Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder Reviews

Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder

Quick navigationDyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder ReviewsBenefits of the Zorb powder in a glanceHow to use Zorb powderHow to use Zorb powder without Dyson GroomerQuestions and Answers about Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder Reviews Last updated: Benefits of the Zorb powder in a glance This is a carpet maintenance powder to … Read more…

Carpet cleaning tips

dyson vac cleaner reviews

The benefits of home carpet cleaning is not only to have a clean house but to save your health. To clean the carpet effectively, using a best carpet cleaner machine will save your time and cleaning efforts. Here you can find some good reviews about best home cleaning machine with their pros and cons.  

Dyson Groom Tool Reviews

dyson-groom tool review

Dyson groom tool is a tool specialized for pet owners to get the pet grooming without messing. It is basically an attachment with the brush and bristles on the top to collect pet’s loose hair so you do not need to clean the home around. This is a nice kit when you have pet and carpet and you don’t want to clean the floor every day.

Dyson Turbine Tool

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Dyson Tangle free turbine tool is an attachment tool for Dyson vacuum cleaner to clean the hairs without stop working due to the hair wraps. This is a little tool to make your cleaning routine more convenient if you have multi pets at home because now you do not need to remove the pet hair by hand out of the vacuum brush any longer.

Dyson 360 Eye reviews

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Dyson 360 eye – a robot vacuum from Dyson that give twice suction power * (mentioned from Dyson)
Dyson joins the innovation of smart home by delivering its first vacuum robot called Dyson 360 eye, which has a 360-degree observing capacity. This robot vacuum is packed with advanced features and it is great only when you can stomach the price because it is near $1000 range, too expensive at the moment. If you compare to Roomba, they will show the same quality but Roomba has a more breathable price.

Dyson V7 trigger

dyson v7 trigger review

Dyson V7 trigger FAQs Dyson V7 trigger is the new released cordless handheld vacuum cleaner from Dyson. The benefits of the Dyson V7 trigger compared vs. Dyson V6 trigger is that it has a longer running time (30 mins vs. 20 mins). Besides, it uses a stronger motor ( “strongest suction of any other cordless … Read more…

Dyson V6 car +boat FAQs

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Quick navigationDyson V6 car +boat FAQsIntroductionCommon questions and answers about Dyson V6 car boat handheld  Dyson V6 car +boat FAQs Introduction Dyson V6 car boat is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning tight spaces by using Dyson powerful motor and a lot of accessories for removing dirt in corners.   Common questions and answers … Read more…