and it bumps into everything, walls, sofas even my legs. Tried on different surfaces. Is this normal or do I have faulty one?
Answer: Mine does that some of the time, other times it seems to sense something in the way and changes direction. I haven’t figured out yet what makes the difference. Even when it bumps, it is never hard enough to do damage, either to furniture or to itself.

Question: How good is this vacuum with human (women) hair that are average size? Do the hair get stuck in the brush?
Answer: Yes it does but they give you a tool that makes it easy to get the hair out of the roller.

Question: I have heard it was not suitable for dark hardwood floors, but no explanation for this. Does anyone have experience using this with dark hardwood floo
Answer: I don’t agree with that. I have dark hardwoods and so does my mother. Why would the color of the floor matter? It keeps the floor clean.

Question: I have the regular 11+ and love it. Bought the 11+ power boost and hate it! It gets stuck everywhere and It seems clumsy anyone else!
Answer: My Box says EuFy 11. We have not had any issues with it grabbing curtains, eating socks, etc. It has a sensor that turns it when it approaches incompatible objects for the most part. yesterday it grabbed the cord for iron and shut itself down. Good to know as I would not want it to overheat and burn house down. … see more

Question: Would my 80 year old grandmother be able to use this
Answer: Yes, the only work to it is cleaning the dust bin, and filter before each use. My wife uses it, and she has had shoulder surgery.

Question: How does the vacuum know where home is?
Answer: It has a sensor.

Question: Will it work on dark cherry wood floors? There are color variations with each piece of wood. Is this a free return if it doesn’t work?
Answer: I do not work for the company. I am a consumer just like yourself. This little sweeping vacuum robot does an excellent job, on our wood floors, ceramic floors and laminate floors. I don’t think it would discriminate against the color of your floors.

Question: I have several Persian rugs with fringed edges. Will the machine get caught in the transition from the hardwood floors to the rugs?

Answer: I have only one fringed rug and I have to roll up the edges of the rug so they don’t become tangled when the vacuum sweeps over. Hope this helps

Question: Is the little light on the top of the charging dock supposed to light up while the vacuum is charging?
Answer: Blinking when charging, on steady when
charged and ready.

Question: does the light on the charging base light up while charging?
Answer: I see a light on the robot but not on the charger. After it’s charged the light on the robot goes off.

Question: what is the dimensions of Eufy Robovac 11?
Answer: 12” diameter

Question: For my berber carpet, it is recommended that I not use a vacuum with a beater bar. Can the beater bar (rolling brush) be turned off?
Answer: No, it can’t be turned off.

Question: Can the software on this unit be updated?
Answer: I don’t think so. No where to plug in and it’s not wireless or BT capable.

Question: Does this work well on Carpeted floors?
Answer: Very well. I had medium plush carpet.

Question: Will this work on marble floors?
Answer: It does on mine! Our bathroom is marble and it works great

Question: The green light on the base turns off when the unit is on the base to charge. I’ve only used it once and now it won’t charge.
Answer: i didnt have issues with the charge. mine just worked when it felt the need. the timer was set and it was like it didnt make a difference. i ordered the shark. $350 model and it is AWESOME. absolutely the best

Answer: It comes with an extra filter. I expect to buy replacements as needed on Amazon. Just be sure to read the specs so that you get filters compatible with your specific model of Robovac.

Question: Does eufy robovac 11 with piwer boost clean porcelin ceramic or there tile floors good
Answer: I use this in my 2400 sq foot garage to clean the concrete floors. the tires are slightly larger than the standard model that we use in the house. It works very well.

Question: How hard would it be to mount blades on this device and use it to cut hair?
Answer: Should be fairly simple. This device has two spinning rotaters that currently have sweeper devices on them. You could attach blades to both for optimal and fast hair cuts. However, the distance between the two rotaters might be too far apart for the average-sized head. You could optimize this distance by using it to cu… see more

Question: When it runs out of battery while working does it continue where it left off after the battery is fully charged again?
Answer: I have never had it die before it finished cleaning, or I’ve stopped it on my own for some reason (such as leaving home, I don’t run it if I’m not home). Our house is 1400sqft all hard floors. I frequently “spot clean” with it, where I take it into the room I want vacuumed and close the door. I have a little girl with … see more

Question: Does it dock itself automatically
Answer: Yes, it does! It’s a fantastic buy–you can set various cleaning levels and motions (circular, square, etc.). It somehow finds its way back home, provided it hasn’t gotten hung up on something along the way. Love this vac!

Question: Does this work with low pile black carpeting? some do not work on black.
Answer: This model has an infrared camera, so no it won’t work on any black carpet or flooring. I’ve only had problems with one pitch-black carpet I have

Question: Can you vacuum a black low pile rug using this? my roomba you could not.
Answer: Yes, mine has run just fine over the four low pile rugs we have.

Question: What if my outlet isn’t low enough on the walls?
Answer: Extension cord?

Question: What is the difference in eufy robovac 11 and eufy robovac 11+?
Answer: I do not know but I know it is a wonderful product. It has such great cleaning whether it be carpeting or tile I do not know what the new version as different than the old version. But we love it

Question: Do lamp cords affect the cleaning?
Answer: Robot vacs are not smart enough to avoid these completely, advise to get them off the floor.

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