Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner wont answer these questions

Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner wont answer these questions

update [datetoday] How dou you empty the canister?
Answer: the top of the robot comes off and you remove the canister, which also has a filter on it.

Question: Does it work on tile
Answer: I suppose it would, but I was so disappointed with its cleaning ability and the “very hard to open” cleaning tray that I sent it back for a refund. I cannot recommend this particular product.

Question: Is it compatible with Alexa?
Answer: No, and it is not self charging either. You have to place manually on floor push the button once or twice for size of room. The drop off sensor doesn’t work well mine fell off and broke on first use.

Question: Does this seriously need to charge for 4-6 hours every time you use it? Are they all like this?
Answer: Mine charges about a hour and half

Question: How do you get it open to put the batteries in??
Answer: Just under housmile name there’s a half moon serrated part that pulls out. Put your thumb on it, push down, and pullout. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions email me at lnallard99@ comcast.net. I had to figure it out myself. P.S. No tools needed

Question: Is the plastic piece inside over the suction opening supposed to stay there? It falls out into the trash everytime I empty the canister.
Answer: Honestly it should stay. I have had so many issues I am saddened. Just return it and buy a better one.

Question: What is the width/ length of this? I can’t seem to find it anywhere
Answer: I don’t know but it is so small. I returned mine.

Question: Will it fall off of a stairway?
Answer: No it has drop senseing technology

Question: Had this three weeks and the brushes keep not spinning until I mess with them and then it happens again?
Answer: Send it back must be something wrong with it . We bought ours a month ago and love it .

Question: Does it work with 220 volt?
Answer: Works from 220. It is loaded the adapter is necessary.

Does this go onto area rugs? I’m choosing between this or vbot or pyle?
Answer: Yep. Goes into area rugs just fine. Keep in mind it’s not super effective at cleaning carpets/rugs though. It will definitely spruce them up, but is far more effective on hard surfaces.

Question: What does it do to extension cords and power cord? Will it pull a lamp off the table?
Answer: I have no confidence on this product. It looked very fragile, and has no weight.

Question: Does it work on carpt and Ceramic?
Answer: Ceramic, yes. Carpet, no. It does my bathroom tile great, but I have low-pile carpet in my utility room and kitchen and I wasn’t impressed with the performance. It does pick stuff up, but it definitely doesn’t get everything.

Question: I have charged my new robot, and cannot figure out how to turn it on. i have pressed the led, held it down, nothing. no response. help?
Answer: We just got one and set it up to charge. After 12 hours of flashing blue & red lights, we realized that the Battery wasn’t actually installed? Could that be your problem? It’s very well disguised in the packaging within its own cardboard box.

Question: Do you need wifi or a smart phone?
Answer: No

Question: Is it loud? And does it beep? If yes, can the beep be turned off?
Answer: You can hear it but I don’t consider it loud, maybe if it is under your feet. There is no beep. I am thrilled with it, didn’t want one that had a dock. I bought this for one for myself & my daughter & she loves hers also. It will stop when it needs to be cleaned out. For the price it is great!

Question: Can I rinse the filter screen?
Answer: yes

Question: Should it randomly shut off after some time when not needing a charge?
Answer: Does it shut off while you’re running it or when it’s just sitting there? I typically leave mine plugged in, so I don’t know if it shuts off when just sitting. However, it will shut off if it gets stuck on something while running or if it has completed the room.

Question: Should it randomly shut off after some time when not needing a charge?
Answer: I’ve only had mine 2 weeks but it’s never done that for me.

Question: How does it perform differently on small room mode vs large room mode?
Answer: I haven’t noticed a difference in cleaning, as it does well in both modes.

Does the charging device come with it
Answer: You have to use the wall adapter and manually plug it in to the vacuum.

Question: How do dogs respond to it? Is it to loud?
Answer: I have two cats and they’re cautious with it, but are getting used to it. It’s definitely not as loud as a typical vacuum.

Question: How does it move over thresholds?I have a higher threshold between the hallway and bathroom. Will the censor think that it’s furniture or a wall?
Answer: Pretty much depends on the height of the threshold. You really only have approx a half inch of leeway. Anything higher will be detected as an obstruction and cause it to turn away

Question: how does it preform with pet hair?
Answer: Great! I have two cats and it picks up their hair very well.

Question: If I set this to big room mode will it do multiple rooms? Ex. Kitchen, small dining area, living room, and hallway
Answer: Yes. My sitting room, living room, and dining room are all connected/open. It does all three of them in one run.

Question: Does this get stuck in corners,had another brand that would in 5 min
Answer: Only have had it a short time and so far it’s worked its way out of the corners.
By KC on December 1, 2017
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Question: Is the battery pack included?
Answer: Yes there is a battery included that you have to plug in.

Question: Does this vacuum work well along the edges of furniture and walls?
Answer: Seems to work well on edges and walls, The long brushes get in close. I only have Hardwood floors, can’t say how it would do with carpet.

Question: does this work well on carpet?
Answer: Not really. It’s great on my hardwood floors, but I wasn’t impressed with the performance on my carpet.

Question: Our old roomba will not clean any dark rugs – thinks it’s a cliff. Does this one clean dark rugs?
Answer: Sorry I have not used it as it is a gift for someone.

i live in Florida how is this vacum on picking up sand?
Answer: The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, or sand….

Question: Is there anyway that it self charges ?
Answer: No anyway charge, this product charges need to do youselft, like your phone, it can’t automatically recharge!

Question: how would i buy replacemen filters and brushes?
Answer: The vacuum comes with 2 filters and 2 sets of brushes. When I got mine there was a buy together and save offer for replacement filters and brushes.

Question: How high is this vaccum?
Answer: I bought mine for a Christmas present so cannot answer this question

Question: Can the light be turned off completely?
Answer: Yes it can easily. You can also have no light but the mister still runnng.

Question: Is this diffuser BPA free?
Answer: Yes, its BPA free

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