[Power Boost Tech] Eufy RoboVac 11+ review won’t answer these questions (part 1)

[Power Boost Tech] Eufy RoboVac 11+ review won’t answer these questions

update: January 23, 2018

How well dose it clean corners
Answer: I’ve not noticed any kind of dust/dirt build up in the corners. The reality of ALL robot vacuums is that they have two brushes, one at each ‘front corner’. The brushes spin so no part is square. I’m confident that if I got down on my knees and swiped the corner that some dust, etc. would come up. But, it would be m… see more

Question: How tall is this unit?
Answer: 3 inched

Question: Where can it be repaired; who pays for shipping if vacuum needs repair; does the Amazon extended warranty include all costs, including shipping?

Question: Does Eufy know When it is Without a bin or does it still vacuum without it?
Answer: Unfortunately he has no idea. It just keeps vacuuming along without it. I didn’t snap Manion good one time and it fell out and he just kept going

Question: roller brush not working?
Answer: I don’t know about roller brush not working. All I know is whatever is or is not working, it is doing a great job for me so far. Thanks

Question: I’ve tried setting the schedule exactly how the manual says but it never works. I even get the beep like I’m supposed too. Why won’t it start?
Answer: Did not have that problem. I would email seller.

Question: Our Eufy makes very short runs (1-2 ft) then turns and goes another 1-2 ft. This keeps repeating. Any ideas why?
Answer: The wheels are dirty with hair usually. I clean it’s thoroughly. Mine kept saying Tap Bumper Its Dirty….I blew it or with an Air hose and works like new again. Check the wheels, rollers, every thing… thereis resistance somewhere

Question: How large a house can it clean in one go?
Answer: Mine runs for two hours and I think the area it cleans is 1300 to 800 square feet.

Question: I have a high pile carpet. Will it work on that? I’m ok if it came climb on it and clean it, as long as it doesn’t get stuck and moved on.
Answer: Actually mine got stuck couple times. I would not recommend with high pile carpet.

Question: Does it work with Google home mini?
Answer: You could if you got an IR adapter.

Is the power boost option better for dog hair?
Answer: We actually returned ours. It was much too noisy. Sounded broken.

Question: Does this have a blocking device to keep it in a certain room?
Answer: No. Did not contain any virtual walls.

Question: How tall is this unit vs the original eufy 11?
Answer: Sorry–I have no idea

Question: I have concert itched floors., so the surface isn’t smooth. Will this be a problem?
Answer: depending on how deep the etching is, your brushes may wear out faster than normal. but if they are simple etched and don’t have ridges that stick up, I think it should work ok. Eufy provides some extra brushes in the box and you can order extras separately. there is also an air filter system for the discharge air t… see more

Question: Can it clean under the lip of counters
Answer: Yes

Question: does the docking station require a certain amount of free space around it?
Answer: yes the more you give it the better.

Question: how much area is required around the docking station?
Answer: I have the back of the base against a wall. Remove objects within 1M of the left and right and within 2M of the front.

Question: Mine doesn’t work? I charged it in its base for 16 hours now. When I try to run it, it beeps once, and the blue flashes once, but it doesn’t go anywhere
Answer: Turn the power switch on. Located on the side of Eufy

Question: where can i get a remote control
Answer: Mine came with the remote. You probably will have to order from company

Question: how on rug fringes?
Answer: So far my Eufy breezes right over the fringe on my rugs without a hitch. It’s a great little vacuum.

Why is mine not picking up much dirt from rugs? I have the power boost active.
Answer: I have some low nap carpet and it gets everything I see on top picked up. We have no rugs and mostly hardwoods. It does a fantastic job

Question: Am i missing what makes this so great?
Answer: I
What makes it so great for me is that it cleans the floor quite nicely without me having to push it around. We have pets and kids and a garden, lots dust, dirt, and hair and fur. It tools around and gets most of it. I love it!

Question: how high must furniture be off floor to clean under
Answer: “Rosie”, is about 3.5″ high and clears 4.5″ furniture off the floor.

Question: Would this also work if we took it back to the UK (with 240 V power)?
Answer: I would love to answer this question but I have no idea. I hope someone else can help you with this question.

Question: I can’t get the dust bin open, how do you get that thing open? I feel like an idiot, but I don’t want to break it…
Answer: push button that you squeeze and pull at the same time its a snap piece of cake !!! It’s located at the top by opposite of the blue light.

Question: Should the blue light continue to blink for the entire charging time? The light goes off after about 1 minute of charging. Then no light is on at all.
Answer: It blinks while charging then goes off when fully charged. When you turn it on the blue light comes back on

Question: i have a split foyer home with a railing that goes around the steps. the railing is about 5″ from the floor. will this fall over the ledge
Answer: Mine fall once (7″ onto tiled floor, no damage). I have no idea what caused it, because it happened only once and every other time before and after it properly detected the ledge and turned away from it.

Question: Does this pick up beach sand on hard wood floors?
Answer: Not at my house. I’m 350 miles from the coast but from my experience with the machine I would have to say yes.

Question: Can this be used in european countries such as uk? Im asking about its charging base and how it would work with the voltage here?
Answer: I am not sure what voltage and outlets you have in the UK but I am here in the US and mine came with the US plug and 110V.

Question: Could you check if it’s power supply is 120v input, or 120-220v? Thanks!
Answer: Not sure…….ask vendor………but I think its both….

Ours has started bumping things really loudly. Waking us up during auto clean in the night. It’s a month old and it used to be more quiet. Any idea?
Answer: Ours sometimes makes a lot of noise when it bumps into things, but it always seems to be a function of what it bumps into, like a not completely opened or closed door.

Question: Does this unit have a mobile app that you can use to control the vacuum from anywhere?
Answer: not that i’m aware of. it just goes about in random or set patterns and does it’s thing. and when it get tired he goes home to rest.

Question: How does the eufy do with long human hair? I’ve killed other vacs that had rollers, getting caught with long hair.
Answer: We don’t have long hair, but the machine comes with a little blade to cut long things off the roller. The roller also pops out really easy. I seem to pick up dental floss a lot and it is a quick clean when I empty the vac.

Question: How tall is this vac?
Answer: I’d say 3.5” … 4” at best. It goes under my bed with no problem and could go under my sofa if I didn’t have an area rug in front of it.

Question: I have a 2 level house and want to buy 1 unit to start maybe a second later. Can I just move the unit and base from upstairs to basement as needed?
Answer: Exactly! That is what you would do:)

Question: is this robot compatibal with echo
Answer: I don’t know if it is.

Question: What is the unit’s clearance height, i.e. how low can my tables and couch be and the vacuum cleaner still safely pass underneath?
Answer: Total height on eufy is 3.25″

Question: Why can’t it be used on dark colored floors? How about dark wood laminate?
Answer: I have dark colored floors and it does fine on them. The only difference I can tell is the sensor seem to respond better to light colored objects. It will stop in inch shorts and turn when approaching a light colored object wear a dark colored object it will simply bump into and then turn. That’s the only difference th… see more

Question: Does this device automatically clean at a preset time or do I have to initiate cleaning?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does it really weight 13.23 pounds an what are the dimentions?
Answer: I just weight it and according to my scale it is less than 13.23 lbs. I’n not sure how accurate it is. I know for sure it doesn’t weigh more. the diameter is 12 inches and it is 2 inches high. Thanks for asking that


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