Oregon Scientific Strong Suction Robot Cleaner reviews

Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Oregon Scientific Strong Suction Robot Cleaner with Drop-Sensing System and Self-Charging Function for Carpet and Hard Floor (1400Pa)

update 04. 2018

FAQs and troubleshooting of Oregon Scientific robot vacuum cleaner

How tall is it?
Answer: Haven’t measure it,but goes well with all underneath furniture,I love it!

Question: I have a large dog and I’ll fill a regular canister vacuum every time I vacuum (about 3 times a week) does this hold much before it has to be emptied?
Answer: I have a dog as well and he shed a lot. I live in a small apartment. I have to empty this vacuum robot about twice in every use.

Question: Most of our place is carpet. Does it perform well on carpet?
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Answer: With any robot vacuum, they do well on carpets but do best on wood flooring.

Question: how often do you have to empty the debris it has picked up?
Answer: We have not set the vacuum up.

Question: Do you need to program this device with house limits or it goes in a random pattern then turns away when it hits a wall or an object?
Answer: it goes in a random pattern when you put it in auto mode and this robot cleans more than 90% of my apartment floor!We love this vacuum!

Question: How often do I have to change batteries
Answer: There are no batteries to change except in the remote. The charger does not have one

Question: What cannot this robot vacuum pick up on carpet? ex; can it pick up popped popcorn on low pile carpet?
Answer: It picks up anything it comes across so far. With winter it picks up all the sand and little rocks off the rugs in front of the doors. Everything is going great.

Question: Are any of the reveiws real? This product gets an F rating on Fakespot, which means that most of your reviews are not real, but are any real?
Answer: I cannot tell you if the reviews are real or not, but I can tell you that I am and I bought this about two weeks ago.
This is the first vacuum-robot I own, so I cannot compare with any others, but I am very happy with its performance. When I tested the product for the first time, I got amazed how much dust the Orego… see more

Question: Does it work with Alexia?
Answer: I bought it for a Christmas gift.so it has not been opened yet.

Question: How noisy is it while it’s working?
Answer: It’s quiet.

How often do I change the filter if I use it almost every day?
Answer: Every 3 mothers should be ok.

Question: Does it come with a remote?
Answer: Yes

Question: How long does this run in auto mode?
Answer: it can run 2 hours.Depending on your floor and carpet.

Question: Does it self dock
Answer: Yes! It’s great!

Question: Would this pick up dog hair from carpet?
Answer: Yes most probably.It will pick up long hair.

Question: Can it work on dark carpet and wood floors
Answer: Yes

Question: Does it have the sensor so it doesn’t fall down the stairs?
Answer: Yes, which amazed me too

Question: How long does it take to charge up the battery?
Answer: Hi It takes about 4 hours to charge after completing a 120 minute cleaning program.

Question: Can it work on dark carpet and wood floors
Answer: Yes


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