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Oregon Scientific Strong Suction Robot Cleaner reviews

Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Oregon Scientific Strong Suction Robot Cleaner with Drop-Sensing System and Self-Charging Function for Carpet and Hard Floor (1400Pa)

Last updated: 15th July 2018

Oregon robot vacuum cleaner reviews

Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a newly developed robotic vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for a low price robot vacuum cleaner in 2018 with highly efficient cleaning performance then this model can be one of the candidates.

The best part of Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner is that it has been optimized the motor power, brush design, material quality and battery run time. Therefore it has a better performance than many rivals at the same price range (under 200 bucks range). Besides of machine quality elevation, the unit still has some enhancements on the features that are often found on premium, high-end models such as scheduled cleaning and auto-recharging.

At this price range, Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the top performance models (besides ILIFE A4s and ECOVACs Deebot N79).

oregon robot vacuum reviews

Check for the technologies and performance of Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner below

Technologies and performance of Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner


This is a robotic vacuum cleaner with a circular shape of 12 x 12 x 2.7’’ which is more compact than others. Despite it is a bit smaller than normal units (often 13 x 13’’) it has a big dustbin (0.5 Liter) therefore you do not need to worry about the cleaning efficiency.

Powerful suction

The Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner uses a 1400 Pa motor, which is higher than most popular choices models (at the same price range) like Deebot N79 (often 1000 Pa), ILIFE A4s (1000 Pa). Therefore you could expect Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner will have more scrubbing activities and suction power than the top-rated models on the market.

2 filters plus a HEPA filtration

The machine has 3 filtration layers:

  • 1st layer of sponge filter
  • the 2nd layer works as the main filtration
  • 3rd tier works as a high-efficiency filtration (HEPA)

HEPA filtration will capture the dust and allergens inside the machine, therefore, it is very friendly to asthma sufferers and pet owners.

4 cleaning routines

The model has 4 optional cleaning routines for optimization your cleaning demands: Single room cleaning, Spot cleaning, Edgewise cleaning, H-shaped cleaning for different needs.

2 suction modes

Similar to high-end Roomba models, this unit allows you to run in 2 modes. The higher suction mode for a throughout cleaning and a silent cleaning mode to avoid the noise (the machine is very quiet. The noise level is under 60 Db.)

Strong Li-ion battery for long run time

The unit uses a 2600m mAh battery for a continuous cleaning time up to 120 minutes which is at the top run time at the moment. This is higher than Roomba 600s series. As a result, you can clean more space without the need to recharge the unit.

Infrared distance sensing technology for anti-collision and anti-drop

Scheduled Work and Auto Recharge

The model has 2 nice features that are Scheduled Work and Auto-Recharge. You can arrange the time that your robot will do the cleaning jobs and when its power is low then it will find its way to the docking station for recharging.

Specifications of Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Suction Option: Integrated Brush and Suction
  • Working Mode: Auto Spot Edge Single Room
  • Spot Clean Time: 2-5mins
  • Filter: Triple Filter (Sponge Filter Primary Filter High Efficiency
  • Side Brush: Dual
  • Input Voltage & Frequency: 100-120V AC 50/60Hz
  • Auto Charging: YES
  • Time Scheduling: Time Scheduling
  • Noise Level (db.): Approx.60
  • Charging Time (hours): Approx. 4-5
  • Battery Capacity (mAh): Li-ion(2600)
  • Dust Bin Capacity(ml): 500
  • Max Working Time Per Charge (min): 120 mins
  • The package includes:1x Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 1x Charging Dock Station, 1x Remote Controller, 1x Power Adaptor, 1x Rolling Brush, 4x Side Brush, 1x Sponge Filter,1x Brush, 1x User Manual

Performance of the unit

See how Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner performs in reality.

Pros and cons of Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  •  Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a new model from a new brand*, therefore, it might be a hinder to consumer because users tend to choose established brand like Roomba or Ecovacs when talking about robotic vacuum cleaner
  • However, the model has a higher performance than most of the rivals at the same price range, it is cheaper than Roomba and has the strongest suction power.
  • Besides of the well-built quality, the machine performs well on various surfaces such as tile, bare floor, and low pile carpet. It doesn’t skip the dust on dark floors like other models.
  • Last but not least, it is very quiet when running


  • As it is a model from a new brand, users find it a bit hard to find the replacement parts.

* To be exact, Oregon Scientific is a well-known brand in other sectors such as sensors, thermometer probe, rain gauge…they are just enter robotic cleaning machine market recently with this model.


Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful unit that is highly recommended if you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner for the money

Against for users who need a machine with wifi connection as this model is controlled via remote only.

FAQs and troubleshooting of Oregon Scientific robot vacuum cleaner

How tall is it?

Answer: it is 2.7”, it can navigate under my console table.

Question: I have a large dog and I’ll fill a regular canister vacuum every time I vacuum (about 3 times a week) does this hold much before it has to be emptied?

Answer: I have a dog as well and he shed a lot. I live in a small apartment. I have to empty this vacuum robot about twice in every use.

Question: Most of our place is carpet. Does it perform well on carpet?

Answer: With any robot vacuum, they do well on carpets but do best on wood flooring.

Question: how often do you have to empty the debris it has picked up?

Answer: We have not set the vacuum up.

Question: Do you need to program this device with house limits or it goes in a random pattern then turns away when it hits a wall or an object?

Answer: it goes in a random pattern when you put it in auto mode and this robot cleans more than 90% of my apartment floor!We love this vacuum!

Question: How often do I have to change batteries

Answer: There are no batteries to change except in the remote. The charger does not have one

Question: What cannot this robot vacuum pick up on carpet? ex; can it pick up popped popcorn on low pile carpet?

Answer: It picks up anything it comes across so far. With winter it picks up all the sand and little rocks off the rugs in front of the doors. Everything is going great.

Question: Are any of the reveiws real? This product gets an F rating on Fakespot, which means that most of your reviews are not real, but are any real?

Answer: I cannot tell you if the reviews are real or not, but I can tell you that I am and I bought this about two weeks ago. This is the first vacuum-robot I own, so I cannot compare with any others, but I am very happy with its performance.

Question: How noisy is it while it’s working?

Answer: It’s quiet.

How often do I change the filter if I use it almost every day?

Answer: Every 3 mothers should be ok.

Question: Does it come with a remote?

Answer: Yes

Question: How long does this run in auto mode?

Answer: it can run 2 hours.Depending on your floor and carpet.

Question: Does it self dock

Answer: Yes! It’s great!

Question: Would this pick up dog hair from carpet?

Answer: Yes most probably.It will pick up long hair.

Question: Can it work on dark carpet and wood floors

Answer: Yes

Question: Does it have the sensor so it doesn’t fall down the stairs?

Answer: Yes, which amazed me too

Question: How long does it take to charge up the battery?

Answer: Hi It takes about 4 hours to charge after completing a 120 minute cleaning program.

Question: Can it work on dark carpet and wood floors

Answer: Yes

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